Alert: T-Mobile Service Outage Being Reported

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Nov 2009 07:14 pm EST

* Update: Looks like things are starting to return back to normal for some... *

Looks like T-Mobile customers are reporting service issues, both voice and data, for the last little bit. Sounds like it's actually a nation wide outage. You can stay on top of it in our Service Outage forums. Let's hope they get back up and running soon... they have a new BlackBerry Bold 9700 to roll out!

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Alert: T-Mobile Service Outage Being Reported


I can confirm this outtage, I work with one of their partners. Its pretty much across the board on all products.

I can send text and do everything else but receive voice... I am on the phone with a rep now... So annoying! Rep just confirmed the global outage... I have no lost sms... and am now only able to make calls

T-Mobile network is down. I am located in southwest Florida and it went down like 35 min ago. Whats weird is my internet went out for a bit as well, had to restart modem,router,computer. Do not know if there is a connection, just 10 minutes ago I got GSM on my phone with 4 of 5 bars. Is this an outage? Or an possible roll out of new 3G coverage? Either way, I knew I could count on Crackberry to see an Alert post. Thanks Crackberry!!

I just thought I had no service due the classroom I was sitting in. But now I am getting GSM with three bars on my 8310 Curve. Texting and data do not work currently.

looks like they should all move to canada because rogers finally has the bold 9700 releasing tomorrow so they told me when i called in. see for yourself !!

Thank god I switched to Verizon from T-Mobile a year ago. Been with T-Mobile for 6 years and was never pleased with their service. VZW FTW!

I'm from Staten Island, New York and have not been able to send messages or send/receive calls for the last hour and a half. Pulled battery and restarted and nothing. I cannot even call Customer Service. This is very frustrating.

I have a Blackberry Curve 8900.

Posting an update 9:22 PM EST - On and off spotty service. I was able to receive and send a call about an hour ago but not able to do so now. Also, not able send texts. WiFi is on and still no luck. Now unable to do either. UGHHH!!!

Posting an update 10:12 PM EST - Fully functional and up and running in Staten Island, NY.

What type of phone do you have? Where are you on the Island? I'm in South Beach near the Bridge. I'm still having no luck reaching Customer Service!

sweet! service restored in coastal SC!

after numerous battery pulls, i just turned my 8900 off and back on and it FINALLY says "T-Mobile" again!

Tmobile is crashing slowly.... first sidekicks now their voice and data for all phones this is hilarious!.... I love verizon the most i was out a phone was 15mins and they were just fixing their attenna's...... muhahahaha bye bye tmobile lol

Oh yeah they do for $100 per line!

I pay $90 for both my lines...and it's all I want to talk, browse....TMO..once it has full 3G...Verizon is going to suffer! ;_) < Broke my nose!

even if yall get a fast 3g will the antennas be able to handle so many users! its already suffering..... any more they will suffer SEVERE LOSt

things seem back to normal here in Bean Town, service was shot to sh*t since 630p. but all good now. Gracias Dios!!

i can send messages and make calls and my data works, i just can't receive messages .. this is frustrating =(

I left T-Mobile 8 months ago because of lack of service availability. I couldn't go into stores and have service, I couldn't use my phone inside any building. Text messages delays for more than 30 minutes..

I have been with Verizon and I'm glad I made that choice to leave.

my service is back already, but im pretty sure that all other phone companies have had outages before so verizon can talk all the want in the end mechanical equipment has to fail sometime.

9700 or not....this is why I jumped ship. Just one more thing confirming my decision to leave T-Mobile despite their cheap affordable prices.

We are experiencing an outage here in Philly.

I have the 3G Dash.

Most of the T-Mobile users I know are having the same problem and it’s with multiple phone types: the original Dash, G1, Blackberries etc.

It appears to be a network issue and it's not only here.

I'm in So Cal and I have 3 lines on a T-Mobile family plan. Only one of the three lines has lost connection due to the outage. How is that possible?

i didn't know what it was till now.. she would try to call then it would make the busy tone.. she thought it was the blackberry. thank god i have Verizon lol

I just read this on the Tmobile site....
ATTENTION: We’re making good progress restoring voice and messaging service to affected customers. At this time, approximately 5 percent of T-Mobile customers are experiencing service disruptions. Issues began at approximately 5:30 p.m. Eastern time. Our rapid response team is working continuously to fully resolve this disruption. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused our customers.

I have it working here in California. And I'm writting from my phone 8900 idk what verizon users are here for. Be helpful not hateful thanks

The update came thru on my end last night. May wanna check for updates. If not check the blackberry website according to carrier.

You guys might want to check out the Tmobile Support forum on this outage...people are FREAKING out..I found it amusing.


I had Edge, I can't get on UMA, then I rebooted my phone and now I only have GSM. I was getting email and facebook but now I can't get anything. LOL They piss me off at TMobile from time to time, but one thing I can say is it is not often that I have coverage problems.

i called in and got a 5 dollar courtesy credit. verizon would proly try to bill me for roaming the outage was kinda nice damn phone quit ringing for awhile

6 years with tmobile and this has never happened.
i'll never switch. at least theres still internet and
bb messenger.

My service was not working at all earlier this evening. I attached via uma but as of about 9 pm it has all been restored..

It was 30 minutes. S**t happens.

Verizon may have a large network but I'm not paying $30 extra just to tether (which I do rarely anyway). Last I checked, they don't do anything like Fave 5 either.

New plans on Tmo. I switched ad am now saving over 20.00 a month. I have never have had a problem with service. Verizon=Bandits

that when one carrier has an outage or some issue Crackberry participants who are on another carriers jump all over it. The fact is that I have literally been on every carrier in the US... well, actually all of them at one point or another. Every single one of them have had outages and major issues, one no better then the other. At this point I have been with T-Mobile for nearly 3 years and have had less issues with them then anyone else. Verizon could never get my MSN email to work; Cingular (AT&T) had dropped calls daily and a huge outage for two days when I was on them... Sprint, well, the Treo never worked right... our IT guy was always having to reset the email accounts and we had dropped calls all the time. On and on.... Lets face it... this is high tech stuff that is dicy at best. For these guys to keep these networks up and running on a 24/7 basis is, to my way of thinking, a major accomplishment.

As for T-Mobile's CS... my experience has been without issue. They have been more then responsive and very helpful. Verizon was the worst CS experience I have had with cell phones and Sprint a close second. AT&T was fine... I had no complaints about them either.

No out here in Hampton roads Virginia been on the phone and and net for the past hour!!!! and to hell with verizon!!!!