Alec Saunders discusses applications for BlackBerry 10 during the BlackBerry Jam keynote

By Michelle Haag on 25 Sep 2012 09:54 pm EDT
Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development at RIM, also took the stage during the keynote at BlackBerry Jam this morning. Since Alec is directly involved with developers, he spoke about the applications we can expect to see on BlackBerry 10, including first looks at the Facebook app for BlackBerry 10. He also brought Marty Mallick up on stage to discuss the new BlackBerry App World.

Alec also spoke about three elements that distinguish BlackBerry 10 apps; they are integrated, social, and beautiful. Alec's portion of the keynote comes in at just under 36 minutes, but has a ton of great information about apps and developers. You won't want to miss it.
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Alec Saunders discusses applications for BlackBerry 10 during the BlackBerry Jam keynote


While I can only speak as an outsider, it seems that hiring Alec is one of the best moves RIM has made in the last few years. He seems to have made great strides in creating a relationship between developers and RIM and seems to be a wonderful advocate for the platform and keeping spirits up through the seemingly endless delays.

Either RIM is holding back a few surprises or they have rendered it totally useless with the new platform. I'm intrigued.

im hoping for the former... theyre not going to come up with anything better than skype that is cross platform. video chat is great but no one i know has a pb nor a bb phone rendering bbm useless to me as well.

I dont think anyone can render skype useless any time soon. Even microsoft had to buy it.

I dont think bb10 will be very successful if there wont be skype at launch. So it's either rim is holding back or skype isnt there.

Having seen all the Web casts over the last three weeks, this guy is simple the best of the bunch. RIM, whatever you pay him, I would double it. He makes Tim Cook look like a janitor.

Having an opportunity to stand out in the crowd with quality apps is going to be cool. I can hardly wait!

"January 21st 2013, keep that date burned in your mind" (28:13)
"If you get your app in the store by launch, sorry, by January 21st 2013" (30:07)

Could this be a hint for the launch of BB10?!? I'm thrilled for BB10 and hope to get my hand on a BB10 ASAP!!! #BB10Believe

Yes!!!!!! I heard that too! I think that's when the launch will be- when we'll see the first BB10 devices!

... except there wouldn't be enough time to certify the app for AppWorld. Wouldn't RIM want as many BB10 certified apps as possible on launch?

They will sure want the maximum number of apps by launch, but if your app is not certified by launch, but was submitted by launch, it will only be counted in the total available AppWorld apps.
And there will be enough time. He says if your app is submitted by launch date, it will be certified. I do not know however the certification process duration, but it will be certified. Then we will later know the total number of certified apps, including those certified by launch. I think.

From previous comments, the certification process is around 1-3 days. Very fast turn around and beats the 2-3 week average for the Apple store.

at 30.01 you can see the Crackberry team typing away. lol get your ass to work.
All seriousness Everything they showed looks good. I was upset when they showed off FB and APP world two things people were excited to see were not done good.

Saw Kev's T-shirt... Ha ha!

Oh... BTW... I wonder if the Skype implementation will be in HTML5? I signed up for the other day and embedded Skype is coming inside there. I suspect it might work inside the PB browser...

Lots of cool info here. I can't wait for bb10 to launch. Not sure it will be on the 21 but I think it's safe to say we won't see anything before 1-21-13.