Airtel Nigeria offers affordable BConnected package for low-cost BBM on BlackBerry smartphones

By Yousif Abdullah on 22 Jun 2011 02:28 pm EDT


Introducing a new dimension to the competition in the BlackBerry subscriber market in Nigeria, Airtel is currently offering a new bundle for BlackBerry smartphone users dubbed the 'BConnected' package. The bundle offers BlackBerry Messenger as well as access to social networks Twitter, Facebook and MySpace for the lowly price of 1,580 Nigerian naira a month (approx. $10 USD).

Customers can try out the new service for 30 days, after which they can choose from monthly, weekly or daily subscription plans. Although the bundle excludes push e-mail, it is priced very attractively and will likely cater to the BlackBerry users in Nigeria who prefer not to subscribe to BlackBerry services due to the high cost of the full service plans. What do you think; should BlackBerry service bundles cost less? What about using BlackBerry smartphones for other uses beside e-mail? Voice your opinion in the comments!

For more information on Airtel's offerings, head over to their BlackBerry page

Source: Business Day Online

Reader comments

Airtel Nigeria offers affordable BConnected package for low-cost BBM on BlackBerry smartphones


Yeah this is reasonable, because in Nigeria, most people with Blackberries especially the girls dont even bother setting up e-mail on it. They mainly use their Blackberries for BBM, Twitter and Facebook. Maybe occasionally they might pull up a webpage. So yeah this would be a good package for some, but for me, I would want the WHOLE experience, so that I could get the most out of my phone.

Something similar has already been in place in the Philippines with rates going as low as $6.99 a month...

Social services + BBM excluding push mail = $6.99 per month
BBM + push mail excluding social apps service = $6.99 per month
Unlimited BIS + carrier APN usage (downloading & streaming) = $22.99 per month

Granted that speeds aren't stellar I'd still say its a noteworthy price point as compared to what Airtel Nigeria is offering. And two out of the three local carriers offer similar packages. Its also available for 1/7/30-day durations.

And it's been in place since January 2011.

But I'm glad BIS is getting more affordable for everyone! Yay!

In South Africa we have full BIS with unllimited data (streaming excluded) for R60. That equals about 9-10 USD. Now THAT is awesome for me :)