ALERT: Email Delays Being Reported by Many BIS Users

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Sep 2009 01:39 pm EDT

* Update: It appears things are all good now! *

Lots of talk in the forums today about BlackBerry BIS email being down. Not all carriers are reporting issues. You can follow the links below to stay on top of it or drop a note in the comments. When these types of outages happen a ton of threads pop up in the CrackBerry forums, so we went ahead and created a new forum to keep them all grouped together. The current/main thread for an outage will remain stickied until the issue has been resolved.

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ALERT: Email Delays Being Reported by Many BIS Users


I'm in Malaysia with Celcom. No issues there on specified dates except late weekends where they give send a maintenance notice by text.

when I click the first link "BIS Outage September 22nd, 2009, it says that I don't have sufficient rights to view the thread? I've been a member for quite some time now and this is acting weird.

EDIT: don't have the problem anymore

It's a brand new forum, so it can take up to an hour for the new code to sync over to all of our forum servers.  Should be almost so synced over by now..if not, then will fix itself shortly and you'll have access again. Basically, you were getting served from a server where that forum didn't exist yet, so couldn't access it.  If it happens again, just hit refresh a few times... should get served up by another forum server where it's already synced too.  But should be good to go shortly.

I'm on T-Mobile and my last email was at 09:40 CT. Two clients using Verizon haven't received emails for a couple of hours.

My Storm has not been able to send/receive e-mail through BIS for about 3-4 hours now. Very aggravating!! I cannot communicate with my customers while on the road!

EDIT: I'm in San Antonio, TX thats what the problem is. I've been trying to send an email and it's not going through. I was like what the hell is going on. By the way im in Tampa, FL and on Tmobile

I just got one email on my BlackBerry at 12:47 CT. The email was sent at 11:26 CT. Several email still haven't arrived.

Verizon in Utah was not getting anything thought it weird so did a battery pull and it started working again.


i'm using BIS (gmail on t-mobile), in boston and the last time i received an email was at 11:01am eastern time. the email was sent at 10;44 eastern time.

i haven't received an email on my BB since then (i checked google and i've gotten 20 since the last one)

I actually haven't been paying attention, but now that I check it looks like I'm not getting my email currently. I'm with AT&T.

Verizon (Metro Atlanta) Georgia

All seems to be fine here. Well, some of the streets are still flooded but that's another topic.

now i have missed 70+ emails, 34+ facebook alerts... from 11:42 to 11:52, thats a new record i think.... oldest email was emailed 9/9/09 @ 9:52pm (personal email account)

I'm on sprint, just received an email that was sent to me over 3 hours ago... I wonder if that means that I'm back up?

Mine was down for about 2 hours but now everything is back up and working fine on my Sprint Tour here in Kansas City

While there's no doubt this is a headache, remember these things DO happen, particularly when dealing with a 3rd party server. I would think after about the 10th forum post or comment, folks would get the idea that the problem isn't specific to their device and/or carrier. We quickly forget how buggy technology can be at times

Using Verizon.

My Tour sends and receives normally here in Southeast Florida.

Good old Verizon...

...Not the cheapest show in town, but by far the best of the bunch!

I received an email on my GMAIL account at 11:31am and I received it on my BB at 12:33pm EST. I just sent a test to myself and I got my email right away. I'm in Orlando, FL.

Yep, delayed at least 30 minutes this afternoon. Started noticing issues early morning when messages started arriving in bulk.

Working, but slower than usual. I had email coming into my account and not hitting my BB until about 30 minutes ago.

been having problems since after about 9am eastern time.

THanks CB for posting this on the homepage since not always do i log into the forum (where most of the members mentioned the outage).

I'm on orange, dominican republic been having problems since this morning not receiving email's and fb doesn't work :(

I have a Blackberry Tour from Verizon and I was getting emails this morning, but haven't gotten any since about 1 p.m.

I called rim they claimed it was routine (patch) maintenance... so whatever... iPhone or WinMo sounding better and better, as RIM does not seem to even care about all the outages, per verizon commercial I guess our BB's were all in "Paper Weight Mode" AGAIN...

I am still not receiving emails. will I receive all the emails from earlier in the day as well when it starts working?

I emailed my supervisor letting her know I was going to be late, apparently she got it I never got a email back and I walked in she didn't say anything I guess she just read it and 2 hours later when I am in the room I received a email from her saying "slacker, just kidding see ya in a bit" and she tends to do that stuff as a joke of course but I was like.... did she just email me that from her computer?? Did I do something wrong then I ended up finding out she emailed it right after she got my message which was 2 hours ago heh...

No big deal for me, that's not something that happen everyday, was bad but we dont gonna die for that, so..people stop the drama...

No big deal for me, that's not something that happen everyday, was bad but we dont gonna die for that, so..people stop the drama...

It is 9PM in Fl. I STILL have no email. Carrier is Verizon. Last email was @ 1:30PM anyone else still w/ no service?

It is currently you know where your e-mail is?

I sure don't cause I havnt gotten any emails either!!!!
I'm in New York, carrier Sprint...I got nothin....

lost my email for a better part of the day.. resent service books for each of my accounts and just got them all.. things back to normal now.

ugh.. i'm glad it wasn't just me!!

A RIM outage was reported this morning. (9/22) And at 7:30 was still not fixed. No ETA is set or expected. Really only effects email/sms/mms.

Went to Verizion and apparently they had to resend the service books to my phone. All is well now. Verizon dude said you can call the technical support if you can't get in there.