Air Canada, Tim Hortons, The Weather Network and others join in on BlackBerry 10

Tim Hortons
By Adam Zeis on 22 Jan 2013 12:27 pm EST

While we expect to hear a ton of app announcements next week, some Canadian companies have already jumped on board saying they will be supporting BlackBerry 10. Air Canada, Loblaw Companies, Manulife Financial, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Tim Hortons and The Weather Network will all have apps available on BlackBerry 10 at launch. This is great news and certainly gives us plenty to look forward too for other apps as well. I for one can't wait to see what else is ready to rock when BlackBerry 10 gets in our hands. Keep reading for more.

"Over the past few months, we have seen tremendous enthusiasm and anticipation from developers around the globe, and especially here on our home soil. We have worked closely with Canadian developers to bring the brands Canadians love to the mobile space so their content and services can be accessed anywhere, anytime," said Martyn Mallick, Vice President of Global Alliances and Business Development at Research In Motion.

"Canada has always been a special market for us. Canadian companies have shown their ability to innovate and compete, and the Canadian companies supporting the launch of BlackBerry 10 see the value of bringing their brands to mobile computing," said Andrew MacLeod, Managing Director for Canada at Research In Motion.

Quotes from Canadian companies:

"Air Canada was the first North American airline to release a free BlackBerry app and our customers embraced it enthusiastically. We have worked closely with RIM to develop an upgraded version in anticipation of the release of BlackBerry 10 so that our customers will be able to retrieve boarding passes, check-in, manage payments and perform other time-saving functions using the latest mobile technology. Through our relationship with RIM, Air Canada is achieving its goal of providing mobile solutions to simplify travel for its customers and we will continue to add new functions to our BlackBerry 10 app to offer them even greater convenience."

- Lise Fournel, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Air Canada

"Loblaw is excited to feature the President's Choice Recipe Box app on the BlackBerry 10 platform. This marks the first time that the app is being offered on a smartphone. The app brings over 1000 mouthwatering recipes, created by the President's Choice brand chefs, to our customers' fingertips - complete with photos, easy-to-follow instructions and videos. Leveraging RIM's new BlackBerry 10 platform demonstrates our passion for innovation while meeting our customers' evolving needs for portability, convenience and accessibility to great recipes." 

- Uwe Stueckmann, Senior Vice President Marketing, Loblaw Companies Limited 

"Mobile devices are a critical and growing component of how we interact with our customers and distribution channels. BlackBerry is an important platform for our mobile technology strategy and we are excited about the new opportunities this will provide us to service our clients and distribution partners. As part of that approach, we are pleased to work with Research In Motion and have our InsureRight application ready for the launch of the new BlackBerry 10 platform."

- Paul Lorentz, Executive Vice President, Investment and Insurance Solutions at Manulife Financial

"We are excited to work with Research In Motion to create an enhanced presence for our teams on their new BlackBerry 10 platform. As smartphone and mobile technology continue to evolve, it's important our team and brand applications move in lockstep. We want our web site content accessible to our fans wherever they are."

- Chris Hebb, Senior Vice President of Content, Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment

"Tim Hortons' launch of the TimmyMe app was well-received by our guests who found it easy and convenient to interact with our brand on their mobile devices. We are excited about the launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform and the opportunity to partner with another iconic Canadian brand such as Research In Motion to make our app available on their latest devices."

-Bill Moir, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer, Tim Hortons

"The Weather Network has a longstanding relationship with RIM and we're excited to continue our strong relationship with the launch of a multifaceted weather information app for the new BlackBerry 10 platform. We've leveraged the BlackBerry 10 platform's native features to provide greater sharing functionality and a more engaging experience. We've also included popular Weather Network features such as Follow-me and PointCast, which give users forecasts specific to a postal or ZIP code."

- Gita Ashar, Director of Mobile Applications and Emerging Technologies, The Weather Network

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Reader comments

Air Canada, Tim Hortons, The Weather Network and others join in on BlackBerry 10


awesome! its good to see the major canadian companies from other industries on board

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB

Thanks Adam for the Canadian app coverage. As much as I love the Tim Horton's participation, part of me is still hoping to see the day Starbucks does a 180 and supports BlackBerry again.

Hope we'll get a lot of native banking announcements next week as well!

Not likely. Starbucks only caters to the 'Hip' and 'Cool'. Not to people who have something better to do with their lives.

To each their own. Personally Tim Hortons coffee reminds me of the part in Austin Powers when he is drinking "coffee".

I really hope they do have a Starbucks app when the phone launches.

I think you're the only one I've ever heard say tim horton's coffee isn't good. I'm not a coffee drinker, but everyone I know is and swears by TH


And of all the major non-Timmy's brands, I honestly believe Starbucks has the worst coffee. It just feels like you're drinking something that will automatically rot your stomach, and then it does.

Starbucks isn't that good either. But it's the only place I'll go if I need a coffee fast. I really prefer little cafes.

Major coffee addict living in Waterloo region for 10+ years.

There are numerous coffee shops and the quality of tim hortons coffee is in the lower half of the list. Lot of people would argue but I would say Starbucks is second, but most people would agree that the McDonalds have the best quality. The very shittiest coffee is the Burger Kings' Seattles Best (ironic huh).

Somewhere between McDonalds and Seattles Best, there are second cup, williams, timothys, etc. and Tim Hortons is definitely in the lower half of the list. It's so popular because its cheap and everyone can afford it but doesn't necessarily mean the quality is good.

Both of my parents would disagree. They both hate McDonald's coffeeever since they changed to their "premium roast" several years back. Before that, they would have agreed though. This is why choice in a marketplace is a good thing! #BlackberryByChoice

If you do a little research you would discover where McDonalds found their new improved coffee a few years ago. Hint: ties to Tim Horton's coffee supplier. Insider knowledge.

Really, you never heard anyone lament TH coffee?
Many I know prefer Second Cup, Starbucks and even McCafe coffee over Timmy's, for better flavor.
My family especially finds Timmy's brews very weak and bland.

I don't drink Coffee so I don't really know. But Imho, Iced Capp is their best beverage. Got one last week haha [-7 C]

They were bought by Wendy's a while back but were re-bought by Canadian ownership (I think it was the Tim Hortons Canadian Management but I could be wrong). After they were re-bought, PM Harper put it in legislation that Tim Hortons could never be sold to foreign ownership. So, Timmy's is Canadian

I can't read that dribble and not reply to your nonsense. Tim Hortons was bought by Wendy's many years ago and they operated as divisions of the same company for a long time. About 5 years ago the decision was made by Wendy's board to spin off the Tim Hortons unit to unlock shareholder value in Wendy's (kinda of like a stock split but the two entities became totally separate companies). Owners of Wendy's stock at the time received 1.25 shares of Tims for every 1 share of Wendy's they owned. Tim's is now it's own publicly traded company (THI on the TSX and NYSE) with no connection to Wendy's anymore. PM Harper did NOT create any stupid legislation that would keep Tim Hortons Canadian. It is based in Oakville, ON but owned by shareholders from around the world....Go BlackBerry :-)

My teenage boys are excited about getting the new BB10 phones......that's right.....teenagers are even following the new BB10 and can't wait for its release. This release is either going to be a major flop, or within 2 years it is going to dominate......I feel the masses are going to shift to this device, and the app support, although good at the beginning will follow in time.

+10 Yes, I was reading that RIM is targeting teens and young adults with BB10. Glad your sons share your enthusiasm and excitement! :-)

Seriously I feel the same way. Funny how a no-charge app supporting BlackBerry may be enough to sway me from driving to Buffalo to fly american/domestic.

Funny how Loblaws is releasing a BB10 app, when they have announced they will NOT be releasing a BB10 app for PC Financial and are advising people on twitter that they're "building a new mobile site" that will be accessible via a Blackberry. They have an ios app out now and an android app "to follow"

I've been with PC Financial almost since they launched the service so when I saw them promoting their iphone App I thought I would send a quick email asking what their plans were regarding BB10.. Answer was and I quote:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

We decided to launch our mobile app for the iPhone first, and are already working to have an app for Android and a mobile web version for most other phones (for example, Blackberry, Windows) by Spring 2013.


Internet Communications Specialist

To which I then responded with how I was very disappointed about their decision to only offer platform specific apps for iphone and android, and the rest of us would have to make do with a mobile version of their site. With my mortgage up for renewal in the next couple of months, I told them I would definitely take their decision to not have a uniform solution across the board IE. Mobile version for all or specific platform for each, in to consideration before continuing with their services. To which I got and again I quote:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your reply.

As mentioned in our previous response, we are already working to have a mobile web version for most other phones (for example, Blackberry, Windows) by Spring 2013.


Internet Communications Specialist

so I fired back with:

Yes I did get that, and do understand you're working on a mobile Web version. Fully get the concept as I've been involved in developing our own website. What concerns me is that you'll be providing none Android and IOS users a inferior mobile experience compared to the platform specific apps.

I'm disappointed that PC financial has decided to go this route and it is definitely something I'll be considering before continuing with your banking services.

End result, I've taken this coming Friday off and will begin shopping for a new mortgage provider and Bank to transfer funds to..

Yes, I got that! Especially after reading the second response, but guess what, I do and more importantly have time and choices. If more did the same they would start to care..

Excellent. Good on you.

No sense in staying with a company that doesn't value the wants and needs of their clients.

And if you've been with them for an entire mortgage term, you must be tired of hunting down CIBC machines by now...

I've actually been with them coming up on 10 years.. To be honest until this I've been pretty happy, and finding machines hasn't been a huge issue. I was just set off by the way they responded in the second email. "As mentioned in our previous response, we are already working to have a mobile web version for most other phones". No explanation or apology. I'm 44 years old and don't appreciate being spoken to like a child. That just lit my fuse!

A former Blackberry user: I would love to return to BB. I'm now on android and love it.
But I do miss BB.
I'm not impressed by these companies.
Get Skype and Netflix and I'll be impressed. Also, my employer (American Airlines) supporting BB would be nice. AA supports ALL formats except BB! (Go figure; another reason why we're bankrupt.) But please get Skype and Netflix. It's the reason I left BB.

I'm always kind of floored at replies like this. The whole attitude of "because this isn't something I want, it is stupid and nobody should want it" is terrible. The plain fact is that things like Skype and netflix are real things that consumers look for when they are shopping for a mobile device. It is a very real reason why people will leave blackberry whether you will or not.

I can only hope that the folks making decisions at RIM are a little more open minded than some of the readers here. Because an business plan that reads "consumers will use the apps we tell them to use" will not save RIM. The average consumer going into store will look at the phone, ask if it can do Skype or get netflix and if the salesperson says "no", they will move on to the next black slate-style phone on display. The answer has to be "yes, and it does it faster and better than those others".

I agree my gf just got a phone and she doesn't keep up with tech or the latest mobile devices, she just goes in and ask similar questions like those mentioned above and makes a decision on the spot.

Who says that they don't have them? I read that they have 19 of the top 20, that tells me that they do have either Skype or Netflix. My guess is that they will launch with Netflix.

I'm sure he is like the rest of us. Has a phone so he can make phone calls, txt friends, browse the internet, etc. But. His Android phone does all that, PLUS does netflix and skype.... So ya, it is important to people (although not me), and people will chose a different platform if it offers more - very simple really.

Devs have found skype icons hidden in BB10 so it looks like it MIGHT be there....Netflix on the other hand, doesn't look promising

The skype icons appear to be for chat messages in the Hub, not for Skype video chat (ie, the good stuff).

It could be a generic icon. I remember another application on linux that used those icons for everything. They used a rainbow of cloud colours to define contacts statuses and all that.


/end rant.

I'm with you Root! Getting kind of tiresome to keep hearing RIM is to blame for the lack of these two apps so far - when, clearly, they are trying and it's up to MS and Netflix at the end of the day!


/end rant.


Why build an app when the full or mobile web page will work with the BlackBerry? Even my 9900 works with any Canadian bank web sites I use, even the full site.

I think the specialized Banking apps are for the American banks where they can take a photo of a check (cheque) and deposit it that way. Not sure if that is accepted as a deposit method in Canada yet.

The RBC banking app is the greatest Canadian banking app Blackberry has. Shame on the banks whose apps simply open your browser to their mobile site...

Sidenote: RBC has actually provided me with some stellar flawless customer service the last couple of years. Crazy for a bank...

Love the PC app. I have it on my playbook and felt like a bit of a knob doing my shopping with a tablet (even though I could put it in my pocket).

Its a good group of companies. Now if they can get the Canadian banks, Starbucks, and a few others, it will go a long way to getting me back.

Guess I`ll have to wait and see what The Weather Network comes out before planning a weather app. Nice to see some support finally, quite the change of pace from last year...

Canadians have a weakness for Blackberry and Tim Hortons, I have lived there for one year, and I had the same weakness as well. Now the only thing left for me is BB, because Tim is only there.

Now the question is: will BB10 have apps that are relevant to the US market? I now live in the US, and while it is fantastic to see how Canadian businesses are jumping on the apps bandwagon, here in the US BB apps have been cut. You never see them advertised, only "Available on iOS and Android". Starbucks is a case in point- they closed their BB Starbucks card app. It is really irritating.

Don't like Starbucks, never go there, I figure there is only so much caffeine a body can handle.
But I hope that they make a BB 10 app for you...


And when is Canada's national public broadcaster, CBC, going to produce an app for their streaming music site Canada's best known company worldwide? I was told over a year and a half ago that a blackberry app was coming "very soon" for CBC Music, but of course that never came. Canada's broadcaster should show the love for RIM instead of its usual Apple fanboi articles (aka free publicity).

Just remember CBC is a crown corporation, so things move at a very sloooooooow pace.. If they mentioned it a year and a half ago then they should just about ready to form the committee that will over see the bidding RFP bidding process. Once they get that going they should be 3 to 5 years from launch!

Ha! Too true. However, they seem very quick to promote the latest Apple or Android phone and to jump on the RIM bashing.

I've tried to help them along by sending the following "complaint" on their website (follow the "Contact" link at the bottom). Hopefully other Canadian Crackberry users can do the same.


I am very disappointed that CBC still has not created a CBC Music App for BlackBerry phones and tablets.

I first made this inquiry about 18 months ago and was told that it would be coming "very soon". That clearly didn't happen. How can CBC, Canada's national broadcaster, not find the time to support arguably Canada's most well-known company, by creating an App for its products (particularly given that Android apps can be easily ported over to play on the BlackBerry Playbook)? I trust that is going to be rectified "very soon" with the upcoming release of BlackBerry 10, which is supposed to make it even easier to port over Android apps and even create native apps (over 70,000 Android apps were ported to Blackberry 10 in 24 hours recently).

Show some love for RIM, support a good Canadian company, and stop with the Blackberry bashing and Apple fanboi articles, eh.

Yours disappointedly,

An avid CBC Radio 3 fan and BlackBerry user.

Whoops! Just realized I said 70,000 apps in 24 hours. Wrong!! Oh well, with CBC's usual level of investigation they probably won't notice. ;-)

I'll be using all those apps. What I would also like to see is these same apps on PlayBook along with Starbuck, McDonalds and Netflix.

The developers for those companies have to make the apps, not research in motion. RIM can't force them to. If they aren't there, BLAME those companies, but don't blame RIM for not having them.

Great to see those companies jumping on board!
Remember, it's the DEVELOPERS of SAID COMPANIES/CORPORATIONS that have to make THEIR OWN APPS, not RIM. Please, before bashing or blaming RIM, think about those that didn't choose to make their apps available. IT'S NOT rim's fault.

Come on, say it again. The more times you type it, the more true it will become. AND DO IT IN ALL CAPS. It makes it even MORE true. Then take a deep breath, and think about the fact that RIM has a huge impact on whether Microsoft develops a Skype app for BB10 and whether Netflix supports the platform. I really hope they work with both companies to make it happen. While I only spend a very small amount of time with those apps in general, I would definitely love to be able to use them on my soon to be owned Z10 when the mood strikes. LLAP.

Come on , chill out! Nobody is blaming RIM for that! Ordinary people just want Netflix and Skype on their phones. If BB10 does't have these apps people will get iPhone or Samsung instead !

He doesn't get that...he is Rims cheerleader /bodyguard lol you can't say or ask anything on CrackBerry without rootbrian taking offense and screaming at's really getting old. I don't even enjoy reading the comments anymore because of his foolishness day in and day out...give it a break your just pushing people away!!!!

I feel that folks/companies getting paid for not developing apps for BlackBerry platform. This could very well be the reason why we see apps being developed for apple and android devices. As if NO. BlackBerry exists. This seems quite possible.

It may be as simple as companies using canned solutions provided by American firms that have little interest in BlackBerry's. For example my Dentist just went on a system which will email you your appointments and you can confirm them. You have a choice to import them into your calendar, but the iCal event is formatted for Apple devices. The company providing the service is based in the USA.

Netflix has their own API's that anyone can have access too. Does RIM need to wait for netflix to make an app? Nope anyone could make one IF they wanted to have a good challenge.

That being said wait till the launch date, all i will say. Maybe than people will finally stop crying about some things missing.

I am happy to see all the canadian companys jumping board :)
As for netflix and skype, I may be the minority here but I would not care if they aren't on board at launch. I've used and cancelled my netflix account months ago (hubby has an apple device) and I've only logged into my skype account twice since I got it!! (Um 2 years ago? I dunno). So meh!

But a proper pc financial app? Yea boy! This would be awesome, maybe I'll fire off a few emails like kozmo68 has done :)

Please do because if Loblaw is support BB10, why the F, isn't the banking branch.. Hopefully enough people voice their complaints and it gets resolved.. It'll probably be to late for me as I'll be moved on due to their response to my inquiries.

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