Air Traffic Control for the Storm Updated to version 2.0

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2009 03:15 pm EDT

When we posted about the release of Air Traffic Control for the BlackBerry Storm last weekend, it was met with a lot of excitement from the Storm community. So much so in fact that it's now the #1 Selling Game in the CrackBerry App Store. With that excitement came a lot of feedback, and it seems the developers at Mobigloo were listening as they've now released version 2.0 which features the following improvements:

  • Now includes a 3rd scene, Amazon jungle
  • Two new types of plane: Cessna and Water Plane
  • Ability to pause the game
  • Optional slower mode more relaxing
  • Optional clouds in the sky
  • Ability to disable the radar scan line for better focus

Other good news is that Mobigloo has decided to make the introductory $4.99 price permanent, so it won't be going up higher as previously thought. If you already purchased the game, be sure to login to your software account (links under App Store on the main menu above) and download the new version. And if you don't have it yet, you can learn more and purchase at the link below.

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Reader comments

Air Traffic Control for the Storm Updated to version 2.0


bought it and its fun and addictive...only thing ive bought aside from pattern lock that's actually worth the money.

is it really that slow? can u make the planes collide or crash? how about a bombing raid on a navy sub or the aircrafy carrier? how fun is it really ust to move your finger to a spot and land?

Hey Moosc,

Play for a couple of minutes and the sky is going to be full of more aircraft than you can handle. You'll be wishing for slow as your planes crash and your game ends.

I got the update email notice this morning and I must have literally been the first to d/l and update. I logged in and downloaded the .zip and found that its still version 1.0. Decided to give it another shot about a minute later and BAM... version 2.0 in all its updated glory.

It was a good morning indeed.

You expressed your opinion with your first comment about how "boring" the game is. Your second follow-up post was needless, pointless, and frankly now you're just whining about a game that you didn't even buy. Take your petty comments elsewhere, thanks.

While this game isn't as action packed as a first person shooter.. it's quite fun! Take it for what it is: A fun little game that you can spend 5-10 mins killing a few free moments.

The graphics are great!

I like the new level, with having to manage the land and water landings, definitely makes it a little more challenging.

Is it possible to add stats for the different airfields? Perhaps on the overall stat screen show the stats for the different airfields. I can't come close to the same number on the water landing airfield as with the others.. it would be nice to track them separately!

Another fun spin on this would be to have a fighter plane having to make it through a bunch of land based rockets shooting at it.

Overall.. great little game!

Yes, more excitment. Really enjoying the 2.0 ver. And you just answered something that I was going to ask for, a way to control the speed.

Don't miss this one.

It depends on where you bought it. If you bought if from the crackberry app store, log in to your software account (different form your forum login). Once you've logged in, you should see a list of all the apps you purchased, you'll find a new version indicator attached to the game, click it and follow the prompts to OTA download the new version.

Note: the author changed the name of the file in the 2.0 version, so it does not override the old version. Once you've installed 2.0 you'll have two copies of this game, manually delete the old version.