Alarms brings added functionality and custom options to your Blackberry alarm

By Jared DiPane on 27 Sep 2010 08:52 am EDT
Alarms App  Alarms App

As we all know the native BlackBerry alarms application is rather simplistic and extremely basic when it comes to features that it offers, and this does not meet everyones needs unfortunately. Previously it had been shown that additional alarms besides the one that is allowed in the alarms application could be added through your calendar, but for people with busy calendars this may not be ideal either. The folks over at JoPs agreed that this was an area that was lacking on BlackBerry devices, and have come out with a rather feature loaded replacement for everyones enjoyment called Alarms

Alarms allows users to set up multiple alarms with five different frequency options, one time use, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Another feature of this application is that you are able to customize the alert of the alarm beyond just the sound. Users can select a picture to popup when the alarm sounds, or even a video file to play in the popup. For users who want a more simplistic experience it can also be done as just plain text like a regular alarm as well, but once you try the custom options you will be hooked. Along with LED support, Alarms also offers a status indicator so you will see an icon for upcoming alarms in your notification bar, which is very convenient to see how many alarms are still upcoming. Alarms is available for all devices running OS 4.7 and above and available in the CrackBerry store for $2.99 for a limited time.

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Alarms brings added functionality and custom options to your Blackberry alarm


this would be great if you had the option to use this app when you created a Task or Event in the Blackberry Calendar. As it is I like to see my Tasks on my calendar but don't want to have to create two alarms for each thing.

The native BlackBerry applications already allow for multiple alarms. As mentioned earlier, an alarm can be associated with an entry in the Calendar application. What is often overlooked is that the Tasks application allows for "reminders" or alarms as well. As I don't like to crowd my calendar, I use the reminders in the Task application all of the time on my Bold 9000.

This app doesn't give the option for weekday only alarms either. Major omission in my view.

I SURE wish BB Smart Alarms Pro would become OS 5.0 compatible! I loved that app on my Curve. Missing it on my Storm2.

This is the best Alarm clock app I've run across for BB.
The developer support is amazing too. It wasn't working right for OS6 on my 9650, I emailed the dev and with like 2 days an updated version was released... now if only mobihand ota links were working so that I could download the update...

Another waste of money. Did not work this morning so I woke up late. Also very hard to navigate and hard to delete no longer needed alarms