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Adobe Reader update for BlackBerry 10 brings enhanced PDF mobile form support

By Bla1ze on 12 Mar 2014 12:10 am EDT

A fancy new update for Adobe Reader is now making its way through BlackBerry World. This release marked as v10.4.1.15 brings quite a few changes along for the ride with the usual bug fixes and optimizations aside.

  • Now filling out a form is simple and reliable. Just tap the fillable field and the keyboard will appear, allowing for entry of form data.
  • Once a fillable PDF form is entered, you can quickly save or share the PDF file.
  • You can also attach signatures to PDF files that include forms.

The updated started arriving shortly after we posted our Foursquare update post, so most folks should have it now in BlackBerry World if you haven't grabbed it already.

Download Adobe Reader for BlackBerry 10



Just got the update pushed

Posted via CB10


I'm on it first... updating it I mean not that I have first post....

Posted via CB10


Crap I missed first post.... now I look dumb....

Posted via CB10


No worries the ghost is clear at least for now until the wolves wake up. LoL

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 



Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

omega supreme

I guess I woke up early.... if he had posted 1st it wouldn't have made a difference... out of curiosity, do people get points or a cookie for saying they are 1st... does crackberry hand out gifts to people that do? if not then what is the point, outside of letting others know that you spend hours refreshing the site in desperation to see a new article posted so you can chime in and feel like you accomplished something bigger than cleaning your room?

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I don't know or maybe I don't want to tell you or maybe you need to be 1st sometime and find out for yourself.

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omega supreme

Doubt that'll happen, seeing as how I've had the opportunity once or twice before of being 1st and I opted to not say anything cause I think it looks stupid to say anything when nobody else hasn't....
i.e... "How do you like the new possibly leaked images of >insert phone here

omega supreme

Odd, i didn't know comments had a character limit, or I just can't see the rest of what I wrote on the crackberry app... anyhow, what I was trying to say was that being the 1st comment would make me feel stupid even if i didn't mention I was 1st.

Posted via CB10


The feeling is unmatched to post first.... try it sometime.. you will have no regrets... plus it is funny to see all the 1st post bathers come out and try to make a difference by bashing the first posters.... lol

Posted via CB10

omega supreme

I seriously doubt that; unless crackberry is giving money or prizes away for doing so I would have the same feeling as watching paint dry...actually scratch that, watching paint dry is a much better feeling.

Posted via CB10


I think it is the paint fumes you like, not watching it

Posted via CB10


and this makes you look like an idiot! Thank you for making my day start so great!! Why not be a normal person and not try to be stupid and not try to say first?? Easy concept!!


It's funny now, to watch the control others have over you. I think I'll start saying "FIRST" in every post, just to see you twitch.

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First to agree. +10! :)

Posted via CB10


Can't we all just get along?. What does it take from you to let people feel good to say first. Chill out. Or ignore man.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.


This is actually worse than the Channels!!!
Herd of nerds arguing about who is first.....whats next, a battle using your star wars weapons????
Someone needs to moderate the comments & group slap all these morons when the comments go too far off topic....

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Are you saying my Chewbaka underwear isn't cool?

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Got it...glad we have the form fill :)

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

Good stuff. Was waiting for that.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Actually the most significant change is the fixing of the bug that caused a long lag when opening a doc. Things open very quickly now. Great update.

Posted via CBQ10


Just had another look. You're right it's so much faster now.


Humm, I did got it yesterday ?!?

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Is this update included for us out of luck 10.1 users. I know I know load a leak or sacheis...I about to.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


Not available for 10.1

Poetry in Motion


How does the app know what's a form to fill out or one that was already filled out? Know what I mean?


That's predefined within the document. So you can only fill out what the author wants you to. Same as on PC.

Posted via CB10


I just downloaded an application form to adobe and I can't type on it. How do you do it??


open the text annotation

Posted via CB10


We need text flow to have more then 2 text size options when reading a pdf. Text Flow should have another 4 more text sizes. ASAP

Posted via CB10

Jaimin Shah

+1billion raised to the power of 1billion

Narendra Modi for PM and Congress free India 2014


"This release marked as v10.4.1.15
brings quite a few changes
along for the ride
with the usual bug fixes
and optimizations aside."

Nice rhyme scheme.


Hey dude nice rhyme scheme...if you say so.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


Update push is awesome :)

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Lol killed by comments...
Well I got the update early today...

Posted via CB10


I wish oh how I wish this Acrobat Reader would actually be able to read PDF's I receive from certain work suppliers instead of getting the message saying "some of features in this document are not supported by this version". Drives me crazy, especially since my iPad can view them.

Posted via CB10

canadian nick

I'm happy about these updates, up until recently I could open pdf's on my BlackBerry that everyone else could open on iphones

Posted via CB10


Love the improved speed of opening documents!

Posted via CB10


Why am I still on Version 10.1.5 and you all are on Version 10.4.x. And it doesn't give me an option to update?

Posted via CB10

First 8320

Us people on 10.1 are missing out of whole lot! I'm disappointed!


I can't get it. I'm on 10.2 on AT&T. If I upgrade to 10.2.1 will I be able to download it from BBWorld (or Adobe) or does ATT have to push it first.?

Posted via CB10


Why aren't these updates coming through to the BlackBerry Hub Notifications?

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.