Need a fantastic alarm app? Check out Alarm X for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 25 May 2013 08:36 am EDT

With the current version of BlackBerry 10 we of course get an alarm clock, but as yet multiple alarms are not supported. Alarm X for BlackBerry 10 allows for multiples and a whole bunch more and it's a really nice native BlackBerry app.

There isn't a limit to the amount of alarms you can set with Alarm X - and each one can be named so you can also use this as a reminder app if you so desire. As well as each alarm having a selection of sounds you also get something quite unique in the fact that you can even choose which color the LED will flash when the alarm goes off.

In addition, you have the option for vibrate to be enabled - that's sure going to wake you up! With both landscape and portrait modes available there is also a nice standby screen which shows hours, minutes and seconds plus the time of the next alarm.

Due to the current BlackBerry 10 API's you will need to leave Alarm X open as an active frame in order for it to work, but the frame itself is pretty nice and displays the next three alarms.

Priced at £0.75/$0.99 Alarm X is a bargain if you ask me. I've been using it for a few days now and it does a great job.

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Need a fantastic alarm app? Check out Alarm X for BlackBerry 10


Really. That cheap? This one will have more functionality then whatever BlackBerry provides. You should support the developer. It's one dollar. Really are you that cheap. ? Sure go ahead wait forever. For the release. A dollar won't kill me. I need the multiple alarms every once in a while. Besides I'm certain if i dont like it I can hunt down the developer and get my cup of coffee from them. Lol. :). People it's a dollar. Stop being cheap

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It only costs 99 cents. Less than a cup of coffee. I have no problem buying it as it will support the developer who took the time and effort to create the app.

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Yes love it, hope this is the one that I have to do math problems or shake the device to turn off the alarm, cause tapping the screen allows me to go to sleep without any recollection of alarms going off.

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You guys are suggesting people wait months to save $1? Clearly if a person needs multiple alarms, waiting is not a good option.

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You took the words right out of my mouth. Waiting for months to save a measly $ is ridiculous, and if I cared about the alarms, it would be a non issue.

In addition to that, I don't mind supporting devs that make the platform better and that put in the work. I see so many crappy apps in BBWorld and most are by lazy "developers". I'd rather support the good ones.

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Thank you for your kindness. I wrote this app when my wife needed to wake up every 3 hours at night to feed our baby boy :) And she is still using it now. Sometimes it's not just about money right? :)

When someone will make an app replacing the native sleep clock with a radio starting crescendo, or better this fuctionality in a next update of BB10, I will use it to wake up with my favourite station. but this one is not so usefull.

Hoping 10.2 API's allow for apps to run in the background

Forrest - (photos from a Z10)

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Native means built specifically for BlackBerry 10, as opposed to being ported over from Android. Sometimes the Android ports work really well, like Endomondo. Sometimes they don't, like Kindle.

Just call them blackberry standard apps. Yeah that works. No more confusion :) even tho they have to be taken from BlackBerry App World lol. Wait maybe integrated apps? Oh bleh. Built by blackberry for BlackBerry.

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Thanks James, there are couple of bugs in both the app and the OS. Such as if user picks a mp3 song to be an alarm sound, if the file name contains space, the sound won't work. For the LED, it's not perfect yet, if there is system default LED notification happens at the same time, it's not blinking fast as expected. Anyway, It's supporting both Z10 and Q10 right now.

By the way, please feed back to: for instant support from me directly.

Hope it helps while we are waiting for the 10.2.

I'd like to give it a shot, but the open frame is the deal breaker. When my 100-4 random restarts for the umpteenth time today, my alarm wouldn't go off. Any chance of BBRY adding stability to 10.2?

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So I'm supposed to spend money on something that should have been included in the phone's OS to begin with.....

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Welcome to the modern marketing world. If every phone manufacturer just provided a basic phone. The developers would have a field day. That's the way it should be done. .bare basic phone. Everyone makes money. We pay for ever for new apps but they get to be tailored to what we want. Wait. I'm gonna send that idea to everyone who makes a phone. Right after I patent that brainstorm of an idea so i can make money also. :). Sigh if only

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The stock one would not come with all these features so yes. It's one dollar gez the price of a cup of coffee.

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seriously? I mean BlackBerry 10 still no multiple alarms?
is it so hard to build multiple alarm? is not rocket science.
and you people was so proud that you need to announce there's an app for multiple alarms and it is a bargain for 99 cents?
no wonder people switched to other platform.

So tired of whiners. Here's a dev who saw a need and filled it so you could choose to use a simple dollar and fill a gap in BB10, and you whine about the. 99 or whine about should have been included.

Hey devs, write an app that auto deletes all these crybaby posts and I'll pay 5.99.

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No Jo that app should be one that doesn't just delete the cry babies and whiners but gives us the option to nuke their phone if the comment is lame and cheap as. Hell I'd pay 59.99. Knowing that i could nuke soo many phones of people who are so damned cheap. That's it that's an idea. I know it can be done too hmm time to find someone who can code this. :). Call it battlecry blackberry :). !!!!

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I would buy that app as well. There are some people who are just impossible to please.

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The multiple alarms app is ok and actually the developer was thoughtful because those with BB needed one.
However the culprit is BlackBerry itself, come on is already BlackBerry 10 and I repeat myself still no multiple alarms? So hard to build one? A completely redesign platform and NO multiple alarms? Oh I get it, people who used BB only needed ONE alarm and ONE only. Seriously BB users don't you feel ashamed that your phone needed an app just to have multiple alarms?

DocDrm, no doubt! The price is great! What a bunch of whiners! Those that are taking half a minute to whine about a buck floor me.

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Wow I can't believe some of the people here. The bb10 OS is brand new. It's gonna get better as time goes by. It's already been said that multi alarms will be in 10.2. Yes it will be a while before gets released but the point is that it will have it eventually along with other upgrades. In the meantime people should support this dev and buy his multi alarm app. I love the devs that put out apps and also are here posting at I will buy this app to support this dev because I have a need for multi alarms but also because he is here talking to the people. I really appreciate that. So for that I say thank you and for those of you that are here bitching about a dollar, don't buy it. That's your choice but why bother coming on here and bitching about it.

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Hi, thank you and guess what, before writing code, i was normal user and I'm still BB user right now, I hate being ignored or not being heard when i need support. Though i'm not able to be available 24/7, I am happy to answer, to support, to say sorry if my app isn't good enough whenever i'm awake. Feel free to chat via BBM or email me: or


Thank you for taking the time and effort to create the app. I really appreciate it. Thanks also for choosing to develop on the BB10 platform. I will definitely buy the app.

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A buck eh? Wow..surely will break the bank of someone who just paid more for his phone than yer average i5 3000 series laptop.

I'm not even sure if I DO need multiple alarms..but a native built for BB app? No problem.

Show me that link!

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On my Q10 to CB10

Wow I really see what's going on here. Some developer who works for blackberry is probably has some inside deal to offer apps for items that should be included in the OS... I may be wrong but I'm assuming this is made from the same folk who brought us the crappy contactX that doesn't work and is a bandaid fix for a big problem

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Contact X is from me and i am sure it's not crap. Everything is not perfect though we always want it closed to perfect, and when something wrong, I'm always trying my best to support. Please ask me at, you have right to be served, even though sometimes things are not worked out right away, but i swear I will try my best to serve. Even those native out-of-the-box apps from BlackBerry isn't working as expected. Please ask for help, please ask for support to get the JOB DONE.

Thank you.


If this app needs to be running to work, and if my BlackBerry has a 50% probability of rebooting over night, this means half the time the alarm wont go off. This app would get me fired for chronic lateness. Keep moving.

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I would buy this, something I wish the phone had natively, but unfortunately the requirement it run in active frame is a deal-breaker. Until BB allows auto-run apps and background apps, it simply would not be reliable on my Verizon Z10 which has a tendency to reboot overnight, meaning that none of the alarms would work the next morning. Not the fault of the developer, sounds like he built a great and useful app, but the limitations of the OS make it useless for me.

I did install the .2009 leak yesterday hoping it would resolve the reboot issue. It did not. I noticed about midnight as I was going to bed that the active frames I had left open were closed. While searching for the boottime.txt file to confirm the time, it rebooted again in my hand. So I've already had 2 reboots on the first day.

Very true. I'm hoping the 10.2 on Aug will put a wing to my many apps flying high. Most of them require true background running. I'm feeling more painful than customers.

Thank you for understanding.

Ditto on the active tile. I'm not likely to set an alarm for something that does not matter. I can't afford a reboot or accidental closing of the app to kill the alarm.

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So I bought the app. It's pretty decent if it worked right. It doesn't work if u put it in bedside mode. So then I tried it in phone only mode n it won't ring n it only vibrates. That was a waste of 99 cents!

I don't wanna hear all the message alarms all night just to use an alarm!!

Went n tried to edit the alert settings but says alarms r already on for everything in that profile. Anyone have the same problem?

Yes, that's odd and sorry to hear that. When device is in bed side mode or phone call only, it abandons all apps from making sounds except for the native Alarm app. Sorry for that and I hope BlackBerry will open that door for developers soon. I will update the description in BB World for this issue.


All the arguments for / against this app are amusing. Sounds like a good app that fails because BlackBerry won't give full rein to an enthusiastic, customer-caring developer. What really gets me, though is that so many people say the 99cents is the price of a cup of coffee. I wish! Here in the UK it's more like double that... if you're lucky and don't want to sit down in the coffee shop!!!! The app's a bargain....

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Very bad application

Purchased tried and deleted same day

Alarms don't work in "silent" or "phone only" mode, nor in "bedside mode"

They should override the notification settings to be useful

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It is not fair to label this app as "very bad" based on its limitations. The app description in BB World is very clear about these issues:

"- Alarm X won't work if the device is in Bed-Side Mode or Phone Call Mode. BlackBerry abandons all apps from making sounds except for the native Alarm app. We are waiting for changes in the near future."