Aeternum from BBThemes - A beautiful and simple theme for your BlackBerry, on sale now!

Aeternum by BBThemes
By Michelle Haag on 5 Feb 2011 12:02 pm EST

Aeternum is a gorgeous new BlackBerry theme from BBThemes. This classy blend of grey icons with black underlays and purple backgrounds and highlights have a very rich feel and instantly make your BlackBerry feel luxurious. Aeternum utilizes the standard layout of your device, with either a ZEN layout for OS5 devices and below, or the BlackBerry 6 layout for devices running BlackBerry 6. I really love the new message indicator (it's a star!) and the profiles icon is awesome too, resembling an equalizer. Aeternum is compatible with quite a few BlackBerry smartphones on OS 4.6-6.0. Normally priced at $3.99, you can pick it up this month for just $1.99 at the link below!

Compatible devices

  • 9800 OS6
  • 9780 OS6
  • 9700 OS5 and OS6
  • 9670 OS6
  • 9650 OS5 and OS6
  • 9630 OS4.7 and OS5
  • 9300 / 9330 OS5 and OS6
  • 9100 / 9105 OS5 and OS6
  • 8900 OS4.6 and OS5
  • 8520 / 8530 OS5
  • 8520 OS4.6

For more information/screenshots and to purchase Aeternum

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Reader comments

Aeternum from BBThemes - A beautiful and simple theme for your BlackBerry, on sale now!


Cool, and I love purple and grey, but I think not enough changes to basic os6 theme to warrant such a high price -_-

While I agree with the first comment about the (high) price, I'm glad that I went ahead and purchased it. My Bold 9780 looks very nice and "luxurious" (as put by phishgirl3). The dark-grey icons and the "star" notification whenever you receive a message was a nice touch.

I was worried about buying this theme for my Pearl 9100 w OS6 because 1. OS6 is yet to be officially released and I'm worried about bugs and 2. I was worried about the possible high cost in app space. It turns out that neither worries materialized. Because of the tighter control RIM exerts on theming in OS6, the new themes are more polished and wayyy less bloated to boot. I'm pleased. The highlighting is less harsh than the bright blue on the native 6 theme as well. :D