Alicia Keys rocks London and BlackBerry was there too

By James Richardson on 31 May 2013 08:02 am EDT

We all know that Alicia Keys is the Global Creative Director at BlackBerry as well as being one of the hottest female singer/song writers in the world. This week she played a gig at the O2 in London and BlackBerry UK were kind enough to invite me to come along to the show. While we don't normally report on music gigs this one was a little different.

Upon entering the arena there were a selection of BlackBerry booths where visitors could not only get hands on with the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 but they also had a nice backdrop of Alicia where the staff were offering to take photographs. All the staff were equipped with a Z10 to take the photos, however I did need to show the gentleman who took my picture how to send it via NFC - he was most impressed!

Prior to Alicia coming on stage they played a BlackBerry advert on the white curtain which covered the stage which was nice to see. Of course, Alicia knocked out a stunning performance and the O2 was buzzing.

Great to see her taking the BlackBerry job along to her concerts. Let's hope this is a global thing as she heads around the world.

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Alicia Keys rocks London and BlackBerry was there too


The O2 (which is the new name for the Millenium Dome) was the location of the gig.
Urban Dictionary defines 'buzzing' as; Really excited for something thats going to happen / Really happy about something.Addiding examples, such as, "I'm buzzing for Alans party on Friday!" and "I'm so happy i'm buzzing!".

Basically, there was a great atmosphere at the gig.

Yes, thank you very much, it was the O2 part that had me, I didn't realize the venue was called that. Now that I re-read it, it indeed implies it pretty clearly above. Thanks again!

Nice to read this, since here in Spain I haven't seen a BlackBerry ad anywhere except for one Vodafone ad on a bus stop...

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Yes, since March, I picked a z10 (and I'm waiting for the Q10 launch for my gf), but I knew it was coming mostly because of crackberry... Most people here doesn't even know what BlackBerry 10 is... grr..

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I took a gander at her Twitter feed, it's obvious she is taking her job seriously. Nice to see as I remember when it was announced, some people were negative about her appointment.

(On another note, thanks James for deleting that stupid 'first' comment! )

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Ummm, someone deleted my 'First' comment. As a proud owner owner of a Z10, my first BlackBerry phone....ever..... and shareholder in BBRY and newbie to this forum, that was my 'First' comment I have ever done....and it was taken down by CrackBerry staff...why...thought that was what you lot do here for fun.....?!

Had the pleasure of attending Alicia Keys at the M.E.N Arena last week. She sure is A Girl on Fire. Awesome show.

Craig Ashcroft, BlackBerry Elites UK, Z10

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