Adobe Reader for BlackBerry 10 updates to version

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jun 2013 08:38 am EDT

Adobe Reader has seen quite a few updates on BlackBerry 10 in the last few months, and today it brings a new one that has some awesome features in tow. The update brings us to version and has come a long way since the initial release. Good to see the native apps getting support like this to keep things up to speed. 

This version includes some awesome additions - copy & paste, text search, hyperlink support, smart zoom and more. The new features should make for some very happy PDF readers. 

The new update should be rolling out now but if you're not seeing it, just check back later.

More information/Download Adobe Reader

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Adobe Reader for BlackBerry 10 updates to version


Nice work. I don't need all the apps in the whole world, all I need is for improvements on the apps that make me the most productive.

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It's coming in august... Americans probably september.. lol. I have beta which comes with 4.2.2 Android Runtime

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It is more stable as well. A file that used to cause the previous version to close when I scrolled works fine now.

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You got that right. I know there is leaks out there, but I don't wanna mess with it.
But it does feel like having an outdated phone by now being on 10.0 still.
This is starting to get silly not to release 10.1 yet...

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Just think how long you need to wait for 10.2

And that *does* have cool API changes that won't allow 10.2 apps to run in 10.1.

The only saving grace for you guys is the PB will likely get 10.1.

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"The only saving grace for you guys is the PB will likely get 10.1. "

*fingers crossed sooo f*ing hard...*

I was wondering why I couldn't get it. now I know. it says no update for me. also the CNN app only works with 10.1 OS.

I've only seen one update in the "past few months".
I'm glad to see they are updating. What are the others I should have seen?

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I think the previous update on Z10 was finally "useable" and prior to that many BB users found other alternatives for .pdf file handling. Runs fantastic on Z10. Having this baked in is a great milestone but it should have come much sooner. Why did it take soooo long? Come on BBRY; forget "Keep Moving" (tm) you need to "Up Your Game" (tm).

Saw yesterday a review of 10.2 posted in OS section of CB and installed some .bar files (clock, camera) after. Waiting for first leak or official OS.

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Great update. Nice to see BlackBerry staying on top of these apps. Someone needs to tell them to go in and clear out some of the more inappropriate reviews though.

Ya it is nice but they should be really on top with the U.S carriers on pushing their 10.1 update. They put all that effort in fixing any bugs adding features and etc to improve their device to only have the carriers delay it. It makes BB look bad at the end with their current users.

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Looks like still no support for pw protected PDFs :( Even better would be support for PDF encrypted files with authentication over SSL! Hopefully Adobe and BBRY will look into this...

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THX Adam , medical professional and a old Bold 9900 " view text " user for PDF , love the current text flow on Adobe reader

Downloaded the update on the 10.1, where is the Tap and Zoom ?
The " text flow" only gives you the same two Font sizes , it needs at least 4 to 5 font sizes for old folks with glasses. The Bold 9900 had " view text" and the text came up like the browser Reader on the Z10 and Q10 browser. Do I need to re-start my phone ?

Now if they can only release BB 10 on the Playbook as promised so I can replace the USELESS Adobe Reader version that has never been updated on that tablet!

I really happy on how BlackBerry is dealing with the app gap and not only that they pump out a lot of updates
Yes there are some shortcomings, but you can genuinely see BlackBerry is making an effort ( not that this update has anything to do with it, but in general I mean)

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Text Reflow is a joke. You can't make the text big enough, like on so many other apps and platforms. Why is this so hard?

as a medical professional, on my Bold 9900 , I would open a 50 page medical PDF study select view text and voila I could read it like Reader mode o the Z10 browser. My iP5 users would puke. Text flow is not bad but if we could get 5 font sizes instead of 2 it would be great. Get it Adobe, Old MD's with glass's we are still around

When I try to add a Note, known as a comment or annotation in other PDF apps, Adobe Reader force closes on me. Not good. OS Version

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Thanks for this Adobe. Some way to go yet but keep em coming. Would like to see Form support improvements next and then further security features.

Could Adobe and BlackBerry form a strategic partnership to crack the mobile to LAN printing conundrum? At present only MS mobiles handle this and it would be a major coup over Android and iOS if they could get it working first.

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"This version includes some awesome additions - copy & paste, text search, hyperlink support, smart zoom and more."

Great, now they just need to bring this to the PB!

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I have the old version 10.0.6 and it won't update. The apo won't delete. I can see the updated version in BlackBerry World but it won't update either. I just switched my phone from Q10, which had the updated version of Adobe, to the z10 so that may be causing a problem. Any insight?

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I hav noticed tht new updates dont shw directly on my BlackBerry z10..its always when I sideload a leaked virsion of any os n then after few days I reload os through BlackBerry link, only then I c a new os in ny fone( official one) . m in india operator airtel...

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