Some great BlackBerry love at the recent Alicia Keys Secret Session in the UK

Alicia Keys Secret Sessions UK
By James Richardson on 22 Jul 2013 08:34 am EDT

We told you a while back that BlackBerry had a strong presence at the concerts that Alicia Keys played in the UK. After one of those gigs a select few were lucky enough to attend a secret session with the BlackBerry Global Creative Director and get to hear her belt out some tunes in probably the most intimate session possible.

As you will see from the video below - UK TV presenter Jonathan Ross hosted the gig and in addition to there being a BlackBerry sign positioned as a back drop on the stage he also made reference to our favorite company and even told the audience to turn off their mobiles unless they were a BlackBerry!

If you are a fan of Alicia's music you can enjoy the session right here. If not - just watch the first minute for the BlackBerry love. It sure made me smile.

We need more promotional BlackBerry marketing like this don't you agree? Especially in the United States in my opinion. You listening BlackBerry?

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Some great BlackBerry love at the recent Alicia Keys Secret Session in the UK


No doubt, she is very talented. As a singer and musician she is top notch. As an ambassador, there might be a slight pause. A lot of people, especially women are still peeved by how she stole a married man by getting pregnant by him. He was still married. She took a huge hit by the way that played out.

Music wise, she is making a comeback, but she will never get to the position of responsibility and clout that she once had. I hope Blackberry was aware of this but decided to sign her up anyway.

I don't think your opinion of her music/talent -- or mine -- is relevant. Assuming she's popular across a sufficiently large demographic, then she can provide reasonable amounts of good advertising. What I'm unsure of, however, is how this kind of event constitutes any kind of advertising. What's the point? Assuming, once again, that people perceive her to be a talented and enjoyable performer -- I wouldn't know, as I've never listened to her perform due to a complete lack of interest -- how does a "secret" performance to an insignificant number of fans result in spreading any kind of brand recognition or brand association?

It may be my disinterest in the musical genre, but Ms. Keys's role in marketing has always seemed like a clumsy, stupid attempt at manufacturing hipness and relevance -- and one which is transparently so.

Then again, I could just be a grumpy, pessimistic old curmudgeon who's so far out of touch with today's popular culture that I may as well be railing at kids to get off my lawn.

Thanks for this James: perhaps you could (in your copious spare time) put together a "What the heck has Alicia Keys been doing since January 30th?" post for us, because this is really the FIRST thing I've seen that gives me any idea that Alicia Keys is actually doing something positive for BlackBerry brand awareness etc.

BB / Alicia has taken a lot of heat around here for "lack of impact", but some of that may be perception: CrackBerry members aren't necessarily the focus for her messages, but we'd all like to know "If not us, then who, and what?"

Thank you!!!! Why not Lil Wayne, The Black Keys, the avert brothers, 50cent, Howard Stern, Kelly Pickler, that chick from trublood, the other chick from trublood., nikki manaj, Taylor Swift, jay z, Kanye West. Anyone but this chick who really isn't out and about! How about the dudes at TMZ, SNOOKIE, JWOW


Hey guys,

For those asking what Alicia Keys has done since January 30th, 2013... I'll just go as far as saying, this is by far one of the biggest contributions that I've seen her make, and truthfully, a pretty great contribution regardless of whether anyone likes her music or not.

It's certainly not the only contribution, but I think that this is the only instance where they're properly used her celebrity status.

Ms Keys seems more interested in promoting herself.

BB should take back her salary and use those funds for os10 development - on the PlayBook preferably.

Certainly, but that goes for anyone that is in the public spotlight with any sort of celebrity status.

They get paid to promote *product A* but, it has to have some self serving aspect, otherwise they wouldn't do it (unless, their career is in the which case, they're more willing to take whatever they can get).

Love it but here is my biggest issue. BlackBerry still hasn't address the volume issue watching/listening to media.

My volume is full blast in a quiet room and I can't hear the questions being asked to Alicia.

I gave up trying to watch it! Too lazy to get my BT

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Ahhh noo maaan can't we have something like this in Australia??? Any BlackBerry fans from Australia here? Am I the only one? *crickets* (._.')

Blackberry should get drake or the kardashians to endorse the phones. Both of them are always on their blackberry

Via my White Q10

Seriously! He's huge in the US! Drake endorsing blackberry would be awesome for US sales... and I believe he's going on tour in the fall so it would be perfect timing for the A10 release. I'm just dreaming here though haha blackberry really does need to step up their marketing

Via my White Q10

I don't get why so many hardcore nerds hate Alicia. We don't all listen to heavy metal. Plus she's done some brilliant chart topping songs! New York being my favourite of them all. She's also a great figure to commercialise blackberry for the younger audience!

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Tell me how much this is costing BlackBerry and I will tell whether it is worth it. Actually no need, it is not worth anything. The exposure is to small to create any significant awareness for BlackBerry .

Perhaps if her songs were free in BlackBerry World it might actually influence a few of her fans to abandon their iphones for BB10 devices. I suspect what she is doing can be achieved with a simple radio Ad that would be more effective with 10000 times the reach .

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Her 'AK' logo looks like Motorola branding. Can someone tell her she is breaking BlackBerry and not any other company.. jeez

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Love Alivia Keys! I got the chance to see her in concert on 2002 barely six months after her CD "Songs In A Minor" debuted. She was like breath of fresh air for soul and R&B music! At that time she was not yet selling out stadiums, so I got to see her in a setting about as intimate as this one. I like how she has developed over the years as an artist and an individual.

Still, I don't know how talking about eels, mashed potatoes and pie for about a quarter of the show is supposed to elevate BlackBerry's image and profile?! I'm not sure that these guys really understand the effort they need to put in on this front! Stuff like this, while great for insiders and BlackBerry users and supporters, does not do much to bring brand recognition to the rest of the consumers...which is to say, the majority.

While Alicia Keys can bring some of her public clout and fame to aid BlackBerry in its renaissance process, the company it self has to play at an entirely different level.

I'd be kidding myself if I did not think that at this stage of the game, nothing less than the scale of a Nike "Just Do It" or McDonald's "I'm Loving It" campaigns would be on order for BlackBerry to even make a dent in the public's awareness spectrum, one that is already populated, almost to saturation, by Apple, Samsung, Nokia and others.

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Why in the hell are my fellow BlackBerry fans hating on Alicia Keys? Who else famous has stepped up and even ATTEMPTED to use their celebrity to promote BlackBerry both here in the states as well as abroad? Huh? I'll wait.... And, who is this guy commenting with a hint of racism? don't want Alicia as the face of BlackBerry? Oh well, then hop on iPhone's jock you simple bastards.... ignorance truly permeates in places you least expect it. How sad.

What an awful move to hire Keys. At this point in the game BlackBerry should have some of the best marketing talent around. Big fan of rim and know they have a real chance (bb10 )but they really have to be smart and much more aggressive.

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