Want some action on your BlackBerry Z10? Air Attack is a must have app

By James Richardson on 4 Jun 2013 10:38 am EDT

If you are looking for a fast paced, action shoot 'em up you really need to check out Air Attack HD for BlackBerry 10. The game, which is brought to us by Union, is of the classic airplane upwards scrolling style which goes way back to the days of the likes of the Spectrum 48K and Commodore 64.

Clearly things have improved dramatically since the 'good old days' and Air Attack offers fantastic graphics and sound effects. With a choice of planes you move around the screen using touch/tilt or joypad depending on your preference and the plane will fire its guns automatically. However, as well as the onslaught of enemy aircraft there are also many bad guys on the ground so in order to destroy them you need to double tap the plane to drop a bomb.

Your score, health and lives are displayed at the top of the screen - although as the game is so busy you don't really get a chance to keep an eye on them. Fortunately, you can pick up extra health and lives along the way as you destroy the enemy.

For £0.75/$0.99 Air Attack HD is one of the best bargains you can currently get for BlackBerry 10 in my opinion.

Features include:

  • 8 action-packed missions cast you as a wartime pilot
  • More than 50 enemies including 8 intimidating bosses!
  • Unlock experimental weapons and power-boosting upgrades
  • Destructible environments give you the power to demolish the enemy

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Reader comments

Want some action on your BlackBerry Z10? Air Attack is a must have app


I don't know if it is a bug or not, I can't seem to progress after the power plant stage. If I get killed after that, I still the game restart from beginning of that power plant.
I love this game and very frustrating not be able to make progress.

Posted via CB10

My favorite game on the z10 right now. I play it 2-3times a day. So much for my battery life lol.

Posted via CB10

Cool game. Do people like the default control setting ("Touch") or "Relative Touch"? I could not get used to the default and found it confusing.

Posted via CB10

Another game. Yay.

Other OS's have more games... is this really the message you want to evangelize through crackberry?

Posted via CB10

He likes the game. He's recommended it to others, as they might like it too.

Doesn't need to be more complicated, does it?

This is how you CB10, son!

I purchased and wish I hadn't. The graphics are great but the game play is not so much there. Sound effects are not great. The music over powers the sound effects. You can lower the music and increase the sound effects but it doesn't help. You only get sound if your bullets strike an object. I since deleted it.

Deleted over not enough sound effects? Wow, I guess I'll be fine as I play on silent as often as not.

This is how you CB10, son!

To each his own...
I'm not a fan of playing games in silent. I love good sound just as much as the visual aspects. It makes the game feel more intense to me. Plus after a while of playing it I got bored. I'm happy that developers are creating more games for BB10 and hope they continue.