Make jam with Alec Saunders in Orlando on May 1 to 3 and you'll get a free limited edition BlackBerry 10 developer phone!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Apr 2012 03:31 pm EDT

We're just *days* away from BlackBerry World and BlackBerry Jam, both taking place in Orlando, Florida. These are THE BlackBerry events of the year and the CrackBerry team and BlackBerry community are stoked for them.

Making a social play to sign up a few late comers, RIM's VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, took to the youtubes today with a fun little video. Check it out above for a good laugh and some good info (don't worry, unlike me Alec has the good sense to keep his clothes on).

The BlackBerry Jam conference is geared towards developers, and over three days there will be 80 sessions brainwashing you and teaching you to build awesome kick ass BlackBerry 10 apps. You'll get to learn about the BlackBerry 10 vision from RIM's new CEO Thorsten Heins himself, and of course you'll also get to take home that sweet, sweet, SWEET BlackBerry 10 developer phone. Heck, I'm even guessing they might serve up some BlackBerry jam to go with your breakfast bagels and toast.

Orlando. BlackBerry. May first to third. Be the there! For more information and to register and secure your limited edition developer device, head to

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Make jam with Alec Saunders in Orlando on May 1 to 3 and you'll get a free limited edition BlackBerry 10 developer phone!


You know us... we'll have soooo much coverage people will start leaving comments to the posts saying STOP THE MADNESS YOU'RE POSTING TOO MUCH.

That's how we roll. But don't worry.. comments like that never slow us down. We'll report everything back here for you like woah.



I notice that you're calling it a "developer phone". Is there any real indication that the "BB10 Dev Alpha" is anything other than a PlayBook?

Since the BB10 device is intended to be a phone, I imagine it will have a wireless stack.

That's a fair difference to the current Playbooks.

You never know though, maybe they'll launch the 4G Playbook at the conference.

I have a feeling these BB10 Alpha devices are Playbooks loaded with BB10 Alpha...
Unless the BB10 Alpha is the size of a note...
Or I'm reading too much into the hand gestures..


My PlayBook has those..

wait... where am I?

I unfortunately agree with you :^(

Note how careful RIM is describing it as a dev alpha device... not a phone.

I very much hope that I'm wrong.

You must use your Jedi powers to focus on the task at hand and not get distracted by... wait what was that? Uh, where were we? Ah, never mind.

Isit me or is he shaping the playbook. If it is it could be The playbook 2 or the normal playbook but obviously modified like RIM said

I love the news and excited about BB10!!

But... seriously I can't leave without making a comment about the Neck Hair... it's... very... very VERY distracting and makes it incredibly hard to take you seriously. I don't know why.

I love this guy. He is just funny.

I would like to go but I'm just a BlackBerry fan and don't even write apps (yet).

I hope you lucky people that can go enjoy a great time. I'll be on the couch looking at the CrackBerry postings.

Followed by..."who we can't name today"

Am I the only one reading too much into this? Also, the hand gestures while mentioning dev devices, consistently proposing a large shape.

Can we speculate they are PlayBooks?

SO much to process!

I wonder if the gesture he did when mentioning the Developer Alpha device, is any kind of hint at the size of it?

Lol I just found that a little funny.

i dont think the hand gesture is a hint at the size... to me a hand gesture is just a hand gesture lol. and if it is a hint at a size.. maybe it was just that it would be bigger than usuall bb devices. not necessarily a playbook.

This video was awesome. Not because of them announcing that they will be unveiling new stuff or that they will tell us about some amazing partners, or even that they will be giving away some alpha (if hands are any indication-playbook size) devices. JK about that last part, seems to be a running joke, so i couldn't help it.

It was awesome for me because of how funny it was and his positive energy. It totally didn't seem like he was soliciting.

Would love to go... Look forward to the RIMPIRE's return (haven't heard of any mention of it on the front page...). Not to mention CrackBerry coverage!

Looks like all the freebees go to people who can make it, i live in the Uk so cant just get over each time there is a show, bummer missed out again

I am so excited for BlackBerry World this year and I hope the un-named partners are some of the big app developers that RIM has been missing. I am really looking forward to hearing the BlackBerry 10 vision because I want to read all the media outlets who have been so down on RIM report on BB 10 and for the excitement to start to build for the real 3rd ecosystem.

He looks a little desperate, unbalanced ! Earring ...? He is trying to be cool, but this is just irritating. Hard to take it seriously. Defeats the purpose!

I think the guy was cool. He gives a confident feel and am pretty sure he is doing a great job with developers.
All the best for the two events.

-love my 9900 and playbook.

To crackberry nations fearless leader and his team,
Please keep the tweets rolling about what happening. We rely on us guys.