Alicia Keys kicks off 'Set The World On Fire Tour' sponsored by BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 25 Feb 2013 10:53 am EST

BlackBerry has announced that Alicia Keys will be kicking off her Set The World On Fire Tour on March 7th in Seattle. The tour, which is sponsored by BlackBerry, will feature Alicia's work on the BlackBerry Keep Moving Project. For her portion of the project, she is asking fans to send in portraits from their city to create a video that will be shown off during her performances. Each video will give a unique look at the respective city during the tour. You can find our more details or get in on the action at the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub. Check out the full press release below. 

BlackBerry Global Creative Director Alicia Keys Kicks Off "Keep Moving Project" With Her "Set The World On Fire" Tour

Keys invites fans to be a part of her creative process by submitting photos for a new tour music video via the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - February 25, 2013) - BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today announced its recently appointed Global Creative Director, Alicia Keys, will be engaging fans through the BlackBerry Keep Moving Project during her Set The World On Fire Tour, Presented by BlackBerry.

Keys is inviting fans to provide personal pictures of themselves through the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub. These pictures will then be used to make a music video for Keys' song 'Hallelujah', which will be played on stage during her concerts. Each city on the tour will have its own unique video featuring the people that make that city great.

"I am so excited to continue the BlackBerry Keep Moving Project in such a cool way that creatively brings my 'fam' together," said Alicia Keys. "With their help, we're going to create a really amazing music video that will show the world what's possible when your imagination and BlackBerry's innovative platform collide."

BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects engage BlackBerry customers in exclusive and compelling experiences created by inspirational and multi-faceted artists, writers, designers, filmmakers, musicians, and athletes. Author Neil Gaiman (Coraline, Stardust, The Sandman) and renowned director Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi, From Dusk Till Dawn, Sin City) have joined Keys as the first three "BlackBerry Collaborators" leveraging the power of the new platform to create original content as they interact with fans like never before.

"Alicia is all about inspiring people through her music, her philanthropy and her other creative endeavors," said Frank Boulben, Chief Marketing Officer at BlackBerry. "Her 'Set The World On Fire' tour is a great medium for connecting with fans and creating unprecedented experiences for people all around the world. This matches perfectly with BlackBerry's mission."

Fans can participate in Keys' Keep Moving Project by clicking here. The BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub includes a new intimate video from Keys.

BlackBerry is proud to be the presenting sponsor of Keys' global Set The World On Fire Tour, which kicks off on March 7th 2013. Five-time Grammy® nominated R&B artist Miguel is slated to open for Keys on the tour. Tickets can be purchased at

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Alicia Keys kicks off 'Set The World On Fire Tour' sponsored by BlackBerry


It's funny to me that you're still talking about that. She's moved on. She's using her Z10. She's posting from her Z10. Her pictures are edited using the Z10.

BB10 is out and making waves, but trolls persist with their negativity. Thanks for pointing out those details.

It's funny how iTrolls never bother to look at the DATES of those tweets. Since she started working with BB she has not tweeted with an iPhone

I'm slowly losing faith in BB's ability to sell this amazing new phone and OS. Who really gives a flying duckfeather about Alicia Keys' tour? I stopped listening to her music years ago, an couldn't be less interested in what she's promoting -- Clearly Contacts included.

Most people don't know anything about some of BB10's brilliant features. The TV commercials and web ads are rather mediocre and unconvincing. Come on BB, step it up.

She has over 11 million Twitter followers and over 25 million Facebook followers. So I say many people care about Alicia Keys and what she's doing.

U.S. ads haven't started yet. In the UK and Canada, the advertising is strong - newsprint, YouTube, websites, TV, and billboards.

I think the Keep Moving TV Ad is the best ad they produced it is just a shame that it is still awful... you see a whole bunch of people moving in to different slides yet they are also different people during this you see about 3 Z10 slides with its keyboard then you see a little bit of the timewarp feature.

In my opinion it really isn't that good it doesn't really talk about the Z10 or how it keeps you moving or its other features it also doesn't give an emotional connection, I really am not a fan of the advert even though it is the best they have produced... hoping for better tv ads in the future.

If you meant BlackBerry should push the Z10 to the U.S market sooner than later, then I agree with that statement; However, I think Alicia Keys is a talented artist. At first I was like, "Alicia Key? Why" but then I realized she perfectly fit for this "Keep Moving" project. BlackBerry needs endorsement from talented figures like Alicia Key. One thing BlackBerry need to make sure is that whatever they do they MUST use BlackBerry device, and not with a typewriter and a mac book.

It is interesting that the tour starts on March 7th and we are still waiting for any US carrier to provide detail information concerning when they will make the phones available. If the release is not till the end of March or even later (April/May) then her tour will be like the Super Bowl commercial drawing attention to something not available in the US. This morning I got an email from AT& T with the title "There is more to ♥ from AT&T" and when you open it you see a Nokia, HTC and LG phones with "learn more" link under the pictures. This does not show that AT& T is ready to announce the BB phone. Maybe having her doing a tour is trying to create some excitement that will last for an uncertain number of days until the phones are available here. I am getting tired of waiting and waiting

Some may not agree with BB's choice of celebrity to endorse their product, but Alicia Keys is very popular. So far I have seen her as an articulate, intelligent, talented, and strong woman. I'll be contributing my entry from Sin City to the contest. :-)

I've been wondering why they didn't hire someone who's known for being a BlackBerry addict like Ryan Seacrest. He said he has an I-phone but still prefers BlackBerry and talks about it all the time on his radio talk show. Well Ryan can't sing but he has 7 million+ Twitter followers.