Adobe Reader for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.1.0.4

By Bla1ze on 28 Mar 2013 09:36 pm EDT

Although I've not personally used Adobe Reader on my BlackBerry Z10 all that much, it does seem to be a popular app among users. An update rolling out now pushes the app into v10.1.0.4 and has some pretty decent changes included with it. If you find yourself using the app often, you'll want to make sure you go ahead and grab the update. Need to know exactly what's changed? No problem, BlackBerry did list them all for us:

  • Copy/Paste & Search - Copy and paste text from an Adobe PDF file. Easily search the text to find specific words or phrases.
  • Annotate & Comment - Make a quick note or comment on your PDF. Mark-up, comment or annotate with Sticky Notes, highlight, strikethrough and underline tools. 
  • Hyperlink Support - Embedded links will now work as expected.

The update is live right now, you can update from within BlackBerry World or hit the link below to be taken right to the app download.

Download Adobe Reader for BlackBerry 10

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Adobe Reader for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.1.0.4


Install it from the web. Go to BlackBerry World website, then install from there.. it will push the update to your device even if it's not showing in BlackBerry World on your device.

Could you please give us more details about how to do this? From my playbook I went to the appworld but it either boots me to the PlayBook appworld where I get a "not supported" message or when I login to the website I can't find it.

Can anyone report on whether this really works or does it cause system problems etc? Thanks!

I use Q-PDF , it allows me to " View Text " only therefore allows me read large PDF's with out pinch and zoom

Nice update. Makes it more useful for me. Would love to see this update on the PlayBook (more screen real estate to see my pdf files).

yes awesome it has "Text Reflow " which will remove the formating and acts like Reader making reading PDF's much much much easier. This will be a hit with the Legal and medical community reading legal PDf's and Medical studies.

THX Blackberry and Crackberry somebody is listening

Gotta say, I'm in heaven when it comes to PDF on the Z10. It was ok on the 9780, a nightmare on the PlayBook, but this new platform just keeps getting better and better!

Love seeing BlackBerry update all these key apps (even if it is reactionary).

Also, BlackBerry Travel was updated.

I'm loving the fact that with this update, we're now able to annotate on PDF documents, add sticky notes, etc. All those are fantastic new features.

OOps spoke to early, when you read the PDF in the Text reflow , you cannot scroll the page up or down, which is a bummer. It acts like Reader in the browser, but is not allowing me to scroll, hope they can fix that.

man I must of been stupid, it works like a dream.
Z10 is complete, Skype, Instagram, spotify are a bonus

I would rather spend the $4.99 for Q-PDF APP in App World. You open your PDF in your email, save it in Remember file.
Then open the Q-PDF, go to file , select Remember, open The PDF , , select Open , then selct Text reflow and voila. yes extra quick steps but it works like a dream. If BB can fix the Adobe reader to allow you to scroll in Text Reflow it would be awesome.

Hopefully the playbook gets updated soon. I am sick of RepliGo crashing while annotating pdfs.

Yeah, this is super useful - definitely need upgrade to the PlayBook version...


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I love RepliGo Reader, zooms in on the text. Easy annotate, bookmark etc. Works on Playbook and the Z10. I just finished reading over 1000 pages of my CISSP manual; putting my Playbook to good use as an e-reader.

Yes! Yes! I just loaded 16 GB of service manuals from work into my Z10 last night hoping it "May get this update Soon". Bookmark support was a huge gaping bullet wound for me :) so happy! *dances*

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Wow been waiting for these changes for ever for my PB, glad to know that once it updates to BB10 it should have a greatly improved .pdf reader

Good additional features in this update. Finally I'm able to add comments and highlight in the PDF. I use very few apps but this one is the one I absolutely must have and use a lot.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I installed the update and since then I can't use Adobe Reader. I have a grey icon. I can't reinstall this app or remove it to install it because it is a "system app". Do I have to swipe my device and install everything again?

What I found was when you use Text Flow the PDF freezes and does not scroll. The sizing of the print in Text Flow is fine, it works like READER in the browser, but you cannot scroll the PDF it freezes. I should be able to receive a 20 page medical PDF from Lancet.
Open it in Adobe which the APP does well, hit the 3 dot menu and select " Text Flow " then size the print which it does well to read . Then scroll the PDF ( this is where the problem is ). Then read & cut and paste the info into an email ( which it does well ) and send it to a medical colleague. BB or Adobe needs to correct the scrolling ability of the PDF in Text Flow. I do use the APP on my Z10 called Q-PDF at $4.99 which works well but requires extra steps.

Nice update. The annotation is nice but it is not a form fill function. I still use QPDF as it has both, the purchase price landed me a PlayBook and Z10 copy as well.

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Great enhancements! BlackBerry keep them coming! Is it possible to open password protected PDFs? I have some special password protected and encrypted PDFs which I'm sure won't work today, but hopefully in the future. Hopefully BlackBerry keeps on listening...

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