Advance OS and LED for BlackBerry lets you customize your LED, add popups, call features and more

By Adam Zeis on 9 Feb 2012 02:51 pm EST

Advance OS and LEDAdvance OS and LED

Every once in a while a great free app comes along that is so choc-full of features it's just awesome. Browsing through App World I came across Advance OS and LED, and I have to say, it totally fits the bill. This free app offers customization of your BlackBerry LED, offers popup notifications, extra phone call features and much more. It's not often that you'll find this many different features packed into one app, but this time it's for real. I've been using the app for the last week or so and I really don't have any complaints. The UI isn't really the greatest (it's pretty far from it actually), but free is free. You can customize your LED color for SMS, email, phone calls, BBM, contacts and more. Add vibration alerts to your calls, turn on popup notifications for emails and SMS, backup/restore your settings within the app ... the list goes on and on. This is really an awesome app to have as it adds plenty of fun tweaks to your BlackBerry. Advance OS and LED is 100% free and as the developer notes, all future updates will be free as well. Drop by BlackBerry App World for more.

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Advance OS and LED for BlackBerry lets you customize your LED, add popups, call features and more


I used this for a bit and loved it. I was having huge battery drain issues that went away after deleting the app.

The latest update is absolutely brilliant.. Custom LED colours for individual BBM contacts.. Also has Multi-LED allowing you to show LED's for all your notifications.. eg. Green for a Whatsapp message then Blue for a BBM and repeats.. or even Orange for an email on top.. Sultan Al Sooz (Developer) is a hero!! :) B-)

I have been using this for a while now and this is one of the most amazing apps!

The set up is a bit complex but once you have everything in place there's no joy like this...

And its FREE!

Sultan rocks!

Absolutely great app. That being said I did notice a bit more drainage of my battery since I installed it, but I have no proof it's this app causing it. Also, if you plan to uninstall the app, make sure you exit it first (i.e. stop the process/task). I did not do that to troubleshoot my battery drainage issue and it corrupted my custom profile. Again I have no proof this app was the culprit, just a gut feeling.

I contacted Sultan Al Sooz at the time and he provided very prompt and professional support.

Love this app!

This is an amazing app. I got rid of BeBuzz and couldn't be happier! Competition is good and this great app shows how lagging the others have been for so long.

Yup excellent program, sometimes the pages have on a bit too much text, maybe intimidating for not so savvy users. But I love it. At a glance I know exactly which alert I have.

I've been using this for a couple of months and its the most useful app I have on my phone. (Although I kind of wish you didn't need an app for this). I have 4 e-mail accounts setup on my phone and four different colour flashing patterns so I know even before my phone if its Work or pleasure (not to mention different flashing patterns for BBMs and Text Messages). You can even change the length of the flashes for totally custom notifications. I can't say enough of how awesome it is. WONDERFUL APP.

This is crazy, a free APP at this Magnitude OMG i love it "BeBuzz you might be on drugs if you charge fees for Upgrade" your competition starts with the Sultan and his Amazing APP.

Oh did i Mention is free ?? BeBuzz be aware you lost a good customer who upgrade 3 times with a fee!

Sultan here i come. Man o man i like when developers come up with such and awesome ideas and for free as well.

Downloaded this app since the last time this article ran. Loving it every since. Very great app. Have cutomized the led light per messages. My Torch 9800 during the day is usual in the Loud profile so I can hear every "pings" and "dings" throughtout the day, and in the evening at home I set it for Normal profile, do not want to be bothered with all that noise at home. And it is great, every color has a meaning to me. Multi color for missed calls, blue for BBM, even for unknown callers has a specific color. And no this has not drained battery at all.

This is an excellent app... I've been using it for a while now, first on my 9000, now on my 9900. Love it, and especially love the fact that it's free.

Great app, I've been using it for a while. Sometimes its kinda hard to find certain settings, but functionally its through the roof. Much better andmuch much more thurough than any other LED changing apps.

This is a great app that I've been usung for a couple of months. I assume Sultan is reading these comments as he seems to be on top of things and is very professional.

One thing I would like to see improved is the Add to Contacts function. When I save my numbers in my contact list, they are saved in the format (XXX) XXX-XXXX and the phone uses +1XXXXXXXXXX. This means every time I place a call that is not local that is in my contact list, a message pops up to ask to save the number.

Would it be possible to create a script that recognises the number excluding +1 and identify the number by the order of the digits excluding other symbols, additional digits, and spaces?

What I love about this is the small file size (158kb), considering what it's capable of, it's amazing!

I really like the app, but I wish there were more "directions". A small description about what each option will do.

Question. I have an older version (8.7), how do I update?? It just says uninstall in bb app world and its not listed under upgrades.

Ha! I was wondering when this app was going to show up here! It definitely deserves all the attention it can get, because at the price of FREE it blows all the PAID apps that supposedly do the same thing out of the water (I often find myself just tinkering with the LEDs and realize a half hour has gone by haha). I've tried some of the other apps similar to this one, and always ended up delting them because they just didn't offer what I was looking for in an app like this and wanted me to pay for the full version and bla bla bla. I was a bit confused for the first 5 minutes when trying to wrap my head around what exactly this app is capable of, and when I figured out a kind of "pulse" effect for the notification LED (1st color=black@ .5sMix, 2nd color=your choice@ .5sMix) I immediately fell in love. I was so bored with notification LEDs that just blink blink blink at you like its a big emergency haha Seeing a soft cyan pulsing in and out for sms/mms/bbm, or blue for facebook, or red for emails gives my 9850 a more futuristic look, rather than just a blinking light that feels almost primitive to me now. I hope hope HOPE this makes its way to BB10 (wink wink). Thanx to Sultan for the great app, and especially for making it free! :)

Oh, on a side note, I'm running OS7.1 on a Torch9850 and have not noticed any particular increase in battery drain since installation about 2 weeks ago.

That comment you just made about the pulse made this app like A MILLION TIMES BETTER!!! And it was already like the coolest app out there.

EVERYONE you NEED to check out the above comment on making the light PULSE!!! Its amazing!!

I've been using this app for a few weeks and i like it....i used it to make the virtual keyboard vibrate as i not sure is this was a feature of this app but since i downloaded it my Torch makes alert sounds whenever the battery is low, its plugged into a charger, or whenever it is powered on....

Been using this little gem for awhile, the amount of customization is crazy! All you have to do is look and you instantly know who is calling. Pure awesome on my 9900. If you don't have this, you need to download.

Great free app. There are frequent updates and constantly more features being added. The developer should be making money off this somehow, with ads or something, it really is that good.

Only thing BeBuzz has on this one is that with this app, the light will blink red once first before blinking the color you picked. With BeBuzz it goes straight to the right color. Also, there's an option to allow stacked lights (ie if you have an email with yellow light and also a text with a green light, it flashes yellow then green) but it doesn't work for me. It just flashes whatever is most recent.

Both of those can be fixed:

- turn off the LED notification in the BB profile settings, that will fix the first red light flashing because it stops the native flash and lets this app do the flash instead

- to show stacked lights, simply go to the LED Light settings, and change the LED Mode to 'Show Multi-LED'. Yours is likely on 'Show Last LED Only'

Hope that helps!

Within the app it says contect protection (encryption) must be disabled. Which makes it completely useless to me. The features sound nice, but I'll stick to BeBuzz which works flawlessly with encryption enabled. :) thanks BellShare.

I sleep for few hours and then wake up to find a new post on Crackberry :) many thanks

@Juggalo20, encryption will cripple all apps but only for certain features, not everything, and all apps share the same restrictions, try it ;)

@wazzugrad, I placed new red notes in the main page of my app (9.8.2) under each feature group about avoiding battery drain, LED or Screen backlight or vibration uses extra battery power, its common sense. However apps drain battery power when it uses extra cpu + memory, please do compare, its very easy :)

@houseane, my app compares the last 8 digits of a number, the +1 shouldn't really effect, however if the number is shorter, then yes it will include it, maybe you can add the 1 when your saving the number :)

@Searzy, the problem is not the direction, its that majority of people dont even read the help section and starts complaining, especially when its a lot they have to read, thats why im trying to create an online help manual on my website and facebook fan page.

@everyone, many thanks for all your kind words, please use either CB forums, the email address provided in my app, or facebook fan page if you would like more clarifications or request new features :)

@Adam Zeis, many thanks for this great post, this is the second front page post by Crackberry ( about my app in 1 month, truly CB is a great site that cares about what's good for bb users :)

It doesn't seem to be doing that for me. I save my number as (XXX) XXX-XXXX, including the space. It seems to recognize the number when I am calling locally but when it is long distance and the phone automatically adds +1, it seems to show the pop-up. I'll look a little closer over the next few days and let you know how it is reacting.

Came across this app a few mths ago in the forums and thought id give it a go...absolutely brilliant app and best of all its free.

Ive now kissed bebuzz goodbye, the fact that this app is just as good if not better than Bebuzz plus its free with no upgrade fees just makes it a million times better than Bebuzz...sure its not as easy to set up as bebuzz but once you have it set then your good to go.

Well done Sultan for making a brilliant FREE app.

Stumbled on the app a week ago and I can tell u that blinking 3 diff colors has converted sum friends to #teamBB.
Thanks sultan 'lade

I love this app with my bold. Works great. My wife has a torch and we both cant find a way to personalize my bbm contact on her phone. Sms, phone calls and email work but not bbm. Can anyone help?