Alan Panezic shows off Citrix Receiver and talks BlackBerry Mobile Fusion at BlackBerry World 2012

By Adam Zeis on 3 May 2012 01:37 pm EDT

Alan Panezic took the stage during the BlackBerry World 2012 general session to show off some cool Enterprise goodies. He talked a bit about the upcoming plans to have BlackBerry Mobile Fusion in the cloud, then showed off Citrix Receiver on BlackBerry 10. Using a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device, we got to see just how well Citrix Receiver will run and how amazing it will be for the workspace. Some great stuff in here, so take a few and check out the video above. 

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Alan Panezic shows off Citrix Receiver and talks BlackBerry Mobile Fusion at BlackBerry World 2012


BlackBerry is doing a wonderful jod and keep going :) but on the other hand the appworld world need free decent games like: temple run, ninja jump, call of mini games and at least have Skype application so please focus on the appworld because that's why I got the playbook


They are trying that with this gr8 step @ targetting and incentivizing devs with BB10 Dev let's hope that works well for the good of every1.

I wish Rim would hurry up.and fix the skype problem, whether it be some other video chat like tango or whatever just make something happen. Only being able to chat with other playbook owners is hurting rim bad!!

C'mon rim you guys are more than capable of fixing this.

Skype was bought by ms, and they probably don't have any intention of making a blackberry app.

That's my theory anyway, seeing as RIM and ms are vying for 3rd in the smartphone os wars I don't see ms giving their main competitor (at the moment) a great feature for their ecosystem.

I'm sure that if wp7 or wp8 manages to gain enough marketshare they may start pulling their ios and android apps as well.

From what i have seen in the demos I am very excited to see the final bb10 os later this year, it looks like a multitasking powerhouse. I have a playbook and an iphone but I may go all blackberry by xmas.

It sounds like there are other grey areas in this whole absence of skype for BB! Surely iOS and Android are hurting WP much more than BB is (being bigger head-on competitors), yet they both enjoy Skype! So it would seem other factors r d real drivers for Skype-less BBs, otherwise y hasn't MS found Skype on iOS and Android as counter-intuitive and withdraw or scale down the feature set for those two??!!

Remember that MS offers Office for the Mac. They want market share. Skype would not be a profitable thing for them if it worked only on MS platforms -- indeed, it would be not unlike the BB-BB application we have.


Again, market share. The outlier is WebOS, which once showed promise and which was released before MSFT bought Skype.

We cannot know the internal discussions, but it could well be that initially, at least, RIM didn't want Skype, hoping instead to keep proprietary video conferencing as it kept BBM. Not saying that that happened or even suggesting that it did. but it is among the possibilities.


Because the market there is too large to ignore, where as keeping a high demand app off your most immediate competitor.. may help more than hurt in the long run.

If/When RIM recovers and holds a larger share of the app market, the need to develop the app will be more important than trying to hold RIM back and we'll see Skype.

Using Citrix receiver for any real work on a screen that small would be impossible. I can barely do anything productive using it on my iPad. I can't imagine how painful it will be on a screen that's under 5". Neat tech demo, but it will never be very useful.

why not?

imagine handing out your employees playbooks or phones instead of laptops. give them a power cord, micro hdmi, portable mouse keyboard and mouse, and lcd screen. tthat's their work station. you replace the pc or laptop with a playbook. imagine the savings!

It's all about being able to whip out the tablet and fix something real quick instead of getting out the laptop, starting VPN, logging in, firing up an app and doing work.

Wham, bam, thank you mam!

Apparently you missed the point?

He just connected the phone or playbook via HDMI to the screen and used a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to control it with full functionality.

I could see it being useless on an ipad because you are stuck using the ipad screen and touch interface.

This was the point is that it wasn't any different than having a PC with you, but you just carry around your phone or playbook instead.

Stunning solution

P.S "nirvana phone" was a nice touch haha

what's with this "half a person" talk? was that supposed to be a joke? they didn't even laugh! they should have at least laughed at their own joke. lol

Because it wasn't a joke. A full time employee works ~2,080 hours a year. The job of administering the mobile devices can be done in ~1,040 hours, so the employee could either be a part timer or have other responcibilities in the company.

That was a great sticker on the dev alpha device right at the end there! Anyone would think they had Citrix running on it! ;-)