Aerize Lets You load Apps From A Memory Card

By Allison Cassidy on 10 Apr 2008 11:43 am EDT

You most likely have never heard of Aerize (nor have I) - but they have released three great apps that look to be a step in the right direction.  The most exciting is Aerize Card Loader 2008 which lets Blackberry users install applications from an SD card in a few easy steps. This is really a major step for BlackBerry users with memory issues. You can keep your collection of mildly/infrequently used apps on your memory card (the ones that don't warrant a full time install) and install them on demand. For more information, take a look at the Manual (pdf). The Card Loader 2008 is $20 and a free trial is available. 

Aerize also has Aerize Explorer 2008 a simple zip/unzip utility, and Aerize Optimizer 2008 which is a memory cleaner/booster. I played around a bit with the Card Loader app and so far it seems to do most of what it claims. If you have a lot of apps to put on an SD card, this is the way to go as it keeps your device memory free for optimal performance. They have 7 day trials available for each app, although I couldn't seem to get the Optimizer to run as it kept asking me to enter a reg code.  All in all some good stuff here from Aerize available here.

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Aerize Lets You load Apps From A Memory Card


I believe you can store apps on the SD card but will need to install them onto the phone to use them. At least that's the way I'm understanding it. Basically allows app storage and install from a SD card.

According to the documentation, it's an install from SD app, not a run from SD. So you can "install on demand" but it loads it to the device in a standard way. Then you use the program to "uninstall on demand". The documentation indicates you might need to reboot the device after uninstalling, depending on the application.

Been trying it myself for over 2 hours, attempting to load Gmail and Google Maps onto it. Gmail has 3 COD files, but only one of them on the SD card doesn't cause an error... and then when I do load the "correct" one, it doesn't seem to do anything. I've tried 3 times with Google Maps, and got the icon to show up *once* on my main screen... but after I "load" it in Aerize, and see the icon, clicking on the icon results in an error saying the system cannot find the google maps-2 COD file.

I have been jonesing for an application that would do something along the lines of what this app purports to do. But so far I have been VERY dissatisfied with the product, since I can't get it to work properly at all.

Plus, the biggest problem (in my opinion) with this particular app is that you need to load the COD files directly to your SD card to work... it cannot take an app you already have installed and migrate it to the SD card. And it's not exactly a quick or easy thing to find all the correct COD files for the latest installs of your favorite apps. Then you have to copy them to the SD card's root directory, where Aerize can access them.

Their documentation is poorly written (either by a native English speaker who is functionally illiterate, or by a non-English speaker who badly needs to hire someone to proofread for them). As an example, it says (and I quote):

"Aerize Card Loader uses the COD files from a desktop installation, usually contained within a Zip file, with an ALX and a COD file. Aerize Card Loader can not work directly with a ZIP file, please see Aerize Explorer for Zip archive file manipulation and management."

and still later in the documentation it states:

"Aerize Card Loader can use COD files from desktop installations, or COD files from an OTA based install. You will need to repackage multiple OTA COD file installs inside a ZIP file and rename it to a COD."

Which leads me to wonder what format really works? A zip file? individual COD's all in one directory? A zip file of all the COD's simply renamed with a COD suffix instead of a ZIP suffix? Hard to say from the information contained in these two statements, and since I couldn't get *any* of those options to work in the multiple attempts and resets I tried, I am mystified.

So... final impressions:

1. Great idea, bad execution
2. Buggier than anything I've ever installed on my BB
3. Very scanty documentation, and hard to follow. It says it can accept zip files of COD's, then also says it cannot.
4. Too complicated to set up, unless they can release a version that allows you to pull COD's directly from your BB's already-installed apps. I don't want to have to hunt down all my COD's online or on my laptop to move them (not to mention having to do it again if the app has a version upgrade). If it can't pull from apps that have already been installed, or allow me a way to choose to install an app to SD card when I first install it, it's not user-friendly. (Despite the claim to be user-friendly in its documentation. Just saying something is so does not make it so.)
5. NO WAY is this worth $20. I wouldn't pay $1.00 for it, since for me it hasn't worked at all. I had such high hopes. And I've tried, really I have. I'm no slouch on installing software... but I just couldn't get this to work at all, and even if I did, the effort of moving the COD files over manually after locating them all online is just too much work. I would have paid even more than $20 if it worked properly, or if it even just worked on some of my memory-intensive apps (Google Maps, Viigo, and InfoSpace FindIt, for example.).

So... I hope my experience has been helpful to some of you, and I hope Aerize will get their act together and make a more user-friendly app that actually works.

Oh yeah, and GeekNJ is right, it is install/de-install from an SD card, not *run* from an SD card. And it will try to make you reset your device occasionally. So this is even more limiting. I would rather plug my device in and install from the Desktop Manager when I want to do this, than try and manually load the COD files to an SD card, and load/unload the apps using the Aerize software. It's just too complicated, too many steps, and very buggy.

My perfect app would:

1. Load and RUN from an SD card, but allow me to leave an icon for the app on the home screen.
2. be able to pull info from already-installed apps
3. be able to not only store the app on the SD card but also data files for programs like Viigo which eat up memory
4. Most importantly, not use up valuable system memory when I have 2 gigs available on my SD card... this program still uses up your memory; it just allows you to (in theory anyway) release that memory once you "unload" the app).

Close, but no cigar, Aerize.

Wow, Great Hands On!!! Hopefully Aerize is listening and can work on your suggestions for version 1.1.

Just installed the app onto my BlackBerry. Going to play with it this weekend. Will report back with how it goes!

Just tried the trial version, and it did not go well at all.

I was immediately prompted for a serial number, which I didn't have. From there, I found no program icon, and no way of interacting with the application. Checking my applications list, I did see that it had installed.

I tried the contact form on Aerize's website, which *obviously* is not ready for public viewing. Most pages have no content, and the ones that do have very little. I used their contact form, but when I hit "Send", I was taken to a page telling me that the page I requested was still under construction. I have no idea if my feedback was sent or not.

This strikes me as a very amateur job, IMO. The applications are obviously not ready for release, nor is the website. I could see these becoming killer apps in time, but I just can't trust a software vendor that is willing to release- and charge money for- products that are so obviously not complete. Haven't we learned yet that the "Ship Now, Patch Later" mentality loses more customers than it gains?

I thought it was only me who couldn't understand this, I installed it and it gives very limited options as to what to do whit your apps. then it's impossible to find them and reload them again! I still can't find some stuff! not worth it for me, too hard to figure out, and doesn't do what ever it says very well, good idea though, now just make it work and we will all be happy.