Adobe Reader for BlackBerry 10 updated with two new cool features

Adobe Reader
By James Richardson on 21 Aug 2013 03:19 am EDT

Adobe Reader isn't an application I tend to use on a regular basis, but that's just because I don't have the need to view PDF's very often. For business users though this latest update adds some awesome functionality into the app which will not only make it more useable, but also takes it in the direction of "Mobile Computing" as quoted by the main man Thorsten Heins. 

The new features are as follows: 

  • Signature Support - Easily sign documents with Adobe Reader signature support. Quickly create a signature, save it and then place the signature anywhere on the document! Now - move, resize and adjust color, opacity & thickness of a signature, too. 
  • Text Annotation - easily insert any text using the Text Annotation Feature in Adobe Reader. Text Annotation can also be moved, deleted and adjusted for opacity, color and thickness. 

Good stuff wouldn't you agree? And it works perfectly - I tested it out as soon as I grabbed the update. 

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Adobe Reader for BlackBerry 10 updated with two new cool features


The update doesn't bring much.

I use this app every day to open drawings, Hic are produced to be seen in landscape.
However when you open them, if you turn the phone in landscape to enjoy the big screen in high resolution, it turns the drawing !

We terribly miss a rotate function in this app.

Posted via CB10

Mine rotate too when I turn the phone.

What I need, is to be able to rotate the pictures WITHOUT turning the phone ;)

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If you are running OS 10.2 then you will already have an updated version with the new features.

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Sounds great... I guess I don't get updates on 10.2 though. :(

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It's an awesome update! I don't think that Adobe Reader on Android, Windows Phone or iPhone can do that! (I used Adobe Reader on these OSes once so I can't really tell if any update integrated those features.)

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Nice, but I still need a way to have multiple documents open at one time... on my phone as well as my PlayBook.

BlackBerry certainly has given up on the BlackBerry PlayBook. To be honest they could have released an updated BlackBerry 10 PlayBook tablet and made it half the thickness of the current tablet. I would buy it. However, back to Adobe Reader, this update has been long awaited although it seems to be missing the true digital signature offered by the version for Microsoft Windows XP; it allowed you to create a cryptographically verifiable digital signature (not a copy of a hand-written signature, though a nice addition to this updated release) and date & time stamped the signature applied to the PDF document. Maybe the next update? :-)

James - please review or tell us more about these types of apps. :-). You know, tools :D

Anyway been playing around with the app and it is pretty cool. This is what it should have been on the PlayBook.

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Agreed. CrackBerry would do well to have someone take business and productivity apps under their "area of responsibility " so we can help each other get access to great apps by helping devs get greater exposure and revenue.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Couldn't agree more. I'd definitely like to see more productivity tools shown/reviewed on CrackBerry. +1 vote for dedicated section of this website.

I agree, couldn't care less about checking out the latest "draw the line" or "throw the bird" games that come out.

It would be nice if they gave me more insite on how to "keep moving" rather than stopping and playing.

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Couldn't agree more. I have absolutely no interest in game reviews but plenty of interest in productivity app reviews.

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Nice update! With all the talk about needing Instagram , I'm glad to see Adobe and Blackberry haven't forgotten business users.

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

Cool feature. Unfortunately my signature does not look anything like it does in real life using the adobe signature editor.

Maybe if I found someone with a galaxy note pen, then this could be useful.

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Wow, I didn't know that was there with the 10.2 leak. I could have signed a whole bunch of PDFs with ought going to the pc.

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If you backup your phone before updating
You can restore the old version of the app back , If anything goes wrong.

This is a great tip , CB should do a write up on this ,maybe a video showing that it works.

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Creating and deleting comments, highlighting, text crossing, underlining, writing text and drawing works well. However when I try to add a signature I click and a wondow opens, but there I can't write it or cancel sometimes. Sometimes it works (I had issues when I clicked on the left side of the screen). I also don't see an option to change my signature, once you save it it's there.

All in all awesome features, this small bug should not stop you from downloading it

Here's how to change your signature: when in a pdf document swipe down, select options and in the middle is a button to edit signature.

Hah I should get reading glasses hahah. I was looking for how to animate text and was stumped and then re read the change logs and realised it said annotate! Bah. Imagine animated text on a pdf document hahah how silly was I assuming that hahaha Bleh!

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As a commenter above already said, it eliminates the need for the PC to be used to do the annotating and or signing. Another function transferred to mobile. I think that's what he meant.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

BTW an app along these lines that I can highly recommend is Paper Pusher Scanner. I had a large set of handwritten and typed pages to send as a project remotely. My work copier does scan to pdf, so I did this for part1 and 2, but for part 3, I could not get to the photocopier, so I used this app. It worked beautifully! I could then open the pdf and add annotations after to fix a couple of things. All from the dock in cottage country! Great!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Always thought the app was good, updates keep making it better too.

One thing I noticed is I can't see my pay stub online with my z10 but on it works on the iPhone.

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Good to see this, but I guess it still isn't available for Playbook? I have been waiting for PDF annotation capabilities on the PB since day 1.

Great feature, but a question: How do I change my signature ie: edit the signature ?
Another feature Adobe should look at is add more font sizes in "Text Flow ". Two font sizes still not enough, maybe a slider feature to size up the print to fit on the page. Loved my 9900 where I opened my PDF , then hit View Text and made reading PDF excellent.

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It's great and all. However would this not make sense on the PlayBook as well? More of an E reader and document viewer for me at least. What would it cost them to make a bar file available for this? Or is there a way to extract this and work for the PlayBook?

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I want it to understand 3D Pdfs, I deal with them at work all the time, I have to use my desktop reader

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I've added my signature in work and personal perimeter, cool. I emailed myself a pdf form, but how do you insert the signature? It says in the signature setup that to add it you have annotate your document, but every pdf I click the annotate bar, it says they're protected and some edits aren't allowed, then there's no option for signatures.

And to think Adobe Reader is the worst app available for the PlayBook... SMH

But ohhh do I love it on my Z10 *happy face*

Just tried the signature. Had to do it a few times, but finally looks sort of like my signature. I ended up using an ipad stylus and pressing firmly. It works sort of like the credit card pads at the supermarket :-)

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One of the top programs to have on any mobile device is Adobe Acrobat. I use it every day; PDF is an important way for businesses to send documents by email.
One of the first native apps on the PB was the Acrobat reader; sad, it was just a basic 'reader'.

It is good news.
Adobe is now supporting upgrades to the Acrobat for the BB devices that are more than 'readers'.

Kind of cool, hard to get my signature looking 'right' using my finger.

It'd be cooler if the app could just take a picture of your signature and digitize it, similar to how osX's preview app does it.

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Any update that brings additional functionality, regardless of whether I use it, is good with me. I would however have preferred an update that brought snappier loading and viewing of .pdf files. Maybe next time...

Dammit, where was this last week when I had documents in pdf I needed to sign and return? Ended up having to wait until I got home from work to do it on my PC, lol. :-P

Anyway, at least they finally added it. So for next time...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Nice features indeed! This is what I expect from an business app like this!

Heins the Main man? Hopefully he's not that greedy like all the other upper management guys nowadays and let BlackBerry fall to cash in the money! We'll see!

posted via CB10 powered by my Q10

I'm stoked. Signatures? YES! I've been patiently awaiting this. This opens up SO many doors for different ideas on how to run a business in 2013.

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Nay-sayers - LOL - what's to troll about this? Nothing, doing signatures on a BlackBerry screen is SO ideal in many ways.

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Being able to do a signature on a BlackBerry is a feature I literally couldn't believe had not existed as default functionality previous to now. This makes me very happy.

I figured Adobe and BlackBerry were going to innovate big time on mobile and paperless forms a long long time ago, because to me that is an ideal feature for a BlackBerry device. BlackBerry's are clearly business oriented, mobile computers - meaning, having an ability to do digital signatures is something I kept quiet about, but always wondered, "WTF is there no digital signature default function on a BlackBerry?" now there is. Good.

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Have reader version 10 on my work desktop and use it every day. Didn't know it had these features. Thanks for educating me.

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It doesn't open most of the pdf docs I'm sent so the new features are useless. Other apps are better.

Cool, and the app still works after the update. I guess updates aren't so bad after all.

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Wonderful addition of signatures. It works very well too. Wonderful.

bcuffy. Q10, 9900, PlayBook 64gb, Iphone 3gs.

Just used the updated annotations, it works really well, simple and perhaps better than qpdf which I paid for on the PlayBook.

I think BlackBerry finally got round to integrating an annotating demo app they showed off about two years ago!!!

Two year development cycle for this is a bit too long don't you think?

Posted via Z10 on CB10

This update saves my life. I am about to work remotely for a while where I don't have a scanner. Bingo I can now sign documents on the go. Out QA department doesn't accept e -signatures and they were fine to see that on Z10 I actually sign with my hand so it is fine. They also want me to add the date by hand so every time I sign I will edit the information and send. Thank you BlackBerry !

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The update is nice, but I still prefer using RepliGo Reader. The sideload works great on my Z10 as well as my PlayBook.

Great update!

I agree with those that would love to see a section that deals strictly with business productivity applications..? How about it guys?

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

Sry for sounding like a fool here but I haven't received notification for an update nor does it say in blackberry world that an update is available, when I view my apps. Is there a way I can manually update to latest version? I'm not on 10.2.

EDIT: Nevermind !! UGH! You'd think the app would tell you an update was available, especially when you're viewing it in My World. Oh well, I'll know for next time.