Advance OS and LED updated to v.12.0.3: now includes everything but the kitchen sink

Advance OS and LED
By Kerri Neill on 21 Apr 2012 12:15 pm EDT
Advance OS and LED screen
Advance OS and LED has been covered here on the blogs by both myself and Adam. When a FREE app comes along that offers a whole slew of features that are beneficial to any BlackBerry user, we here at CrackBerry get super excited. As of today, Advance OS and LED has been updated to v 12.0.3. This latest update adds even more useful features to my already favorite BlackBerry application!

Features included in update:

  • Added Contacts Manager feature to export to (excel & Gmail & MS outlook), merge duplicate contacts, backup and restore all contacts with their photos, move contacts to default list.
  • Added homescreen multi-wallpaper feature, to change your background picture every time you turn the screen on.
  • Redesigned add new numbers feature much easier (no more copy and paste).
  • Added convenience side key action in ilaunch custom actions, for launching multiple custom actions at once.
  • You can now change the spacebar homescreen shortcut key to other keys.
  • App now supports all contact lists, not just the default one.
  • Improved Custom App LED capturing by providing more information when customizing new apps LED.
  • LED Mode will always be mutli-led.
  • Added option to send app backup to email account directly after taking a backup.
  • Also a few small changes, like battery and speed improvements as well, bbm popup has been optimized and small bug fixes 

This application is worth its weight in gold yet the developer has made it available for FREE and has stated that the app will stay that way regardless of update improvements. I've actually deleted several paid apps from my BlackBerry because this one does the job of all of them so much better. If you'd like to see what others are saying about Advance OS and LED, head on over to the forum discussion here.

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Reader comments

Advance OS and LED updated to v.12.0.3: now includes everything but the kitchen sink


On my phone n quite happy with it. I switch between it n BeBuzz, which I'm on the fence about totally ditching now. Just waiting for the next update, which I'm sure will be soon. Not to mention, Sultan actually responds to messages n ideas that u send to him. Lol

I am a loyal BeBuzz user. Is there something this App does better than BeBuzz when it comes to LED management?

Yes, it doesn't charge you for every update. I love BeBuzz but I feel like if you're going to pay for an app, you should only have to pay for it ONCE. And on top of that, BeBuzz isn't even a cheap app to begin with. Sometimes they'll offer people who have already paid a "discount" to upgrade. What an insult...

Like buying the exact same album on cassette, then CD, then iTunes? At least there are improvements when you have to re-buy BeBuzz I guess...

I agree. This is my must have app. The app does so many different things. The customer support is the best I have seen. Thanks Sultan for making this great FREE app.

This is one of my most used apps ever. Sultan, Sir. I salute ya!! This app has let me uninstall 4 apps I was using for separate things.

I changed my BlackBerry last night and my BeBuzz license wasn't assigned to this new device. So I put the request for the key to be assigned to my new phone. Whilst doing that, I thought I would try this software out. I was completely amazed. This is the perfect app for this kind of thing. My license key for BeBuzz for my new device came through a couple of hours ago but I'm not planning to go back on to it. I love this app so much. It offers a lot more features. And remember, BeBuzz is a PAID app and this is a FREE app!

Sultan, you are the best one so far. Keep it up with all this work you do and you'll be recognized by all of us the best developer period.
I already uninstall 4app's so far what i paid for and now i dont see the use of them thanks to Sultan and his awesome App.

Thank you!

EDIT: Any idea where/how to give this developer a 5$ donation for his great app??
Twit-me: @UnknownError507
Post it from my Awesome Torch 9810 Bridged to PlayBook 64Gb

Who needs money or donations when i see this much appreciation here, app world and everywhere :)

@CrackBerry, don't tempt me to include the kitchen sink in the app now >:> , loved the post, many thanks.

RIM needs to hire you POST HASTE!

Haven't downloaded it yet, but you do all of us a great service... I cant wait to see what kind of things you'll come up with for BlackBerry 10.

Keep up the work you do, it shows that these things can be done where RIM themselves and other developers do less for more ($).


I had major problems after I installed this app (9810, OS7). Could have been something else yes, but I try to run a clean ship as well. Looks like a good app just bad experience for me.


This app works perfectly on 9810 OS 7.1.
And it does a better job (with great developer support) than any of the paid LED apps.

I read a couple of posts on the forum, so by the look of things he doesn't need any donation or any sort of money, the only request is to like his Facebook page and leave a good review on app world.

That's an awesome thing by the Sultan.

Twit-me: @UnknownError507
Post it from my Awesome Torch 9810 Bridged to PlayBook 64Gb

Ya know what? I would gladly pay for this app. Hats off to the Dev! Just awesome and right on top of improvements and updates.

Great app by a great dev.......has worked flawlessly since I downloaded it and thru several updates.....THANKS!!!

Yes - can someone please post why this App is better than BeBuzz (FREE doesn't count)? Just interested in LED management, not the other features. Thanks.

AOS&LED works flawlessly. BeBuzz does not always work properly for all notifications.
AOS&LED has more features than BeBuzz including multi LED's.
AOS&LED has many other useful utilities than BeBuzz does.
Additionally, AOS&LED has outstanding developer support, which BeBuzz does not have.
I used BeBuzz for years but after giving AOS&LED a try I decided to delete BeBuzz.
BeBuzz' UI is a little more user-friendly, but you get used to AOS&LED after using it for a little while.

Note: AOS&LED does not work properly while BeBuzz is installed (even if turned off). I backed up BeBuzz and deleted it. I do not think I'll be re-installing it!

Sultan, I have to say you stuffing so many features under 300kb is astounding.

Its safe to say that you have THE BEST app on BlackBerry Appworld.

RIM needs to recognize you for your dev genius, and for your goodwill for keeping it free.

This is one of my favorite apps. I was using ColorID and another application. Advance OS and LED allows me to further customize my device. This is why I have such a love for BlackBerry. I don't have to have something out of the box and be stuck with it. Great job, Sultan. Thank you

Sultan, this is a wicked app. You should really make a buck or two from this app so that you can justify making an equally awesome app for the Playbook.

If possible maybe all of the LED and pop-up notifications can occur simultaneously and identically on the PB.

Thanks for a terrific app. Works perfectly on my 9930. I recommended it to all my BB friends. Quite a few apps will be deleted thanks to this.


This is one of the best apps PERIOD. I've been using this back when it was just Advanced LED. The Sultan is a visionary and a programmer to the extreme. As mentioned earlier, all of this in such a small package. NO adds, NO banners, NO nonsense. Excellence!

This app is like no other available. I was about to upgrade from the free BeBuzz to the paid version until I cam across this one and now BeBuzz is an afterthought. Appears confusing at first but the more you play with it the easier it gets and if it doesn't the support offered by Sultan is unsurpassed. Great job and many, many thanks for such a great app!

Am trying to setup the Alert Me feature in Advance OS and am running into some problems. I've exchanged emails with Sultan but am still having problems, so thought I'd post here, maybe someone else can help.

I use this phone for business and need to be woken up if I get a voicemail in the middle of the night.

Have a BB Bold 9930 running 7.1.163, just got it last week. BB left out repetitive (ring until acknowledged) voicemail alerting from 7.1 for whatever reason, but AOS looks like it will solve that problem as it's very feature rich.

When I try and set up Alert Me in the LED Light screen and hit the "Open" button next to Setup Sound and Vibration I get a message that tells me to set up Alert Me in Sound Profiles and to set LED to OFF. I've tried setting up Alert Me as an app in the Normal Profile, creating a Custom Profile called Alert Me, pulled the battery, reinstalled AOS, but so far nothing I've tried allows me to get past that screen.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.