CrackBerry Tip: Use Your BlackBerry as a Flashlight!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jan 2008 10:02 am EST

The BlackBerry Flashlight

This might not be an "advanced" BlackBerry tip, but it is a way of life for those of us with an "advanced" case of CrackBerry Addiction...

When I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the fridge, bathroom or computer I no longer am turning on the lights and going blind or leaving them off and walking into walls and furniture thanks to my BlackBerry - it makes a Great Flashlight!

While I sleep my BlackBerry is never more than an arm's length away. When I wake up and get out of bed, I instinctually reach for it, hit the keyboad to fire up the display, and hold it away from my body bright side out as I get out of bed and take care of business. The BlackBerry display and keyboard throw more than enough light to allow one to find their way in a dark room, but not so much as to cause the eyes to go into that painful lights-on pupil shrinking mode. It's brilliant!

While this isn't a highly published BlackBerry tip, I don't think I'm alone here! According to a recent poll, 43% of respondents use their BlackBerry everyday in the bedroom, with another 20% using it in the bedroom often. I'm sure most of these users have discovered the joys of the BlackBerry Flashlight. It also works great for finding the key hole when you come home late at night and your house lights are off! Give the BlackBerry Flashlight a won't be disappointed!

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CrackBerry Tip: Use Your BlackBerry as a Flashlight!


I've been doing that since Day 1. It also helps me find my dog in the dark bedroom. She has a tendency to stand right in my path and I end up tripping over her. Her eyes glow bright in the luminescence of my crackberry.

I've also used it as a flashlight when outside in the dark, when I need to find my key for the car or house (and to put it into the lock if the lights aren't on), in the house... you name it :)


Absolutely right -the best non-published blackberry spec! My Curve is my night light. I've used it to help light small spaces when I do home repair. And, wandering around the house at night has never been safer. Great blog post!

is there any way to close a blackberry messenger conversation on both my bberry and on the other person's bberry?

There are two ways...grab their Blackberry and delete the conversation or be a Blackberry Admin and send the wipe command to their device (pending it is on your BES)

If you have a Blackberry Pearl (8130 I know works) with the built in camera flash, you can set the flash to be always on when in video capture mode and the light is crazy bright. makes a flashlight enough for two or three people. not that you would be going to the bathroom with that many people in the middle of the night, but in case of a blackout or something.


That would be a great 3rd party app or should be an option for programming one of the convenience keys. Hit the left convenience key and your camera's flash fires up!

LOL, I've been doing that almost from the Pearl has lit the way to my car door more times than I care to remember....

I've fixed the setting on the the video camera so the flash is constantly on when you turn the video camera on. It's a real simple process to do just hit the menu key and change the timing on the flash to always on. Now change the soft key on the right hand side for quick video access. Now when you hit the soft key to turn on the video you have a BRIGHT light to guide you through night.

Yup, that's the easiest thing to do right now if you're running a 8120/8130.

Once the OS 4.3.1 update hits for Curves and 8100s I think more people will be following in your footsteps. I know I will!

I've been using my cell phone - any cell phone - as a flashlight ever since I dropped my keys between the driver's seat and console of my car back in the 90s.

Next to my Verizon 6700 (Audiovox), the 8703e is the brightest flashlight I've used.

Oh. The 8703 is also my favorite device I've used since then as well. :)

I have been using my cell phone as a quickie flashlight when traversing from the light switch to the bed for years. Just got my BB yesterday and was very happy indeed to find it served the same purpose.

If this can be done, Does anyone know how to apply a signature to the BB to be seen by recipients whether I send email or sms text? Thanks in advance.

Ha ha I thought I was the only one using it as a flashlight. I was on a jobsite and had to walk through a darken hallway and was amazed at the amount of light my BB emitted. I now use it regularly as a flashlight. :)

Get a solid white (320x240) picture onto your blackberry. Open the picture when you want a flashlight!!!
Tip: If you want colored light, use a colored image!!!!

Hey all!

There is a free flashlight application for download on my webpage
It's simple, but it works! And it's free!
go to on your mobile browser to download!

Okay, in case some of you do not know this trick already... On your Pearl 8130. Select Video Camera, Then options and select automatic flash then save settings. So if and when you need a super bright light you have one!

Note: This will drain battery life faster then normal use, use with extreme caution if using this feature.

all the posting about the flashlight trick are mentioned for the 8130 but i just bought a 8110...which i have to buy a media card to capture video. does anyone know if the "always on" option is on the 8110 so i dont waste money on getting a card?

all the posting about the flashlight trick are mentioned for the 8130 but i just bought a 8110...which i have to buy a media card to capture video. does anyone know if the "always on" option is on the 8110 so i dont waste money on getting a card?

Power went out one nite and my 88 year old grandfather was stranded in the living room. My curve and I came to the rescue!! I used it to find a flash light only to find that the glow was strong from my BB then the actual flash light! Man I love my BB!!

The other day when I was working on my furnace in my camper I needed a flashlight.well as normal, no good batterys to be found. I ended up turning on my video camera light to see in the furnace little hole.

The other day when I was working on my furnace in my camper I needed a flashlight.well as normal, no good batterys to be found. I ended up turning on my video camera light to see in the furnace little hole.

I actually used to have a nokia with a flashlight. Everyone laughed at me but I used that thing ALL THE TIME, I daresay more than the phone itself! It was great to lay on my shoulder to read a book in bed. My last phone was a flip phone, and while it wasn't my nokia flashlight I still would flip it open to use it like this article says. Yesterday I got the blackberry pearl. While it's got me pulling my hair out to get setup I'm glad to know I can still use it to make a midnight run...

No Damn it, I figured out a better flashlight and I am pissed that people are praising this bs!

First: Set your video camera to one of your side buttons.

Second: In your video camera options set your Video Light as Always On.

Last: Save it and use it.

Yes I know the Video camera will use more battery, however there has been times when I needed a bright flashlight over battery life.

{rolls eyes} geez and I clicked on this link thinking it was actually going to tell me how to make the screen brighter for this. I can't believe Crackberry is actually calling this a tip since if you have a BB and don't use it like this and end up stumbling you are extremely slow and shouldn't have a BB.

It rocks as a quick resolve for a flashlight!! I got convinced to get a blackberry Thanks to my MOM!! Although i am still not as technologically advanced as her on it, that was the first thing i noticed that blackberrys are good at

Why use the screen for a flashlight... If you have the video camera feature which is inclusive to the newer software load, you can use the much brighter flash which doubles as the video light for the phone... Much brighter and yet better than just using the lame and dim backlighting of the screen alone. Cheers

I have a BB 8330 is there a free app or trick out there for turning my phone into a flashlight?

This is a good tip, but if you need a very bright light then you can get a dedicated app that takes advantage of the video camera light and will make sure that it stays on. The only problem with launching the video camera manually is that the light will go off when your back light turns off. I keep my back light timeout short to conserve battery life. You can get the following app that will also launch the video camera but will make sure the light stays on forever. Here is the link :

"One Touch Flashlight " -

i have the 9630 and just realized this: i set up the camera for a convenience key and in the dark with the automatic flash, it turns on the LED flash on as long as you hold the convenience key down :) a simple and elegant solution!


Please help I am interested in using this feature, but the tips do not go back that far to 17 January 2008.

I know how to use the flashlight off of the video, but this looks a lot better.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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