Alec Saunders hits the stage to talk QNX and Project Ion at Solid 2014

By Bla1ze on 22 May 2014 12:23 pm EDT

It has been a while since we heard from Alec Saunders outside of his Twitter account but in his new role as Vice President of QNX Software Systems Cloud Services he is once again out there hitting stages and spreading the word of QNX. Taking part in O'Reilly's Solid 2014 Conference, Alec took the stage to deliver his keynote. It's a short six minutes but it offers up a look at a prototype system that was created as part of the newly announced Project Ion.

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Alec Saunders hits the stage to talk QNX and Project Ion at Solid 2014


Interesting. But individuals will have to allow access, I for one am not comfortable with giving that much access. I suppose others will not give it a second thought. But it seems that QNX is in a good position in this area.

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But that's part of the selling point, BlackBerry has the backed security promise that you don't have as much to worry about when sharing that information. Rather than handing your data over to someone who isn't as trusted or some new start up, you're handing it over to the security of the BlackBerry network.

I'd agree with Blaize. I normally don't save anything important to the cloud, but for some reason, I'd trust BBRY with my info.

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Does Blaize or anyone else in all of CrackBerry know how much money BlackBerry makes with QNX and how large that revenue is anticipated to grow with this new project?

I have listened to every BlackBerry quarterly call for the last five years and have never heard of QNX, in terms of, making one dime.

The floor is open to anyone who is able to educate me on this.


More than aware. How much money does BlackBerry make from QNX per annum?

How much do they expect to make with this new project?

Are these difficult questions to understand?

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I too would like to see some breakdown of QNX based revenue.

QNX absolutely owns the car head end market with a 70% market share from what I have been seeing and then QNX is also the basis of the OnStar system since day one. OnStar is also doing that 4g in car hotspot data plan with ATT which is kinda cool. QNX has a really strong AEC audio part for conferencing applications or hands free audio in cars.

QNX is also the OS used for Cisco's carrier grade router line as Cisco's own internal iOS is just not fast enough.

The US postal service uses QNX as the OS for its 1,000 mail sorting machines that can each do over 24,000 letters an hour with basically no mix ups and reading all that crazy destinations and handwriting is no small feet if you ask me. My handwriting is horrible.

They have to be making money with the QNX OS software are of things.

PS: can't wait for that Apple CarPlay to come out as it would then mean Apple iOS would be running on BB 10 as a runtime environment like Android OS app do now. Android and iOS apps running on a BB 10 phone would just be so cool and a true sign of how good QNX is.

With all the BS hype about Airplay....not one time from the iTard Media did you hear that it would have anything to do with QNX and BlackBerry.

As a matter of fact, from the CNBC and other coverage Airplay received as "potentially" going into vehicles - barely a mention was made of BlackBerry 'a dominance in the auto space.

Chen is doing a great job with the Z3 on the other side of the planet where the piece of shit members of the Wall Street hedge fund based "Apple Media Complex" can affect what BlackBerry is doing.

And because they have no control - they are going crazy.

Cheers, Chen.

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Google Bad
BlackBerry Good

Sounds interesting, but where will BlackBerry get their data from? From partners??? Where Google is already collecting data via browser, FaceBook, Instagram.... the more data, the better your results.

Ding, ding, ding. You are the winner! You scalemaster34 are 100% correct and as Google starts to push it's way into Enterprise they will be looked at as Good and not bad.

Good point, but I don't think many people trust Google at this point; Apple is only one notch higher for a Lott of folks on the trust scale.
This is where BlackBerry stands to make some big leaps if they can keep on the right track.

The problem is what has been said. Google has such an incredible span of data collection, that unless (we the people) make a huge push against the Google-machine data mining campaign, they will be unstoppable.
How do you do such a feat?
Perhaps someone more immersed in this field can answer that one

This really has been a business for total parasites!
Stop them by law!
Antitrust is another channel!
It should be illegal!... end of the era.
I cannot understand why it didn't happen yet...
That's a zillion dollars deal for governments my friends... all on Google's shoulders!
They've been violating our privacy for years now and I'd assume the time has come to stop them, unless you'd like to wait another round to squeeze them a bit more!?

BlackBerry and QNX definitely should stay clear from massive data collections and data mining... that's not their mission!
Shouldn't we be fed up already with all those proxies and men in the middle tracking and collecting our everyday life data? shouldn't we?

QNX must simply provide a down to the metal, easy to integrate, rock solid, data agnostic ION bus for the business partners to collect their own data, without collecting any of them.
That is the Internet v2 scenario ... the serious one, and it can be implemented by only 1 OS on this planet: the best RTOS ever, named, liking or not, QNX neutrino.
BlackBerry please do not screw up QNX. They are your only chance to perform the IOC from the internals of the Net!
Thanks for your time, cheers

What should be illegal? Selling ads? Giving terms that state if you use our FREE service we have conditions? +Bacon Munchers... Many don't trust Google? Why then do so many people use Google services? Gmail hat over 1 billion downloads in the Google Play store. That does not include re downloading or updating. You may not like or trust them but enough do to make them BILLIONS. I for one agree to the terms of using their free service. If you do not then don't. Simple as that.

Spread the word. Just like my email signature.
"Sent via BlackBerry Z30STA100-3/ Did you feel it's power. BlackBerry/QNX  Power!!"

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Looks good. I really like that the mac book was laggy. The BlackBerry symbol beside QNX on the desktops top left.

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Is BlackBerry trolling Apple with this 'iOn' project? I mean, I'm not paranoid and usually don't see something that is not there, but when Alec spelled it 'i-On' I almost cracked up. Well, anyways, it sounds cool. (Eat this, Apple!)


Is it just me, or is ion a terrible name for it? They want the Internet of everything (ioe), but instead they might end up with the Internet of nothing (ion).

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My understanding is that QNX-based devices can act like "nodes" in a system, rather than being a system in and of themselves, and there is an innate ability for QNX-based nodes to interact and share data in ways that other systems don't have. Is there a document or presentation that compares how QNX can make sensors throughout a building and / or throughout an individual's "life" do more for that business or person than just reporting their consumer-product interests to companies to facilitate selling them stuff?

Project Ion is sure to get people thinking. The demo is just to pique your interest and get you to start thinking about the possibilities.

Information is only going to get more valuable. Being able to precisely target advertising and community outreach could allow much higher return on investment. Being able to know the best place to install a small solar array or wind turbine, down to the block could be huge for utilities seeking to most cheaply match demand with supply; same could go for managing all kinds of utility systems (water, sewage, stormwater, hardwired broadband, cellular/mobile spectrum etc.).

Imagine a city that can know the precise locations where anti-lock-brake systems are activated during icy/snowy weather conditions to manage their resources most effectively. The same could go for all kinds of traffic hazards like wind tunnels, pot holes, places where curves are too aggressive for the posted speed limit.

The possibilities for improving the systems we all share are huge. Whether or not Project Ion and QNX are the ones to enable those improvements remains to be seen.

I agree, that's the vision... well beyond the consumer side of things like in the video.
Also imagine tiny sensor being built into bridges, where the integrity of the bridge (or building) can be sensed well before it collapses.

Me too, its the best security that exist. What people don't know is that android, apple iphone and galaxy phones are already collecting this data every time you use your phone and apps. Turn on your location and it shows up on FB if you have account. With BB you control info without hack.

I don't see where this helps consumers though, seems all designed for businesses to try to get as much cash out of you as they can.

What's in it for me?

Also the disturbing thing is they plan to use it to muscle long term existing businesses out of their areas, I mean that's a really poor choice for an example. Now corporations can get rid of local businesses using big data. Nice one.

Um, I'm assuming existing businesses can pay for the service and obtain the same information. I didn't hear Alec say "only large corporations may use this service". As a matter of fact, even in the example provided, it was a single restaurant(not a chain) looking to expand.

If all businesses will access the same information then what would be the advantage? In reality only corporations will take advantage of it, and it won't be in the consumers interest.

Alex Saunders is my hero! He was awesome as the Head of Developer Relations and I can see he's doing a great job with his current re-assignment (Head of The Internet of Things?)...Let's Go BlackBerry!!!

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Alec Saunder is part of the "old regime" and better figure out how to add some value or he can go play tiddly winks with Frank Boulben and Thorsten somewhere in the French Riviera where they are spending there millions for adding NOTHING to BlackBerry.

Is Ion about IoT or Big Data? Is it about data creators(QNX), data managers(NOC) or data analyzers(BlackBerry)?
I think they have revealed too little. Or is it a teaser?

You answer is actually in your question. It's all of those things. You can't have an IoT without big data, big data creators and someone to analyze it all.

Saunders seems more comfortable talking to geeks/businesses than talking to the mass market customer, and that is rather emblematic of BlackBerry's historical problem: insulated geeks that don't get out much. (I don't actually classify Saunders that way, but this has been a continuous problem for the company - actually understanding what the mass market wants and how they think.)

As for the whole "big data" thing - to me, it shouldn't simply be about businesses trying to monetize everyone's personal habits and lifestyle data - it should be citizen-focused FIRST. We have enough exploitation of big data by corporations going on as it is.

Pretty scary, indeed, the big data thing. Sorry to see BlackBerry engage in such technology that reduces us to objects of marketing and surveillance, often without our knowledge or explicit consent.

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Did anyone notice that the demo URL is actually reachable and you can sign up for a QNXION account?
Looks like Saunders made a booboo :)

Of the other way to look at is that it will allow businesses to serve us better.. win-win situation for both..

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No it won't, using their example of people listening to jazz, I might like jazz and listen to it a lot on my connected device, but when I go out I like to hear something different, I want to eat something different, drink something different. Big data scenario would create a restaurant that clones my preferences at home.

This is going to be BIG... The Network of all networks... The grid...
One system across all the network universe, inter-communicating with everything... a unique framework to all the connected things... and yet more secure, more private, and more compatible than ever...
This is the foundation to the future of all things connected...

It will be so much more than a cloud... and it will use all networks, not only carrier networks... everything connected... since your Sonos network, you car network, your home network, your company network, to the entire web... The possibilities of IoT are just limitless...

It's all very nice if you're a corporation looking to milk the consumers dry, but what's in it for e consumer? We'll just part with our usage data so they can make more money?

Google and Apple own that card.

If BlackBerry can just maintain transparency and only use mined data for improved user experience (without secret financial gain), then I would be all in.
It's where a user simply types a key word into social media app, and a few days later gets spam mail/email relating to the key word(s).
Just image what else goes on behind our backs....

The way some look at QNX it's not just Skynet, maybe it's the precursor of the BORG! Yeeikes, run for the hills Scoubie!

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Always liked him. Especially those videos "keep on loving you " lol hope that they keep on loving the developers.

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I guess somebody is going to do so it may as well be BB instead of Google.
Anybody having visions of Terminator?

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. Run while you still can