AirAttack arrives on the BlackBerry PlayBook courtesy of Union

By Bla1ze on 6 Mar 2012 10:37 pm EST

One of my favorite games on the Android platform has now been released for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It's not a direct port either, the game -- AirAttack HD has been designed by Union for the PlayBook and runs natively on the device. Pick your plane and fly through the skies all in an effort to avoid getting shot down:


  • 8 action-packed missions cast you as a wartime pilot
  • More than 50 enemies including 8 intimidating bosses
  • experimental weapons and power-boosting upgrades
  • Destructible environments give you the power to demolish the enemy

You can check out the video above to get a better look at the game or you can hit the link below to purchase it and dive right in. Well worth the $3 in my opinion but you all cansound off in the comments if you've picked it up and given it a go.

Purchase AirAttack from BlackBerry App World

Reader comments

AirAttack arrives on the BlackBerry PlayBook courtesy of Union


Great looking game on the PlayBook, haven't played it before.

Flying horizontally I find the PlayBook's bezel gestures to disrupt the intense nature of the game unfortunately, as I ultimately 'pause' the game in doing so :)

Besides this - well worth the 2.99! Nazi UFO's, Egyptian landscapes, hell yes - count me in!

Yes, yes.. we all know it was free on other platforms, except -- it's now $2.99 on Google Play and it's $.99 on iTunes.

Air Attack Part 1 is free on Android...the full game is 2.99...I just bought it on my Sony Z-Series Walkman. Still got enough PlayBook games to try and get through.

Union would rather give you the game for free on Android than make some money off of you in BB App World? ... I see someone went to business school.

I used to play this game on my commodore 64...good old days.....

will get this game for sure... thanks crackberry team

This is circa Battle 1942! I used to love this game and it's on Playbook now? Saaaaweeet!
I'm in. Thanks for the heads up Bla1ze

I used to enjoy Strikers 1943 (4/5?) and Raiden - both top-down vertical scrolling shooters with enemies, special weapons, and bosses - in a local arcade, which unfortunately doesn't have them anymore :( But This game looks good, I will try it!

Union - favourite word in the Blackberry language. Dont forget to check out Super CrossFire HD too. That is just visually sweet on the Playbook.

H E L L O ! Is there any official RIM's statement about present "Compliments of BlackBerry" ??? Why are such good apps available only in the USA so far ??? Are they going to widespread this action ??? Who knows anything on it ???

Nice though this is, getting games and apps that already exist on iOs and Android just isn't going to cut it for the long term future of RIM. They desperately need to gain some decent differentiating features and apps at some point.

Please don't say "courtesy of" unless it's free. The game may well be worth $3, but no one is doing the courtesy of letting us buy it from them. Thanks.

Thanks Bla1ze for steering me in the right direction. Also big ups to Union for making it native on the Playbook. On a side note, when I click the link to app world from CrackBerry on my PlayBook, it gives me an unsupported error in AppWorld, but when I search for it, it works.