Alicia Keys & the Keep Moving Projects: Your City Your Video - Los Angeles

Alicia Keys is starting out on her Set The World On Fire Tour and has posted up the next episode in her Keep Moving Project.

By Michelle Haag on 13 Mar 2013 02:23 am EDT

In her Keep Moving Project for BlackBerry, Alicia Keys is working on a series of videos that will showcase each city she'll stop in on her Set the World On Fire tour, which is currently underway. Back in February, Alicia requested that fans start sending in pictures that represent their cities so as many as possible could be included in the videos.

She wants to get to know you, to get under the skin of your city and see what you’re all about. She’s creating unique videos for every city on her tour and wants your photo to feature in them.

The first of these videos has now been posted, you can watch it above, and the city taking center stage is none other than Los Angeles, California. The videos being made from fan submissions will be shown during her performance in each city.

You can check out more on this and other projects at the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub.

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Alicia Keys & the Keep Moving Projects: Your City Your Video - Los Angeles


I'm shocked that LA is first. Everything Blackberry related seems to avoid LA like the plague. So great news (for what it's worth).

Her tour started on the west coast so you shouldn't be surprised. She was in LA last night and San Diego today.

Very professional video, but I thought they may have used Story Maker to show off the capabilities of the Z10.

Also I was expecting to see more pictures of the city rather than her 'fam'?

But no complaints, as I love the Keep Moving campaign

I heard that Robert Rodriguez, the director that BlackBerry is working with for the keep moving project, will be showcasing StoryMaker in some of his videos, though that may have just been a rumor. In any case, I agree with you. Love the video, just wish that StoryMaker, or even just the Z10, had been showcased a bit.

The video is so powerful, the song, the graphics everything !! The only + i would have added is a Z10 sitting on that Grand Piano ... instead of the falling images. But ... still amazing project. Well done !

Hey Crackberry team, are you guys using one specific app to post to all your social networks? I've lately made a switch over to Google+ primarily and I noticed that your postings there are not always "right".

What I mean by this is that sometimes a title is cut off or there isn't even a description of the article. Like with this article, on Google+, all it says is "Alicia Keys" in the title, no picture and no description.

Just something I noticed.

Great video! I am already worried that she won't be able to surpass this one... but that's probably why she is good at this and I am not, LOL

@Michael: I simply love your articles on BB. Even I am a BB bull and would love to see the company do great. Somehow I feel BB is wasting a lot of Marketing Dollars in the Keep Moving project. I sincerely doubt if that project shall really help create a big brand. Instead had that been spent on Youtube ads, TV ads, Banners Posters indicating that BB is back and why its re-invented. Also many intuitive TV ads do wonder. I am from India and India is a huge market and I was very disappointing that BB is doing simply nothing. I don't see any ads any place, especially at a time when Samsung, Sony Xperia etc and now even Apple Iphone are doing a full page ad in places like Times of India newspaper. Trust me these ads dont cost a bang but can help boost sales. I am simply hating Blackberrys marketing campaign so far.

Dude, it was explained to you before that blackberry is focusing on other markets, not only India, but everywhere. US launch to come and much more. Please don't keep posting that same comment everywhere as it gets annoying, it's considered spamming.

I loved it! To be BlackBerry is gonna kick in some doors, LA being one of em! God job, I honestly really liked it.

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It is not a commercial, it is art. This art has a message. That message is not practical, it is powerful, meaning it is about the brand, BlackBerry, not the features everybody already knows about. Commercials will do the practical messages, let Alicia Keys take care of the musical master pieces. Great message in this one. Loved it.

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It was never meant to shove Z10's into everybody's face, not at all. Next person is bound to say, "Where was the stock ticker with the share prices?"

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Was able to watch it on the playbook with flash turned on, but it wouldn't even show without flash enabled. I guess it's youtube doing that. Google is such a prick.