Alec Saunders shares insight into RIM, their future and BlackBerry 10 at Mobile Monday in Indonesia

Alec Saunders
By Bla1ze on 5 Jun 2012 08:10 am EDT

Alec Saunders, Vice President Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development at Research In Motion has been doing a bit of international traveling as of late, all for the cause of spreading the RIM word and bringing awareness to BlackBerry developers. His most recent trip took him to Kuningan, South Jakarta where in addition to speaking to BlackBerry developers at a Mobile Monday Indonesia event, he also gave a very forward interview with The Jakarta Globe: 

With so many sophisticated operating systems out there, will you be a little late with BlackBerry 10?

If you rush an operating system to market, it’s a bad idea. … I don’t think too much of the Android and the iOS devices at this point. I think iOS is designed for five years ago. … It was designed with the idea that Steve Jobs had, that it would be a media consumption device. And that’s not what a BlackBerry is. It’s not for sitting on the train and watching TV.

And Android, there are now 3,977 different Android devices out there in the marketplace. For developers, it’s a nightmare. It’s impossible to test them all. So developers now are getting to the phase of, ‘Hey, maybe there are some things better than Android.’

Another thing about Android is — and Google even admitted it — it’s a rip-off of an Apple experience. So Apple is a five-year-old experience, Android is a clone of that five-year-old experience. We’re a new way of thinking about what a smartphone is. We’re going to take the smartphone back to a communication device, not something you sit around and watch movies with.

If there is one thing about Alec that I have to say I enjoy, it's the fact he speaks his mind and lays it all out for everyone in simple terms. Whether everyone agrees with him, that's a different story but there is no denying he's fighting for RIM and doing whatever it takes to make BlackBerry 10 a success in any way he can personally do so.  The full interview is a pretty insightful read especially when you read Alec's thoughts on the PlayBook launch, you can hit the source link below to check it out in its entirety.

Source: Jakarta Globe

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Alec Saunders shares insight into RIM, their future and BlackBerry 10 at Mobile Monday in Indonesia


"So Apple is a five-year-old experience, Android is a clone of that five-year-old experience" Love this quote. That's what you call "BOLD"

They need a guy like this to start slapping people around again.

RIM's future? RIM has no future, period! I get the fact that when your business is threatened you feel a need to bash the competition out of spite but at least don`t look like an ignorant moron that is twisting facts to help make your point. The fact that there are over 3,500 Android devices on the market is meaningless. If this guy had a clue about development he would know that it is unnecessary to test EVERY single one. All you do is test on the various chipsets and resolutions. Also, he says iOS was designed for 5 years ago which is another load of bullshit. At that time there wasn`t anything like it and even today very few even come close to the experience. He does say that Blackberry is unlike iOS and Android as in it is not a media consumption device and, well, this is in major part responsible for what RIM has become, a once-preferred company with an antiquated business model.

just be like your name and stay obsolete. RIM does have a bright future ahead of them...

And what Alec said, is bang on, There are thousands of different specd Android phones out there. So it is hard to make apps that will run uniformly on all hardware specs

++1000 ,, actually when they launch the BB10 that will be a very2 difficult moment for me because I hooked so much with my 9930. It make all the things done very well for me. I work for Japanesse car manufacturer and everyday I intensively using BBM, photo editor, push email, organizer (task, cal, memo pad). So, just like Torsten said "they make it done everyday" that's I am, and there's a million guys in my country doing the same thing ,, "They make it the things done everyday" not play the 3D game during working hour because we are mature people. Regards

I like your reply. Glad to hear  is needed in your part of the world. Although the media doesn't report it,  is also used a lot for the same reasons, still is, always will be, in North America... Sure RIM has lost out on the consumer market share (big time), but for the "go-to-business-person"  is still champ!

Testing on each chipsets and resolution is already a challenge, especially when you take different versions of android into consideration as well.

You've obviously never tried Windows Phone. Well, you aren't missing anything cause it's the only garden in the world with higher walls then apple's

and how many chipsets and resolutions does android have?? i have an android S2 LTE.. and it's a cool device but i cannot get rid of my BB.. when i try and write emails on my android i get PISSED off ... the way i have to arrange my android is a pain!! (i.e. forward my address to my gmail to get TRUE push email.. K9 is a piece of SHAT and hacks your email (it sent out a stupid survey under my name).. once is ok.. i thought i'd try it again after 3 months and same CRAP! my friend called me to ask me if the survey was real!

iOS was designed for 5 years ago.. icons look the same, UI looks the same, UX looks the same, Same home button, same shape, same backgrounds, same ringtones, same switch to turn it to vibrate.. same lack of profiles.. same closed ecosystem (i.e. stupid POS itunes) and guess who helped out with the design of the iphone UI?!?! TAT!!

no wonder their UI can't change.. there is no one to help them design it!!

TAT is owned by who now?? RIM!

i'm not saying iphones and androids are bad.. they have their pros.. but the fact that people really have no GOOD reason to hate on RIM.. broken promises?? everyone breaks promises, maybe not as much as RIM did, but still .. maybe people just need a scapegoat to bitch at ... who knows..

but ur comments are obsolete..

Being a web developer, I know what hassle it is just to test for N and N-1 5 major browsers (not to speak about OSes). In a standard project, it consumes about 15% of the project time (if things goes well).
Just enjoy some maths and calculate your "various chipsets and resolutions" add some browser and Os versions plus Proprietary UIs to it and wonder roughly about how tricky it is to gain - at least - consistency.

Alex Saunders do have more than "a clue" about his job and the audience he's dealing with : the developers. Obviously, you're not one of them.

On top of that, maybe 10% of Android users will even find your app (if you're lucky). Of those, maybe 1% will be willing to pay you $0.99 for it. No wonder developers admit Android is a nightmare.

Yes the current BlackBerry (OS 4, 5, 6 and 7) is very hard to code for. OS10 will have a number of cross-platform programming environment to choose from. And, many apps should run as-is on any BB10 device.

In the past the issue with being informed was that there was not enough information. Today the issue is too much information and much of it wrong. Your post is a perfect example of this.
Next year, BlackBerry will be here and stronger, the following year it will be stronger still.

Here are a couple of nice little facts:
1. RIM is the most secure device in the world.
2. RIM is NOT being sued by the Justice Department from price fixing at consumers expense.
3. RIM has a growing global footprint of 75 million users.
4. RIM is the device of choice for people that do (not you, people that do) like the President of the U.S., Erin Burnett, and yours truly.
5. RIM does have a ten year old aging OS and they WILL leapfrog a five year old OS.

Go back to your iPhone and watch a video.

Thankfully Saunders didn't get his talking points from you.

This lame drivel about "we are still growing!," "we are secure!," "everyone loves our tiny keyboard!" is the nonsense we need to STOP mentioning. No one cares that market share is growing in Nigeria where profit margins are incredibly thin on those ancient Curves, and clearly, consumers don't care about the security advantages.

It was totally refreshing to see RIM shoot back with a little competitive spirit--not just more blather about "BlackBerry is an iconic product" channeling Lazaridis. Great interview--I look forward to hearing more from them in this vein.

Let's go with what works, not the 78 million users crap.

ignore nigeria if you want but for the 7th most populated country you must admit getting these people hook on crackberry with low end curves for the time being is not a bad idea since they like everyone here on crackberry are potential bb10 buyers. its like fishing if you have bait (cheap curves) fish(customers) will be drawn to it. Once that is achieved you bring out the big guns(bb10) and say upgrade to these in the next week and its 20% off and a month of free bbm service. you would have that 78 million(and growing) in the bag and also attracting new customer because they start hearing good things about rim.

My torch 9860 does all that I will need a smartphone for. Moreso, it is so easy to understand and use. I really do not care about the stock market figures. A lot of people have money in that market anyway. RIM's future shouldn't depend on it.

Yeah, if you've been a platform developer or tester, you must know you need to test against each destination device. That might be a dozen -- too bad for the other 3,500 or so. Chipsets and screen dimensions are two issues, but there are many other very significant differences between handsets:

* memory, flash and internal RAM
* device capabilities & options: hardware buttons, etc.
* supported hardware: bluetooth versions, antennas, radio frequencies, flavors of WiFi, mobile hotspot, gyroscope, compass, even LCD and LED nuances.

I'm sure you have seen the "enhancements" some manufacturers have made to certain handsets, making them difficult to upgrade. It's no wonder the majority of the top Android handsets are still running some flavor of Android 2.3, which is well over a year old, while Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) has been around for more than 6 months.

RIM has a future.

You remind me of the people in the past at RIM said that Apple has no future, since they were already established. Well I got news for you buddy, technology constantly changes...

"but at least don`t look like an ignorant moron that is twisting facts to help make your point. The fact that there are over 3,500 Android devices on the market is meaningless. If this guy had a clue about development he would know that it is unnecessary to test EVERY single one."

You comment sounds very ignorant. Doesn't seem like you have any clue about development!

You have to test each manufacture of Android, as they have additional api's with the standard Android SDK. Then from those, you need to test the difference in screen size and buttons. It gets to the point where you SHOULD test each one.

"All you do is test on the various chipsets and resolutions."

LOL, Ask a developer if doing a test with bluetooth on an HTC device would be good enough for working with a Samsung device...

"Also, he says iOS was designed for 5 years ago which is another load of bullshit. At that time there wasn`t anything like it and even today very few even come close to the experience. "

I think your in denial. There wasn't anything like it five years ago. Now Android for example has copied and surpassed it. So has Windows Phone 7.

RIM is not done because many still prefer bb myself. I am perfectly fine with 9810 and I will pick up BB10. I like apps but i am too busy to kill my time to browse through 500,000 of them like some ios kids. I use phone for work and Blackberry infrastructure and bb7 is already superior to android and ios. Bb10 will blow away competition for business use. So I want bb10 to be the ferrari of phones not Honda civic like Android and ios. Even if this means for rim to be smallest of all 4 major players. RIM is not going anywhere. It is the most secure phone, and one of the best communication tools. You want widgets and phone that does not fit to your pocket (new samaung) get android or ios. You want security and productivity device stick with rim.

I knew a hateful comment like this would come up. I didn't know it would be the fifth though.

If you had a clue about development you would know that you have to test on lots of platforms, although not every one. You can test an Android app on ten devices and still have some users who can't get it to work. Get a life.

Do you even know how to read??? He never said IOS is bad. All he said was it was designed 5 years back and it is getting outdated now. Read and understand before you comment. stupid troll.

BOLD statement, and liking it.

"Disagree" only on the part smartphone is communication device (only). It, seems to me, ever been and should be a tool for getting things done -- and commmunicating of course ;)

How do you do it? You continue to wrap good stories in garbled English. Once again, my mouth is agape, and my eyebrows are firmly attached to the ceiling. Do I hear cries of "author, author"?

What the hell are you talking about?! This article is pretty simple and to the point, with the main portion being quoted directly from Alec himself. Would you prefer an article chalked full of pontificating garbage like on most other mobile device blogs? The comments are bad enough.

You are correct. Most of the article is a direct quote. The garbled, poor English is in the rest of the piece. I would never argue in favor of pontificating. Where on earth did you get that idea? I simply want well written, plain English and a well turned phrase every so often,

Love? No. Hope that he learns to write? Yes. To be fair, he isn't the only bad CrackBerry writer, nor is bad writing restricted to this site. My hope is that persistent badgering may motivate him to pay attention to how he writes, get better and maybe even set a positive example for others.

You've got to swing for the fences. Glad to see that someone at RIM has balls. Now just execute and do it better and quicker than expected!!

There is always room for a third and fourth ecology in the world of Smartphone/tablet.
It is in the consumer interest to have more NOT LESS.
Thisi s why i support RIM and BB (since its Software and hardware are much more robust then Windows!!)
I hope BB10 will turn the tide for RIM, but at the same time there should always be revenue streams from other stations!!
Always good to get the extra cash to support a good idea..

If ICS from Android is 5 years ago, what the hell is BB7? 15 years ago.

I get it, he needs to be "bold" and draw the line in the sand. But why not acknowledge what Apple and Android have done, and then do what they do better than they do what they do. You follow? Let BB10 speak for itself, don't knock the compitition to make your own product look better, thats the act of a desperate man. Which, isn't the worst thing, he should be desperate BUT if he thinks bashing the two companies that have pushed "his" company to the breaking point is a good idea he may want to rethink his strategy.

When you lose, say little, when you win say less.

Let's be honest, people aren't chomping at the bits to switch from Android or Apple to BB10, or BB in general. If you want to be competitive show your phone off against those two companies, show the people it's better, don't tell the people it's better. It's a bad look. The company in the US with 3% market share telling the 50%+ Android, and the 35-40% Apple that their product is 5 years ago, come on man. People are going to laugh at you.

However you show me a BB10 phone vs. a Droid vs. an iphone and BB beats it, that speaks much louder than any words.

He said exactly what you said he should say . . He acknowledged what ios/android did 5 years ago and said they're going to do it better . . . Can't you read english or what?

The real issue is how do you convince the general public that communication is more important than watching movies on a smartphone? Communication is exactly why I use my 9930, but the Apple halo effect is still in full effect. Most of the general public wants to play games, watch movies, & feel apart of the "in" crowd. Windows Phone has tried this. Great platform that no one is buying. Different isn't "in".

Sad to say, until Apple loses the halo effect, the general public is only gonna want iOS clones, hence the the two platforms with the largest marketshare, Android & iOS. The communication push is gonna be a hard sell to the masses.

You don't need to convince the general public... Just the kids. Oddly enough, blackberry is still very popular amongst teenagers.... Get'em hooked young!

RIM has already said they are interested in customers who want to get shit done! Meaning, they don't mind if people who buy mobile devices for entertainment pass on BB. However, when those customers grow up and realize they actually need a productive tool, they may wish to look at BB. RIM knows it is not going to have iPhone ownership numbers. While they wouldn't turn that down, they are not currently going after that market.

BB10 has the potential to be an amazing gaming platform especially when tied together with the proprietary network. The potential is huge! and gaming sites like "pocket-gamer biz" have had many positive supportive articles re the potential for BB10 and the use of the RIM network for live interactive gaming on top of Scoreloop. Painting ourselves into a corner by saying BB10 will only focus on productivity is not necessary. BB10 will bring a better gaming experience AND allow you to be more productive at the same time!!
Sent from my BlackBerry Neutrino powered Playbook while sipping beer on my patio :)

I interpret that line to be that while BB10 will be bringing communication back to the device, we can also do all the things android and ios can do and better.

I have been sitting here agape wondering how everyone missed all that.
BB10 in the PB guise is an able entertainment device, they are now garnishing it with the traditional BB communication side of things.
Heins called it the BB10 engine that will power the next 10 years of mobile computing for BlackBerrys.

That is why rim failed with current strategy and that is why rim will succeed with its new strategy to serve niche market. I will trade less apps for security and best productivity device in business.

I'm a bit confused on that statement from Alec because I find the video experience on my PlayBook to be an excellent one.

It's interesting to read this. I read the article yesterday about Apple's Sir Jonathan and how other companies have or so focused not on making something better but on being different.

I do feel that with BB10 we are seeing a shift in RIM. This isn't about trying to catch up. It's about making a truly great communications device. That's key.

I can see the resemblance . . Maybe they realized the upside of having more people like kevin as the face of the company . . A whole army of crackberry priests extolling their praises =)

Probably one and the same. Anyone seen them together in the same room ;) Both are BlackBerry evangelists and Kevin wanted to be on the board. This must be a stepping stone position :)

I think so long as the media consumption is available - you can say the focus of BB10 is communication. Still think RIM needs apps like Skype in that case or some of that "communication cred" is gone.

The reason Apples and Androids are doing well is the cellphone industry has manged to make these devices into fashion accessories. Every few months a new device with new whistles and bells will come out and it will be the next best thing. The whole industry is targeting the younger market, the teens and preteens. Justin Bieber is a so so singer, tell it to the marketing. You can tell people to eat fruits and vegetables but it's easier just to take vitamins or drink vitamin water( truth be told, there's very little vitamin in those water). How many of us is going to stay true to a so call better device versus a very fashion forward device? We were told that we need cellphones in the 21st century( I myself did not even own a cell phone until a coupe of months ago). We are also manipulated into changing our cellphone very so often. Those who claim "to do" with cellphones are the last people who actually need all the latest bells and whistles. It's the majority of the people that wants a toy that goes for the next new fashion thing. That's why Apple and androids are doing so well. Regardless of how little or how slow they upgrade their devices every year, it's the Prada or D&G or whatever the hell latest name brand in the market. You got the money, you get to show off. As for the tech geek, it's the same story, they want the latest revolution. The questions is do we have more fashionista in us or tech geek? I suspect the formal.This is a business and RIM need to survive. What path do you think they should go?

I beg to differ on the fashion anology, Blackberry is more of the D&G and Prada of the phone market. Apple and android are more like the levie and aeropostal/american eagle of the phone market.

If you look at who owns BB versus who own iphone and android phones you would see the iphone and android users wearing AE and aeropostal clothing while the blackberry user sporting and armanie suit, D&G and the like. Do a quick run through of hollyhood who's who list and find out which phone they use daily and which cothing line they wear. The reality is blackberry was previously the aspirational brand because it exuded status and all the celebs started using them however apple is now the cool brand but doesnt do what BBs for the rich and famous and as such they have not switched to iphones yet. Apple and adroid are the AE and aeropostal of the phone market they are cool and they are now. BBs are the D&G and the Prada of the phone game they are expensive, not everywhere you look and are more likely to be purchased by people who have the money to pay and who needs to have information at their finger tips. ask jay-z, kanye, the kardashians, editor in cheif of hof. post, anderson cooper and anybody who is somebody in the business world.
most of these people also own and iphone and ipad or an ipod for playing with apps and listening to music

Guess since no Americans are buying their crap, they'll try and sell It to other countries. What's funny is how he takes a shot at android when I remember how the rim was begging for android apps to work on bb. Anybody hungry? 

Interesting comments from Mr Sanders. I would like him to expand on his view of communications. I expect that it is a whole lot broader than the need for Skype. It will be interesting to see what they do with BBM and NFC. Don't forgot high quality Apps as I do need a bit of entertainment from time to time.

"And that’s not what a BlackBerry is. It’s not for sitting on the train and watching TV."

And that's exactley the problem behind your products! RIM can rant and rave all it wants to against media consumption on a phone; but the world has clearly spoken - it wants to be able to consume media, entertainment, and games on a phone. Had RIM not had its head in the sand and ignored - no they blatantly mocked - what the Iphone/Android was doing in terms of revolutionizing the smartphone marketplace, it wouldn't be in the position that it is now.

It's not enough to just be a communications device these days; you have to be BOTH a communications device AND a media consumption device. Only then, will you be able to compete and have your products actually envied by the public; instead of being laughed at.

If BB10 can leverage RIM's strength and history of a solid communications device and add flawless media and entertainment options as well; they will have a chance to compete and be successfull. If it's just a communications device to use for work; then their own arrogance has all but destroyed them.

While you are right that a smartphone can be BOTH a communication device and a media consumption device, can it be amazing at both? Perhaps not. What do we, as crackberry lovers, like about our crackberry? Keyboard, e-mail, calendaring, contact management, bbm, battery life? Have we not dealt with a less-than-average browser, less apps, slower processor? Why? because we love those things that our crackberry does well.

Yes, being laughed at by the media is ridiculous. It presumes that to be a smartphone one must squish into the mold of other devices. Personally, I laugh at the iPhone users I see that s-l-o-w-l-y type with one finger on their touchscreen. Just like I laugh at my wife when I get a delightfully auto-corrected email.

Their videos of BB10 flow addresses a problem I have, that I didn't realize I had - which shows me that they have designed something very well. When I go to an email, I then go into a conversation, and then an attachment and then back to email. Right now, no smartphone offers that flow. It's one app that opens and then another and I always press the back button.

Their marketing needs to create that story. This is the problem you didn't realize you had. This is how we solved it (hint: it doesn't involve cupcakes). This is who BlackBerry is. Plain and simple.

It has to be good at both. If not, it will be hammered by the media when it will be released, and than you can say goodbye to RIM. The statement Blackberry is for people who do and an iPhone is just a toy really comes off as arrogant. BB10 should not only be for those people who work hard, but also play hard.

I absolutely agree with you. If BB10 is going to be successful; then the OS and any phone design will have to do everything right.

Blackberry will never be able to convince consumers who are used to the media capabilities, entertainment options, or gaming options on their other devices to give Blackberry a look if BB10 does not equal, if not surpass, what they are already used to. These consumers are not willing to take a step backwards from what they have; thus, BB10 must be a media powerhouse.

Current Blackberry owners also need to be convinced that the new OS and phones have not compromised the communications aspect of a Blackberry phone. There are already people on these forums expressing their concerns that the communication and "business" side of a Blackberry phone is taking a back seat in the new OS.

Thus, for BB10 to succeed, by both attracting people back to it from other platforms, and by keeping it's existing user base - the phone must be excellent at both.

Please keep waiting. Because comments like yours make me wish that BB never gets updated because if it's already so superior in all of the features you listed, then you really don't need the BB10, do you?

No wonder the BB market is slow--it's filled with people (like yourself), that are unwilling to budge from one, SINGULAR vision.

And I'm sure I can kick your ass in writing an email faster on my iPhone (with fewer grammar mistakes). This coming from a person that also owned a BB.

I think RIM gets that, but they first want to build the best communication device. The PlayBook is a wonderful media centric device, but it's not a phone. It's a good communication device but it doesn't have BBM. I think RIM wants to build a device that encompasses all of that plus be media and gaming friendly.

If you look at the current games available for the PlayBook, you will admit that RIM is going in the right direction. You will also see that the PlayBook is great for watching movies and killing time. The camera does need some more bells and whistles but it is very good indeed offering full 1080p a year ago.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Skype is available for the Blackberry, just only with Verizon customers. So that would be the fault of Skype and Verizon that we non Verizon subscribers can not have Skype. Needs a forward cam anyway.

I love the bold comments. I wish BB10 came out at the same time as the Playbook. The stock would still be at $100/share, and market share would still be in the high teens.

BlackBerry has to start thinking that their device are not just communication devices or business tools. They do everything, they have more power in a 4" screen than my Windows 95 PC had! They have to exploit that. Maybe the new devices will get more powerful chipsets (1.5-1.7GHZ) and Playbook 2 will hopefully be LTE and have an 8 gig (for bargain basement $179.00 price and a 128 gig version for data hungry users) I love my Playbook and will be upgrading to a Torch in a few weeks. When BB10 comes out I'll be buying the device that best suits me (3 device options more than likely?)

Blackberry's on the ropes, and with men like Alec Saunders there's no where to go but up! Everyone loves the underdog!

How many BB users envy the ability to watch streaming media on their phone? There are some I guess but, if that is their reason to have a mobile phone, they already left the BB experience.

I have NEVER wanted my phone to stream entertainment media. On the rare occasion when I need to watch a vid, it can view vids taken by most other devices. I want my phone to alert me to important work events, allow me to communicate and coordinate my teams, notify my family when needed and be available 24/7 to do these things. In other words, I use a BB because I GET SHIT DONE! I'm not sitting on a train, in a plane, cab or whatever wasting time. I'm emailing, BBMing and posting. I do, however, listen to music while I'm mobile. The BB multitasks like a champ, so no problem there.

I have stated this before, I like BlackBerry alot, I really do. And not that any of you fanboys have anything to do with what BB has become or what it will become. But all the people saying BB gets shit done, is BS!

If you are an Android user or iphone user ask yourself this. What can a Blackberry do that a droid or phone CAN'T do? I just got a new droid, the only thing my droic cant do is BBM. Which doesn't matter because nearly all my BBM contacts are no longer with BB anyways. Now ask yourself this what can a droid do or an iphone do that a BB CAN'T do, the list is ongoing.

BB needs to seperate the consumer side from the business side. I don't give a crap about governement tight secuirty for my phone. Not many people want that or need that. Great BB has the ability to do that, but who are they making this for? The everyday Joe? NOPE. They are STILLmaking phones for the business customer, and to this point and until BB10 comes out those same phones with government tight secuirty are the same ones they think the 20 somethings who want social media, and games and streaming content. Come on BB get your head out of the clouds.

Not sure I agree. Just because other devices CAN do something, doesn't mean they do it well. Remember those old MP3 players? They all did the job, but it sucked to put music on them, their interface was lame, etc. etc. That's what was so brilliant about the iPod. It fixed the problems we didn't know we had.

I don't really care about all the stuff that an iPhone or an Android can do, as long as a BlackBerry does what I need it to do.

As for social media, BlackBerry is one platform where social media is used the most. Twitter, Facebook, whatever the case may be used is used extremely heavily on BlackBerry.

I would just be very careful to draw a line where what your phone can do moves from 'expected' into 'well the other guy has it so we have to do it...' That's the dangerous game they've been playing and it doesn't work. They've admitted as much when they said they want to partner for media content.

Alec tells it like it is and it draws attention to BB10.

When he said not for "watching TV" I'm sure he meant they're designing a communicating device with superb media capability.

This guy is totally wrong! He is boasting about a operating system/device that has not even come to market. I am not here to bash anyone, but I have used the IPhone 4 for the past year and it does far more than any Blackberry I have ever owned. I have had them all! The biggest strength with BB is email and their keyboard design. If they can hold on long enough financially to release a phone that offers those elements along with the features of IOS they may have a chance. Perhaps they will be acquired or sadly end up being another Palm. I would be happy if they pull it off, but realistically time is really against them.

No mention of Windows 8 as competition for future smartphone customers. This business versus consumer argument has to acknowledge W8.

Every business person that I know is waiting for W8. They are all talking about it and waiting for it. True cross platform single ecosystem efficiency. They don't even care if it isn't perfect at launch, they know it will be great if they pull it off. Time is money and RIM is being reminded of this every day. Welcome to reality...

Nobody is talking about BB10, sorry, that's the truth as experienced by me, not everyone, just me. Whenever I mention it people roll their eyes, everyone is done with RIM and their empty promises. The market is also tired of waiting...

We don't want iOS, Android, BB promises of efficiency. We want to do business on our devices, simply and efficiently. We don't want to be OS geeks, we just want to get stuff done.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that we've started migrating to Windows Live, Skydrive etc. The migration is going well and we seem to be pretty efficient. The true mobility is really quite refreshing.

There is little doubt Windows Mobile 8 could be a big problem for RIM. However, Microsoft has had a very poor record in the mobile space.

To say product W is going to be much better than product B when neither is available for testing, strikes me as fanboyish.

WM8 might be great if it can run existing Windows apps and maintain good performance+battery life. If apps have to be rewritten for WM8, they are starting at nearly the same place RIM is from a app standpoint.

I will look at BB10 and WM8 when the time comes and make a choice between them. Right now, I like the idea of QNX base in BB10 much better than Windows kernel. But I'm willing to let MS prove they can make Windows work on mobile devices.

If Win 8 tablets want to dominate the tablet market (I think it can), it needs to have good battery life and price/performance. However, I doubt either will happen within a year.

What? I thought Windows Phone 7 was supposed to dominate the phone space. Oh now it is revised to W8. I got the entire "Windows" experience minus an Xbox for the kids jettisoned from the home. Windows had gotten so bad to keep running and so bloated, and Vista was just a joke that I decided to go elsewhere. I understand Windows7 is supposed to be better, and maybe Windows 8 will be too, but I'm content not having to deal with issues almost daily. Sorry I don't want stuff from Redmond on my PC or tablet, much less my phone.

The problem is...most people like this "5 yr old smartphone experience" and like to sit on trains and watch TV. How do we change this? Just this morning NPR had a piece on RIMM and stated that they are in deep trouble and that since their market share has dwindled, few companies will want to acquire them.

BB 10 might be the best OS ever, but if it's not in the market it doesn't matter. RIM needed to get these phones out 6 months ago or give everyone a reason to want them. Right now it's pure speculation so nobody knows what the huge upgrade is going to be.

Every week that goes by RIM loses market share, and there's no telling if people will switch back once they have their Android or IPhones.

I admit, I am torn. I got a Playbook for Christmas, and think it is great. I do not have a BB phone, though, and am considering getting a new phone. The decision rests in whether it is worth it to get a BB phone now, never, or simply wait until BB10 is released.

Its not clear whether BB has much of a future, and whether there is any impact on the OS working with the PB.

I do find it easy to manuever and love the communications. If I had a phone to work with the PB, it would be all the more powerful. But again, is it better to wait until the new OS comes out, which will happen at some undefined point in the future, or just go with a BB7 device.

One can't ignore RIM's current plight, though. Will they be around much longer? If not, is it worth it to put a couple hundred bucks into a BB device?

wait for BB10 phones, the OS7 will not get an update and not compatible. However the PB will surely have.. I have Bold 9930, its an awesome device, esp. bridge it with my PB. but I will replace for a better UI, faster,easier and much current softwares. And that is bb10..

I can see by his responses that he has no clue. Hard to develop for Android? Really? Let's take a look at what apps are available for each OS and then re-examine that premise.
How a brand that has been inferior for several years can talk like it is the king of the hill shows why I went away from Blackberry and never looked back.

I am new to Blackberry and really like my PB, 9930, and 9810. However, I cannot help but wonder if RIM is in the same boat has Palm was. WebOS was great, better than iOS or Android but it came to late to save Palm. I think RIM can survive but only if they get BB10 to market by October at the latest. By then, iPhone 5 will be out, Windows 8 phone will probably be out, and we know that there will be new Android phones and probably an OS update.

BB10 has to deliver, it needs to be solid in the OS and the phone. A few minor bugs at the most but if there are major problems, then it could really hurt. The biggest threat to RIM and BB10 right now is not iOS or Android, but Windows Phone. There is room for 4 smart phone ecosystems, but the fourth will be a niche player at best. Which ever one becomes the niche player, they will have few options and will build to that niche. BB10 needs to be almost all things to all people, communications, business, games, and media. It also needs to be different than iOS or Android. They are very similar so we don't need another copy. Windows Phone 7.5 is different but at this moment Microsoft is marketing it more toward consumers by building up their games and media offerings. If BB10 cannot do both well, RIM as we know it will not exist in two years.

if this is true and RIM is not building BB10 to compete with the gaming use of a smartphone then i don't think they will make it :( todays consumers and smartphoen users have been brainwashed by apple and android and now the world thinks a smartphone should be a tool that is used for gaming and movies not just communication.

i am one person rooting for RIM, being a canadian i would love for RIM (a canadian company) to regain their crown as best smartphone, but i don't think that will work out the way they want.

what RIM needs is a BB10 phone with a killer processor and a graphic processor to pump out steller picture quality. they need to stick with the great multitasking of the QNX OS but they need to really make it a competitor to androids and crapple. the whole business use is dead and BB10 needs to do everything and do it great to regain what they lost, and i for one believe the QNX OS has what it takes for RIM to do it, they just need to market it to compete everywhere

If iOS is a 5 year old experience and Android is a rip-off of iOS, and both are absolutely dominating RIM, what does that say about RIM?

Just 4 words should be the ethos of RIM
Consumer Focused Business Enablement

Ex 3GS current Galaxy II future BB10 customer
Here are my function requirements:
Multi tab web browsing (see google android beta) it rocks
Good selection of apps (banking, shares, weather, news, mail, SM, etc)
True multi tasking of applications and UI to manage and go to them
Great camera ~8meg
GOOD BATTERY LIFE Galaxy is the worst device on earth for power consumption!
Embedded devices security - I dont want a 3rd party app looking after my data and phone
A good selection of malware software (see Lookout)
Device power management (see GO Power Master)
Shortscuts shortscuts shortcuts and widgets widget widgets (see Power Strip)
MUST HAVE solid media player. Android is useless at this and there must be something better than IOS?
Must support SD storage. I dont care about onboard as I use 64GB SD cards for all my music and this is the way to go to be honest. I can port my music at the push of a switch NO MORE ITUNES!! Yahoooooo.
Good quality graphics
Probably on of the most import is the texting interface. IOS leads at this. I actually run an android app that provides the IOS UI on Android.! Have seen some sneek peaks of BB10 I suspect they are going to leap frog IOS here.

Admittedly I am a do person and dont use my phone to play games or watch movies (tablet and laptop are my preference if I desire to watch something) BUT I would hate to buy a device that had any limitations to watching movies.

Wow, you people are delusional. I use an iPhone, but I want RIM to do well. I want choices. I want other companies to push Apple. But RiM is knocking on deaths door, and RIM leaders putting down Apple and Android isn't going to change that. Producing great products is their only choice.

iOS is 5 years old? That's an insult? So because it took RIM so long to even start to fight that's now being turned around to be a plus? Hey, we're new, so we must be better! What a joke.

RIM leadership is a mess, and the bravado that they speak with is comical. So sad to see what was once such a great company fall so far.

THIS. I come on this site to see if there's anything marketable in the future, with regards to RIM. But all I see is a company who loves to bash on other companies because all the other companies (in RIM's POV) are doing so many things wrong. Right...because their shares don't speak for themselves, right? What a joke. RIM had so much potential.

". … It was designed with the idea that Steve Jobs had, that it would be a media consumption device. And that’s not what a BlackBerry is.......

.....We’re going to take the smartphone back to a communication device.......

What I take from this interview is that the iPhone has been about media consumption (and creation) and this has resulted in it's current position, (GOOD).The Blackberry has been about communication and this has resulted in it's current position,(BAD) so what is RIM going to do? They're going to continue on the same path, just communication?????? Yeah that will work, NOT!!

Alec needs to stop with the social crap. A facebook or twitter app is fine, but don't design the OS to be a social media whore, like iOS and Android. Alec needs to get BlackBerry back to business. The new commercials scream Apple-variant, and that's what I think BB 10 is going to be. People went to BlackBerry because it was a business phone and everyone wanted to feel like a business person. There was a business appeal to BlackBerrys that no other phones could emulate. He needs to get back to those days. They have great ideas, like sharing screens on a phone call, video conference calling, more NFC support, but he needs to stay away from making the phone like an iPhone. The commercials should scream business, maybe with Ivanka Trump as the spokeswoman, not fun or social. The business world is cut-throat, it's not for the people that want 15-minutes of fame, which is who the iPhone and Android phones are for.

Why do the iPhone and Android phones sell so much? Because we live in a world of sheep! The "cool" thing is to have an iPhone or Droid phone. There's no shame in having one, in fact, you can see people with these phones look down on others with Blackberrys or Windows Mobile phones. Don't get me wrong, they are solid phones and the best phones out right now, but they are geared toward social media. BlackBerry will never be able to compete with them in that aspect, so why even try? Get back to business BlackBerry.

Just to remind you all who bash blackberry, you can always go use other brands instead of coming to this site that is obviously about blackberry for those who need a site about blackberry. There's enough black marketing out there against Blackberry. But then again, I understand where's the fun if you don't bash it all the way down? Fire it away then, I don't really care lol.

On the topic, Indonesia is one of the largest BB user country and still growing. And even there is a feud between BB and Android users here (only between Android & BB though-and mostly because of BBM exclusivity hatred-, Iphone doesn't have big numbers of fan here lol), I still see more and more people buying Blackberry. That is why RIM pushes the developers here with events and incentives etc, which is a good move in my opinion. But I hope they don't forget one major factor here if they want to sell more here. The reason why Iphone doesn't sell good here is only because it's way too overpriced, it's too expensive. Over $700 for an Iphone? Thats +/- Rp7,000,000.00.That won't sell good here. The only reason Iphone sold a lot in US is because of subsidized contract phones. The reason why Android sells good here is because it's cheaper than Windows phone / BB / Iphone. My opinion is, if you want to conquer Asia, don't put too high on BB 10's price. $300 - $500 range is the best for BB 10. We don't need tons of apps here, we need apps that matters. We don't need to root anything here, we need better/faster communication. We need better realtime push applications (better email/fb/twitter push apps). We don't care about speculants/ vultures on stock markets, we only care our handset is reliable and not letting us down. If RIM can grasp that, I have a strong believe that everything will be alright in the next few years.

There are those who have strong financial interests in RIM's (or any stock's) failure. When you sell your stock for a loss, someone else is making a profit. I learned a long time ago on another board that bashing is a 9-5 job for some folks.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion, now I can assume there are people who want RIM to go down so bad and actively spreading black marketing by bashing RIM down anyway they can, everywhere they can. "good artist copy, great artist steal"? So it's "Good vulture crush the stock price, great vulture bash/destroy the image"? Interesting..

The reason Apples and Androids are doing well is the cellphone industry has manged to make these devices into fashion accessories. Every few months a new device with new whistles and bells will come out and it will be the next best thing. The whole industry is targeting the younger market, the teens and preteens. Justin Bieber is a so so singer, tell it to the marketing. You can tell people to eat fruits and vegetables but it's easier just to take vitamins or drink vitamin water( truth be told, there's very little vitamin in those water). How many of us is going to stay true to a so call better device versus a very fashion forward device? We were told that we need cellphones in the 21st century( I myself did not even own a cell phone until a coupe of months ago). We are also manipulated into changing our cellphone very so often. Those who claim "to do" with cellphones are the last people who actually need all the latest bells and whistles. It's the majority of the people that wants a toy that goes for the next new fashion thing. That's why Apple and androids are doing so well. Regardless of how little or how slow they upgrade their devices every year, it's the Prada or D&G or whatever the hell latest name brand in the market. You got the money, you get to show off. As for the tech geek, it's the same story, they want the latest revolution. The questions is do we have more fashionista in us or tech geek? I suspect the formal.This is a business and RIM need to survive. What path do you think they should go?