Adobe Reader for BlackBerry 10 updated with accessibility features, stability improvements

By Bla1ze on 4 Feb 2014 09:19 pm EST

A small update to Adobe Reader for BlackBerry 10 is currently rolling out through BlackBerry World. Despite it being small, it brings improved accessibility features through BlackBerry Screen Reader in addition to stability improvements that will help keep the app running smoothly. Finally, it also adds in the ability to enter in forms. The update is live on BlackBerry World right now, so go ahead and grab it.

Download Adobe Reader for BlackBerry 10

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Adobe Reader for BlackBerry 10 updated with accessibility features, stability improvements


I agree, there are lots of times I open BBW with 1-2 updates available showing, and I manually press the button to check for more updates, and 8 more apps appear.

But in the case where it comes out on the 4th (today), I'd expect their system to do notifications after midnight, so you'd have the notification for this tomorrow morning, as opposed to real time notification.

I found this about an hour ago. I was wondering why I didn't hear anything from CB.

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How interesting... Working on Screen Reader... Glad to see  BlackBerry is helping the impaired. :D

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Agree too. How has the notification system ended up being so patchy? It's like they're being done manually by some and others are forgetting or not bothering. No, the server needs some work.

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I'm not seeing the update yet in NYC. I did a search and everything. I'm sure it will be here soon enough.

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I have it available on TM:
.. along with an upgrade for FB, NHL, Noted, Photo Studio

I had some PDF's that I could not open with the older version.
Now, with the Adobe Reader upgrade, I can read them.

Let me test an old E-mail PDF attachment ...
(Ah .... so I won the GB lottery! Oh, the date to pick up the money expired)

Maybe, because lots of apps lately are releasing lots of updates for os 10.2.1 users, anyway you hive it a try and hit check for updates option.

When I open the files (tax forms) it says "This document is an XFA form. XFA forms cannot be filled using the mobile adobe reader.".

Does not let me fill out as many firms as qPDF does.

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Forms (sp)

The native app still needs some work. I don't really understand why I can not edit certain form with the native app that qPDF has no problem with.

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Was just showing off how easy it is to edit and sign pdf's on the Zed at work today, and now an update.

Now if only BBRY can tweak Docs to Go word doc formatting just a wee bit, I wouldn't need to my laptop as much.

From my Vader Zed 10.2.1 and BBM

This sucks. This update must be only for phones that have been updated to 10.2.1. I don't see it. Maybe because tmobile is taking their sweet a$$ time with it C'mon tmobile!!!!

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To all the US BlackBerry owners waiting for an update I found if I went wifi only and used a VPN network to connect showing a Canada location through BlackBerry Link I could pull a Canadian update and avoid waiting for lazy ass network providers. Good luck. I used a Surfeasy VPN USB for about $50 to pull my updates and get EA downloads for free overseas last week

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Not available to VZW subscribers. Neither is OS 10.2.1. No explanation from BlackBerry why we're treated like 3rd-class citizens. Maybe Samsung does better.

Look it is not blackberry's fault about it, but it is actually verizon's fault. I would suggest that you ask those guys for thr update cause they actually released it for some.

I am on Verizon in Germany and getting these updated. Go to BlackBerry World, click My World and check for updates.

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I'm on Verizon and last Monday the 10.2.1 update showed for me through Link, though not on the device when I checked for updates. I'd be pissed if I missed out on the Friday round AND the Monday round of VZW updates. Blame Verizon for that because the OS is buttery smooth.

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No problems with receiving updates here in Sweden (Telenor). Although I agree that BB notifications needs improvement.

I didn't realize AT&T was so far behind. If I wouldn't have received the 10.1 maintenance update on T-Mobile , I probably would have gotten a different phone (I had the rebooting problem) .

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Wonder why certain parts of my bill which is in pdf can't be viewed/not showing properly even after the update. When I view the same pdf using polaris viewer on my droid, all parts are showing.

my last update from them on my desktop seems to have messed it up pretty good,but then again Bell in my area is having problems so maybe it's a coincedence,I don't know.It,s been a few days now ,that's why I haven't been around.Then again maybe I caught something from all those android apps I downloaded.

The Adobe Reader needs to add more font sizes for the Text Flow.
If your reading large PDF the print is still to small. I loved the View Text feature of the 9900.
It was simple , you open a PDF click menu select "View Text " Bingo it formated everything and now you can read the text etc.
BlackBerry / Adobe should adopt the BlackBerry Reader Mode for the Adobe Reader !

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So true.

Fortunately I have my xls to pdf machine (laptop) for such instances. I'm surprised no one is working on a converter.

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Thanks Bla1ze for the news. Just upgraded it without any problems. I checked with the AppWorld and there was no notification there, but when I checked the Adobe Reader it showed the upgrade available. Something is wrong with the Notifications. Again, thanks!

Had to use the signature function a couple of days ago at work. Too busy to print, sign, scan and email/fax a document. Using my Z10, I was able to turn around the document in no time - like a boss :-)
Really like this app!

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If you're having problems and think that this update isn't showing, just do a search for Adobe through BlackBerry World, open the Adobe Reader page then you'll probably see that the update is available from there.

I did that numerous times and refreshed BlackBerry World it must just be for 10.2.1 users.

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Now you've done that: Please find the time to update the adobe reader on my Playbook.

Hopefully it fixes the slow startup when having a lot of files in history.

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For some reason the updates aren't showing unless I click on the double arrow at the bottom of the updates window, now I all of a sudden have 3 available to update to.

As I have been saying for a while Mr. Chen, fix the update server already. (He listens and responds to me you know? So do the people on TV. )

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Timely update!
I had just received a couple of PDF receipts via email from Service Ontario for my license plate renewals and I couldn't open them. The error said my version of Adobe wad too old or something.
Applied this update and now the pdf open perfectly.

From this I deduce that they released the update just for me :)

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