Alicia Keys loves all the phones - Promotes BlackBerry with photo taken on an iPhone 5 posted to Google+

Alicia Keys - Q10
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jan 2014 12:34 pm EST

Though Alicia Keys has been given notice and will no longer be BlackBerry's Global Creative Director after January 31st, based on the photos that were posted yesterday to her social accounts, it's at least looking like she's keeping her commitment to the Q10 live until then. Yesterday she was on her way to see Michelle Obama, so having a BlackBerry in hand would be the fashionable thing to do:

On my way to the The White House see the First Lady to screen The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete and talk about higher education in the United States. Too many of our kids are facing unfair obstacles - we need to step up for them. Shout out to Michelle Obama for fighting the good fight! 

On our CrackBerry editorial team chat, we just couldn't help but chuckle over the fact it's an iPhone taking the picture of her using a BlackBerry and posting it to G+. She clearly loves all da phones and platforms! Which hey, I understand that. I love my BB and often walk around with multiple devices, including those from the competition (here's the latest top trending thread in the CB forums giving me flak about it).

Question of the Week: Who would you want to BlackBerry to have as their next Global Creative Director? Now, I HIGHLY DOUBT that BlackBerry CEO John Chen is going to replace the position. I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt it. But, if they were going to replace Keys, who would you want to see put in place? Let us know in the comments!

Alicia Keys - Q10

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Alicia Keys loves all the phones - Promotes BlackBerry with photo taken on an iPhone 5 posted to Google+



Agreed for drake not justin Bieber. Drake did wonders for the Toronto Raptors just imagine what he can do for BlackBerry. Maybe an OVO q10 or z30. I druel just thinking about it

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I agree with Drake. Although I don't necessarily favor Bieber he has a HUGE following of little girls and that's what BlackBerry needs... Alternatively, Drake does also provide a similar following.

if either one promotes BB i would sell mine, both are an embarrassment to canada, Bieber more so tho

Jacob Zuma...he's the obvious choice. He isn't actually doing anything as a President. :-P

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

just use John Chen. put him in commercials. give him a baseball bat and have him smash iphones, androids, windows phones to AC/DC rocking behind in thebackground. Then the slogan... "BlackBerry...... We don't F*ck Around."

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Have him dress up in a Godzilla costume and stomp on the other brands. The new slogan could be "I'm John Chen and I'm here to crush the competition!" lol shall not be forgotten.

Freaking brilliant idea... I imagined every part of it as I was reading it.... Lol.

I bought my PlayBook a Z10......

I think it needs to be a Creative team, as opposed to one individual. You need to stack this team with the superstars from various sports and music. For example,

F1 - Lewis Hamilton
Nascar - sorry don't really follow it, but pick someone famous - Danica Patrick or Jeff Gordon
Indy - whoever is the big shot now?
Music - Jay Z, Drake, Miley, Justin, One Direction, whoever else that everyone follows
TV - Dragon's dead cast, Homeland cast, news teams
Celebrities - Kardashian family, Kevin Hart, Leonardo diCaprio, MTV people, BET folks, etc.
Soccer - Messi, Ronaldo
Hockey - Sidney Crosby, Ovechkin, the Maple Leafs :)
Tennis - Federer, Nadal, Novak, Sharapova, some other hot girls :)
Golf - Tiger, Michelle Wie, Adam Scott, etc.
Football --- better get these guys a z30 with their big hands.

Anyway ... you guys get the picture.

This is by far the best marketing strategy I've seen so far. It would be so much powerful to give these kind of people a BlackBerry and bring awareness and desire back

Great idea I hope somebody at BlackBerry takes note of this

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Where is Usain Bolt isnt bb10 fast also @ juice patties are you jamaican or are you just using the company name or something like that

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I don't think they need one,I don,'t think they had one before, and this was just some bad idea from bad management who thought they had tons of money to throw around.

Yes I wish BlackBerry would have done more With Alicia. Seems like she faded away gradually after the original announcement and a few performances. I wonder who will be up next. It was a good try though. I'm glad she is using BlackBerry along with other tech. Global Creative Director? You could do it or tap the POTUS for it.

Yes, I mean it's not totally her fault. BlackBerry didn't put her in any of their ad campaigns so we can't really blame her for anything. At least she's using the Q10 and it's the phone in her hand.
Also, can you really blame her if she wants to use an iPhone for apps that aren't on BB10?

Also, I'd like to add that every time I check out her page, whether it's on FB or IG or Twitter, I see so much love from her followers. Her fans just adore her.

The engineers at BlackBerry think "ad" is doing 2+2! They haven't a clue! They leave it up to the carriers who have decided to spend their ad money on Android and iOS.

Good point. I meant the Keep Moving ads with the people sliding on the screen, flying carpets, etc when the Z10 came out.

The guys doing the Geico or Telus commercials should do some marketing work for BB. Love those ads. Not sure about which individual it would be.

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The best ad exec outfit in town, pulling in big wig CEO's and Hollywood personalities as required. Not 1 person but a slew of them each catering to the targeted demographic

So a Global team of BlackBerry Tastemakers... vs. putting it all on the soldiers of one. I like the team approach better to... for when they get there with a product they want to push BIG time.

Yes but they wouldn't actually work for Blackberry but the ad firm for various campaigns. So when making a BES push, you hire the ad firm to make commercials, hold events etc. Bring in CEO's and Gov't IT people of some of your biggest BES 10 customers.. "why we choose Blackberry". Different folks for different parts of the world. A 2 month campaign and they're done. So you've hired 5-10 highly influential people for 1 week each. Perhaps to mitigate invoicing from the AD firm BBRY can give them some free licences or handsets to upgrade them from OS 7 etc.. Separately you hire soccer teams and stars leading up to the World Cup etc.. All a targeted approach to get a bigger bang for your buck. In total you pay the equivalent of 1 Alicia Keys or a little more factoring freebies.

I like. Especially the football team approach with the world cup coming up. Collective marketing. Good thinking. Hope someone is reading this.

A team could be great a Crackberry team will be awesome, and as part of the contract you should be able to hire some developers so you can help develop the apps that we need, make it in a 95% and the rest tell the app owners that they just have to put the api codes.

And this team of highly BlackBerry enthusiast try this app for a week and give it to the public.

Kevin lead the pack

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Lady Gaga would be big right now not entirely sure how it would work however.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30

Gaga was a BlackBerry user till Mid-2013. She said once in an interview that she misses BlackBerry but she needs apps.

No one would care. They're actors... Ask the average 16 yr old who Levitt is. They will look at you with a blank stare. If Downy couldn't help HTC, Levitt can't help BB. At least not here in the U.S.

1 Direction, just cause they're ridiculously famous

[URL="bbmc:C00219603"]BBM, Buy and Sell Channel![/URL]

B.B. King! Who else?
Blues Boy...BlackBerry -
from one King to another!
BB all the way...


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Remember when the story broke that we could have had Justin Bieber on the BlackBerry. Everybody was talking about how it would have been a better choice than Alicia Keys.

Guess it turns out that both were bad choices for very different reasons.

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I agree that David Beckham would be a good BlackBerry rep. Maybe he could do some BlackBerry ads in his underwear. That would draw a lot of eyes. :-P

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Good man Obama. Saved the US from another Republican Great Depression and a BlackBerry user. Lots to like about the guy. Way less botched, failed and useless wars too.

I'm certainly no Bush fan, but the U.S. debt has under the Obama administration has ALREADY EXCEEDED the debt increase under the ENTIRE term of Bush and Obama hasn't even completed his term yet.

Likewise the current US troop death in Afghanistan under Obama is almost TRIPLE under the entire term of Bush.

And don't forget Obama's "You can keep your health plan" LIE. Now there's more uninsured people than ever in the US. I know ... facts be damned, give him the Nobel Peace Prize and scream for a free Obamaphone!

Super recessions will impact government revenues to be sure. Afghanistan was a botched neo-con war effort and a huge mess. Reforming the world's most onerous health care system is no easy task especially with a reactionary opposition in control of one branch of the congress. Facts indeed.

War or no war doesn't really mean anything of what is happening in the war in Syria and look how that country is doing...Iraq was freed from a tyrant and was well on their way to being ok until Obama hurried up our look at how Iraq is doing...

I am not for or against wars just for the sake of war or no has to have reasons...going to Iraq in the first place might have been wrong, but once the USA makes that commitment we had an obligation to see it through and Obama cut bait and ran...the casualties now happening in Iraq are on his watch...same goes for Afghanistan. Obama himself said that was the right war...and now the huge increase in loss of American and other lives is on his watch and his responsibility...say what you want about Bush but you have to use the same logic etc. when grading Obama...if a lot of the things he has done happened under a republican's watch, the media, and people would be freaking out.

Maybe you should realize that Iraq and Afghanistan are both countries that are hard to govern with a central democratic body - too many tribal and religious groups that are at odds each other. When Bush started the wars in these countries, it was predicted that once destabilized, they would go into civil war, should the US ever leave. The only option, then, was to stay indefinitely, which I believe the US citizenry would not care for.

Between the two wars, Afghanistan was the more "legitimate" war in that the terrorists trained there. That was what Obama was getting at. The war in Iraq was just a nonsense waste of US military resources. The US wasn't there to free Iraqi people. Remember that the first rationale was that Iraq had WMD's! (which turned out to be false).

There is no graceful way to exit two wars that you didn't start. If you stay longer to keep things stable, your citizenry will complain about losing lives and money. If you leave, the country goes into chaos and your citizenry says you "cut bait and ran".

I vote Obama too because he's one of the most popular figures in the world but certainly NOT because he's a great president. Obama is a liar, a hypocrite and a failure to my country.

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I don't think he is even that popular in the world anymore. He is only popular with people who get free $hit and they don't even realize they are paying for it. He would be a better ambassador for the iphone myrmidons. And fwiw, I don't like politicians from either side; I just find dishonesty quite distasteful.

No Kevin O! The guy is far too much of a mercenary! BlackBerry needs people who are regular users of the product, not paid puppets.

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E.T. Would be an awesome super Bowl ad...just imagine E.T. trying to get a secure call to his planet without the government intercepting his message...BlackBerry communication first.

Written on my awesome Z-10.

I'm out.

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Yes,..but E.t. is so near and dear to Stephen Spielberg that he will not allow anyone to use the image,....he swore years ago that he'd never make a sequel to E.T.

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...would it have been better if she used the BlackBerry to take the pic of her using an iPhone.

Boy! This sure us reaching...

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Who cares about Alicia Keys, honestly. And why is she going to see Michelle Obama, honestly, just honestly honest. She has no reason to see anybody about anything ever about anything other than music and/or charity. If she's seeing Michelle about charity, I'm okay with that. Honest :)

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1. Millions
2. Because she's respected, considered influential, and millions care what she has to say

The honest answer

Sorry to throw you under the bus, but I agree with Genghis2k3, I was mostly just being grouchy towards Alicia because I thought she could have done more for BlackBerry, but I dont really know what she could have done. I do realize that using a celebrity status is affective in politics. Kind of a sad story, but I accept it. As for the main question on this forum, I'd drop the creative director job slot completely, and invest in where-ever Apple advertising campaign comes from.

Wow. That took an interesting turn.
I also agree that endorsements by popular figures can only go so far in improving sales. Beber (for example) will get some fans to cross over until the next cool thing endorsed by the next star comes along.

Michael Jackson and Britney Spears were the biggest stars in the universe when they endorsed Pepsi. Did Pepsi ever overtake Coke in sales?? I mean the soft drink. I knew the answer once and I'm too lazy to look it up.

I think it would be more effective to build a no-name into an iconic figure. Of course that would require a substantial ad campaign.

"I think it would be more effective to build a no-name into an iconic figure. Of course that would require a substantial ad campaign."

Completely agree. Chen says he wants to lead the business market, I can't imagine too many businesses being persuaded by any celebrity (?probably why they sacked her?), but everybody has heart strings that can be tugged on through inspiration, emotions, soft piano jingles - what you find in Apple ads. But please do not go back to 'love what you do', or 'keep moving' :)

Yes. Or the Dell guy before he got busted and fired, Charmin guy, Duncan donuts guy, Juan Valdez, Bartles & James, Jared, Flo, or the new Wendy's girl. People didn't even know Juan Valdez and the B&J guys were actors.

Ah see, I think its more valuable per dollar/per capita to go faceless (as in not using any person) and fill a commercial with the same stuff Apple uses. On the other hand, best commercial IMO from BB was the "I love what I do" Pretty inspiring commercial for its time. To some because of the lights/crowd, to others,

"On my way to the The White House see the First Lady to screen The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete and talk about higher education in the United States."

I bet she doesn't even know she's been sacked by BlackBerry. No really. She put so little effort into the position, I'd wager her team hasn't even bothered to tell her.

[URL="bbmc:C00123875"]Visit Geek Lite C00123875[/URL]

Plan B, Justin Bieber, James Bond, Jeremy Clarkson and The Doctor

-Yar I be a pirate because according to Phil & Co. Over at Android Central I run 10.2.1 and I sideload

If Will Farrell or Lady Gaga, or Justin Bieber,..I'd smash my BlackBerry and move to iPhone. Those are ridiculous choices.

Now, the little girl that's doing the Verizon football commercials is the next big generational spokesman person! As long as her image stays clean,...she will get a ton work commercial endorsement work.

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W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 
W I L L F E R R E L L ! 

C00121417 

Miley Cyrus...she gets great media BlackBerry logo on her butt and shoulders...maybe even on her tongue...haha

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

Drake (Canadian, duh!!). Beyonce. Jay-Z. Kanye. Leo Dicaprio. Oprah. Chris Hemsworth. CB Kev. Miley Cyrus. Justin Bieber. My top 10, in that order :)

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I like Mrs. Keys, and think she has real talent, but not in the mobile tech industry. Anyone I have spoken to about her job at BB, was unaware, then usually stated "Why!?" Could be I don't get out much

Crackberry Kevin. Give him some freedom, and a bunch of money go hire/spend on whatever he wants to promote BlackBerry, and the man will get it done.

Can someone explain why this is important? Alicia Keys, did what exactly ? During the time she was involved with BlackBerry she really didn't do much to promote the brand, rarely did we see pictures oh her with her BlackBerry on social media. Weren't her concerts sponsored by BlackBerry? It seems to me like BlackBerry gave Mrs. Keys all the tools necessary to promote the brand. She her self did not do anything other then preform. So if google (Android) gave her the latest Nexus phone and said hey we'll throw a concert you just have to preform, does that mean she loves android phones? It's a business deal right. I just feel like people should focus on that, all this was, was a business deal. She got some concertes gave out scholarships and what not, but was it really in support of the brand? We should have seen Alicia Keys talking about BlackBerry everywhere, she would have promoted the brand on her own as well. She did nothing while in her position that made me think WOW Alicia Keys is 100%behind BlackBerry.

I think labeling her as a Creative Director and employee of BlackBerry creates more expectations than a sponsor relationship as described above. The title was the mistake. Otherwise there probably wouldn't be such disappointment about the outcome.

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Jeremy Piven since his character Ari Gold in Entourage was known for being a BlackBerry user, even carrying two BlackBerry's at one point in season 7. With the Entourage movie coming up it would be a great opportunity to promote BlackBerry, it's devices, and even BBM, especially in the American market, with Piven as his character Ari Gold. After all, his character is based on Ari Emanuel, the most powerful agent in Hollywood (great business/enterprise promotion).

Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold (Watch for the BlackBerry's):

Best of Ari Gold Season 7

Best of Ari Gold Season 8

Possible Story Plot Hint for Ari Gold Character in Entourage Movie Shown in Final Scene of Entourage Television Show

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He will shill for Scroogle. He could buy BlackBerry with his spare change, if he wanted...

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

The blackberry ad for the legacy phones with Diplo, was great and classy. BlackBerry should just start doing those again, showing "famous" and high ranked individuals using their bb on a daily basis. Simple message, to be like the pro's.... insert catch phrase.

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Sophia Vergara ..... and Kevin as her assistant running around in his yoga pants to attract some Fanboys over to BlackBerry...

Instead of paying entertainment industry people, how about an ad campaign of a montage of power BlackBerry users like us.

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BlackBerry Should Promote its Security features in the Upcoming Season of 24

Showing CTU use a BES10 and Chole Sending Info to Jack Bauer on his BlackBerry Z10...

Mann that'll be soo amaazingg..
+ it'll show how the government really trusts and relies BlackBerry to keep the Nation Safe!

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Edward Snowden. Anyone other than Bieber. Might as well do another Canadian such as Drake, or Austin Malone (not sure if he's Canadian but he's a better choice than Bieber).

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Alicia looks like a black ops Carmen San Diego in those photos. Sexy nonetheless!

I know he pitched for Siri and iPhone, but how about Samuel L. Jackson!

I like the idea of the Rock or Brad Pitt too!

Hell, Crackberry Kevin and his whole crew has a leg to stand on too, I think.

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Bieber - Drake - and some high profile Canadian business guy. That guy from dragons den that's always crapping on blackberry maybe...

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(Too much stake in BBRY to have any cred...)

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

BB could sign a contract with Justin Bieber...
Contract like this: He will get 1 dollar(or more) from every device BB sale...
I think it would be a great deal for both sides

they should also do a promo with the UNDERTAKER, a.k.a dead men walking. coming out the grave.. with a blackberry on hes hand... meaning. that there back......

And then start to smash iDevices and Droid by the truckload....

Or walk in the next available phone store (will have to be a generic, but recognizable name / logo), ask for a Z30, if they don't stock it, God have mercy on them and their inventory ....

(I do not promote violence... )

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Though I feel Jack Bauer & 24 will be a great way to show the security features of BlackBerry..

This Idea of the Undertaker sounds daammnn cheeky and funn haha it'll be crazzy!!

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Justin beiber, I hate him but he would attract all the teens to blackberry.

C001230B6 New wallpapers for your BB10 device

Proactive product placement would do more for BlackBerry in one month then this Keys person did in an entire year.

Saw a Q on recent Justified used by lead actor. Hand covered the BB logo in the scene, and I never saw the front. Only a BlackBerry person would even recognize the glass weave.


I fall for Justin Bieber he is the perfect young role model. If Justin shows them how powerful BBM is, all the young ones will follow him. The more young ones own the phone, they will convince their parents do the same so that they can BBM with them and also video screen sharing. It's got to be Justin!!!

House of Cards! Feb 14th! And yes power politician + blackberry looks damn good on screen +1 for Netflix

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Actually Kevin Spacey doing ads in character as Francis Underwood would be cool. Cross promote with the show. An industry first.

Miley Cyrus...LOL...given the amount of pictures...ahem...selfies...she takes of herself promoting the brand shouldn't be a problem for her!

The only thing is that BlackBerry will have to do a lot of editing since most pics will probably be quite explicit...not that there is anything wrong with that...

She doesn't have to do anything specific, but keep her BB10 device in her purse next to her joint and dildo! The rest will take care or itself...with the amount of publicity and exposure she is getting...LOL!!!!

On a more serious note...I like Alicia Keys, I'm a fan and I still remember going to see her in concert back in 2002 when she was just starting out...she was amazing! A tremendous artist and a decent and good person. I wish Alicia all the best in the future!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Blackberry's next global director should be: Lorde. She's highly marketable, very smart, understands the complexity of simplicity and developing a following that could very well put BBM on the top of the social messaging arena, especially with the generations to come. PIN: 2AF34165

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I used to watch keeping up with the kardashians and all the kardashians had a blackberry. I was highly influenced by them. They're fashion icons and having a BlackBerry gave a fashionable and classy side to the phone.
I think it was a good thing to give them BBs because they're very influent in their world.

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I would love our very own spaceman Chris Hatfield to represent BlackBerry! He has a great following -- young and young-at-heart!

Posted by CB10 via Z30

Sorry! Chris Hadfield, that is, too keen to post and auto-correct failed me :)

Posted by CB10 via Z30

You can edit posts now.

And this is one of the best ideas so far on here, a SMART, well-spoken and RESPECTED person, and Canadian.

Most of the ideas by this point (page 4 atm) have been superficial nitwits.


Kanye West needs to take this job, he would promote the brand like non other, he has global appeal

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Who in the heck would take this job after seeing the crap Keys took. It would be akin to taking a Cleveland Browns coaching job. I was surprised Chen took the CEO position. Only one way to go is up, I hope.

I just don't think BlackBerry knew how to take advantage of that role. In my mind, a Creative Director would figure out cool uses and features for BlackBerry to entice others to use their BlackBerry in interesting new ways - or to take full advantage of all the features available in the device. I think she was left out in the cold to "do whatever" and she tried to add value to it but no one really understood what role she was really going to play. It just wasn't well thought out.