Alicia Keys & the Keep Moving Projects: Your City Your Video - Toronto

Alicia Keys is continuing on her Set The World On Fire Tour and has posted up the next episode in her Keep Moving Project.

By Bla1ze on 3 Apr 2013 02:24 pm EDT

Alicia Keys set Toronto on fire last night as part of her Set The World On Fire Tour and to follow up on that event, BlackBerry has now posted up the Keep Moving Project video created in part by fans.

BlackBerry Global Creative Director Alicia Keys is enlisting the help of her fans and her BlackBerry Z10 device to create her Keep Moving Project. She's collecting photos of her fans in every city she visits this year to create an amazing series of music videos. 

Check out the video above and drop a comment if you see if your photo in the mix! Were you at the concert last night? Judging from all the pics on Twitter there was a lot of BlackBerry fans in attendance. 

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Alicia Keys & the Keep Moving Projects: Your City Your Video - Toronto


Quick question. Do I need an email confirmation for tickets I won being one of the first to pick up a Z10 on T-Mobile?

I asked because I haven't yet even though I gave a BlackBerry representative my info. I sent BlackBerry a tweet inquiring about this since last Wednesday and I'm still awaiting a response.

Any advice?

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Calling her "Global Creative Director" is so ridiculous. "Global Ambassador" or something similar would've been a lot more "honest".

What is the piece of music? Is it from one of her songs or is this something she wrote for this campaign? Also, I know the main word is 'Hallelujah' but what is she saying after that?

I could watch this video again and again... but it would have been nice to have different video for each city. Creative Director must come with some kind of effort.

Very well done, but is that not just the same video with different photos? I know this sounds negative, but wouldn't it be better to have each city have their own individual video? I could be just expecting too much?

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Why do I feel that Delta's free wifi will entice more people than this advertising campaign that still doesn't make a whole lot of sense?

The Delta concept raises a great question! The teenagers are asking "I thought you were not allowed to use cell phones on the planes and why only do BB10 phones get free Wifi? Do our iphones Work"? Now whether or not the iphone works or not, it is the first time BlackBerry has left the iphone kids speechless and truly concerned they just might be holding yesterdays phone. That was a great move by BlackBerry. Better than TV! As for Alecia, she's cute, brings back the sexy full body look to the basement at least and advertisement is advertisement!

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Nope, you have every right to your opinion. The more I think of it, the videos just seem to be about her. You would never know that it was a video for Toronto without a few shots of downtown. The focus should be about the actual city's and BlackBerry 10. Yes, she is great, but we already know that.

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I don't think it's naive at all. I'm not sure what the point of the Alicia Keys projects are, but I can definitely see how they can cultivate exclusivity and belonging, as BlackBerry users feel like they are a part of building something. I don't know if the final products achieve what they want them to achieve, but it seems like the building of the projects is more important anyway.

Yeah thought she would be doing new music for each city. Exactly the same as the LA video with new photos.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Yeah, although watching Keys has certain appeal, it can get old. I thought maybe a short clip of her day leading up to the night of the concert. Maybe shots of site-seeing, shopping, eating, rehearsal, pre concert preparations and post concert clips. I'm thinking similar to Madonna's Truth or Dare with shots of her crew shooting her using the phone. More like a day in the life on tour with Alicia Keys.

Yes. Seeing how the Z10 keeps her connected to her family while she's on the road, or how it helps her keep organized or "get things done" would be 1 bazillion times better for BlackBerry than, what... showing that BB allows you to share photos? SERIOUSLY. Um, my moto Razr did that in 2004.

But you know how much WORK that would have been? Oi. Frankly I don't know whether to "blame" Keys or BB for this underwhelming thing. I'm sure it cost buckets of dough, and kudoes to Keys' PR folks who very likely got BB to put up a lot of cash and she, as someone already said, "phones it in".

If it were me, I wouldn't take the money if it meant being part of something underwhelming like this... I expect her to revert to her iPhone the moment the contract expires.

Either they didn't get many photos or they don't understand how to use those photos to create a personalized video that shows off the fans and the city. I thought it sucked. After watching it, I had no feel for either the people or the place. If I had sent in a photo, I would have been very disappointed.

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