Alec Saunders and BlackBerry dev relations band crank out another music video!

At last, BlackBerry 10 has come along... 

BlackBerry Band
By Simon Sage on 18 Mar 2013 11:02 am EDT

Now that BlackBerry 10 is out, VP of developer relations Alec Saunders has had enough time to bring The Band back together for another music video. The first one was about winning the hearts of developers, while this one is a take on the Etta James classic, At Last. As you could imagine, it's a fitting tribute to the long road to the launch of BlackBerry's next-generation platform. 

They say this is going to be the last one, but would you guys like to see another music video like this for the next big BlackBerry announcement? Sound off in the comments!

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Alec Saunders and BlackBerry dev relations band crank out another music video!


Hey BGR, maybe you could grab a few screen shots out of this to use in your unsustantiated biased articles? BGR = Bullsh!t-Gellar-Regurgitates. Sorry CB, had to.

I love these vids. Love seeing them have some fun.

My hat goes off to these guys! How many higher ups are willing to do(continue to do) something like this? It's fun and entertaining to watch and it seems like they actually enjoyed it as well. Kudos Mr. Saunders, Mr. Smith, Mr. Mallick, and everyone behind the scenes that made it happen!

Wow, well done !! Wasn't expecting to be that good :) i'd have to agree with some folks that we need another one .. We are the Champions soon !

Great Stuff. I have to get a band together in my business. Thanks for not taking yourselves too seriously. It's just what Blackberry needs.

LOL I love these, just because they do these covers and 'own' it despite looking silly.

Takes some stones to got out there like this. Ahaha kudos BBRY

It doesn't seem to be loading for me in the article. Does anyone have a link to it? I've seen the "keep on loving you" one already.

Yeah, I love the band - they can just keep on cranking out these videos as far as I'm concerned.
Makes me laugh when people don't get it...


Watched this one and the 1st one again. Beyond cool lmao. Keep it up and keep making my Z10 better. BB10 ftw

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Thanks, but that's the second one. In the first one they were singing about waiting is the hardest part. They only showed it at BlackBerry World and at the Jam World Tour and never uploaded it to their YouTube channel.
At the Jam I have been at least one person filmed it, so I thought that maybe someone uploaded it.

I love this. It is fun and lets all those hard workin' BB contributors feel some long overdue pride. I gotta get Alec a nicer shirt, tho. If he is going to go Country he needs to do it right. And I definitely want to see more BB music out of them.

I would love another video from the BB Band! Alec Saunders retweeted my tweet about the video yesterday so I was really happy that he shared it with his followers on St. Patty's Day. They should edit this down to a 30 second or 1 minute version for TV and YouTube ads. Bravo! :-)

cld you imagine Thorstien singing New York,New York, by Frank Sinatra.let,s hope bb has a good launch next week ,but from the look of these talented young men,i,m sure they will ....

Fantastic!! Hope this is not the last from this legendary bband. Maybe one day, they will have a special guest... The mighty TH!!

I hate the fact that youtube only works with adobe flash enabled on both the tablet, mobile and desktop sites. I can't watch ANYTHING without it being turned on. :/

I think they should make a music video as a TV Ad and not just talking to Devs but Fans and Believers of BB10. #BBeve

Love the song videos it shows a lot of pride in the platform and being there in the trenches with developers.

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