Air Canada Releases Application for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Adam Zeis on 15 Oct 2009 04:07 pm EDT
Air Canada

Air Canada announced the release of their new BlackBerry application today. Customers will be able to access numerous features from within the application, expediting their travel and making for a better overall experience. With the Air Canada application, you can easily check flights, receive notifications, check in, find flights, book flights and more. You can customize for various notifications for flights and other alerts as well. The application is a free download and should be extremely useful to travelers who fly Air Canada. Hopefully more airlines (and other agencies like rental cars and hotels) will put out apps of their own to make traveling that much easier. The Air Canada app is available free in BlackBerry App World, or by visiting

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Reader comments

Air Canada Releases Application for BlackBerry Smartphones


As a frequent traveler, managing an app like this for every airline, rental car firm, and hotel chain would be a nightmare.

If this is anything like AC's last take on providing customer convenience, we're doomed. I used the blackberry boarding pass app in August and September. Much like the airline itself, it didn't work properly. AC is a terrible airline service, but its nice to see them trying.


Love the concept, but given AC's track record (remember "Mapleflot" jokes?), execution remains to be seen. Nonetheless, anything that saves a little time when it looks like your connection's going to be blown helps, especially if the UI can speed up navigation.

Looking forward to seeing other airlines (in the US, especially) do the same. And, unlike jmbladel, I'd love to see apps that let me rent a car without actually standing in line at the counter. More apps, please! :)