Adobe posts longer BlackBerry PlayBook demo video!

By Bla1ze on 25 Oct 2010 11:46 pm EDT

For those of you who missed the full presentation or are not wanting to watch the replay via the AdobeMAX website, Adobe has now posted a longer version of the BlackBerry PlayBook demo to Youtube. Kevin summed it all for us earlier today so, just sit back and enjoy this one. Needless to say, my desire to own a BlackBerry PlayBook has increased many times over.

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Adobe posts longer BlackBerry PlayBook demo video!


I want one. So bad. Willing to do anything. Might be time for us to run a What Would You Do for a BlackBerry PlayBook? contest... whaddya think?

Enough with the tablet name debate. BlackBerry have officially chosen PlayBook and we should all learn to accept it whether we like it or not.

One thing they've never talked about is how all that multitasking and those apps running in the background would effect the battery life. HTC EVO 4G like battery life or what?

It's working fine in Player for YouTube. No problems. It wouldn't even show in my list if it couldn't play it (as far as I know) Seemed fine

I've wanted one since it was first announced. At first I thought I'd still like the iPad more, until I read into it, like how it can become an extension of the current BlackBerry phone, instead of being as a completely separate unit in a form of a tablet.

Now that I've watched the video... I want one even more also.

Was just wondering, since the Playbook will be closely bonded with Blackberry phones, would it be possible to use the QWERTY keyboard on the BB Phone as an input device for the Playbook?
If they manage that and add Word, Excel capabilities to the Playbook, they will undoubtedly have a killer Tablet which would eliminate the need for carrying an additional keyboard, like the ipad folks are encouraged to do.
Is there anyway to suggest this to RIM?

if you notice when Mike is showing off the Multitasking an icon for Sheets to go was on the menu bar, so Excel is already installed.

And with how much better Sheets to go is for OS6, compared to iOS if they kept the same functions and grew with it, it truly will be better than the iPad for business use.

I really am hoping to see what people can do with Adobe AIR.

Wow, that would be an epic Idea. I would love to use my 9650 as an input device. Here's to hoping that the intergration is more than advertized.

I'm sure an external keyboard can be attached, but since I'm already carrying a BB, which has an excellent keyboard, why not have an app which can use the BB keyboard. Also carrying an additional keyboard severely restricts the portability factor, which is the main USP of a Tablet.

Every Bloody UI rips off of each other, just like every car manufacturer rips off of each other, and hardware maker rips off of each other, When a Good UI foundation is made, people slowly tweak their UI's to match similar functionality,

Ask the folks at the Xerox Palo Alto labs who developed the GUI and Stevie Boy ripped them off, after the Xerox Suits in rochester laughed the idea away.

Am I the only one seeing a slight jitter with the UI? It's not as fluid as it needs to be, like there's a small pause every now and then. This is very reminiscent of RIM's current OSs on the BB handsets. I thought we were going to get away from that BS. (The first video was jittery itself, so I didn't pass judgement because it seems even Adobe botched that FLV file encoding. lol But this video was smooth, just the PlayBook manipulation wasn't, so I don't think we can blame the video on this one.)

Also, the MRI app... that seemed not as fluid as well when you zoomed in and out.

With RIM now going to Air for their UI apps, to me it seems like they've moved from one slow language (Java) to a newer slow language (Air/Flash) for the PlayBook. Actually, Air/Flash isn't slow in terms of native performance, it's just that it takes a lot of hardware to make it very fluid... probaby one of the reasons RIM threw in the specs they have into the PlayBook... but is it really enough?

Why so jittery?... and don't tell me it's an early OS release. I'm getting tired of that BS excuse.

Unfortunately I feel that RIM was trying to show off too much stuff on the Playbook, Look we can watch a video + we can stream youtube, + we have this open, when my PC had as low of specs as the Playbook had, I didn't go around streaming HD video and doing other things, cause it got jittery.

I think if they showed me doing one Media Rich application and then maybe posting on a forum, and using Sheet2go it might not be so jittery...
Though it could just be my hopes are high,

As for the MRI App, that is SOOOO much smoother than the ones I've actually seen live, but the this will be one of the few times I'll say this, the playbook is a little small for that specific application, though I guess being able to bring it into the room and plug it into a larger screen for viewing would be handy and the cost of Film for Xrays the playbook could pay for it's self in a month of use with solid MRI integration.

Beta OS isn't an excuse, it's a reality. There's a reason why it's not being released until early 2011: TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT. Would you rather they release it early and buggy?

*edit* oops this reply was meant for JRSCivic.

And keep in mind, those MRI images were streaming through WiFi.

I still fear in 2011 we are going to have bugs to iron out, Adobe AIR is still too new, and it is Built by Adobe (ick), so there are bound to be little bugs we have yet to discover in testing, and RIM's testing cycle is for sure going to be shorter on this that it should be just to get it to Market before an iPad2 is announced and a slew of Win7 Tablets start showing up in the Enterprise world

And therein lies the reasons why RIM is going slowly downhill. This will turn out just like the POS Storm . When Apple introduces a product, it is fully baked and ready for primetime. They don't even admit to a new product until then, let alone try to generate some hype as the PumpkinHead (Happy Halloween!) is doing here.

Big deal. The S1 (with several OS versions) had a bug on the dialpad that would allow a user to tap a certain combination of 2 buttons and render the dialpad inoperable until the Phone App was closed and relaunched. I found this bug in those OSs and while not really a security issue, it could cause issue with someone fumbling to try and dial 911 or something. Nothing is bug free and the iOS bug is similar to a bug just found about a week ago or so on an Android phone with MotoBlur on it. So, let's not make this all one sided. lol

The whole point is Apple couldn't even get their security right in the 4th iteration of their OS , you are comparing it to S1 which BB's first shot at touch screen phones, it is a security flaw as opined by many, 911 is fine but why does it let me access all my emails and contacts on a locked phone, did SJ thought it is cool?? .

That wasn't an MRI app. That was a real-time browser session manipulating data on eUnity's secure servers. And it only took eUnity two hours to build in support for the Tablet OS.

I can't believe out of all the people on the face of the earth to put in a video they use the purple shirt wearing bobblehead.

Was at work and had to watch the video on mute and I swear that guy is the biggest loser I have ever seen. If you are going to put somebody on stage to nod there could have been a lot better choices.

Oh, and about the playbook... no doubt I am buying it.

I can't wait to get my hands on one of those. I really wish and hope that they would make the back leather like the bold line or if not I hope I could get it customized to get that.

That's all I need. I got me a credit card in hand and ready to swipe whenever the info comes out.
This thing looks awesome. Should be a good compliment to my iPad :D

Oh this will be such a good device to have. I am holding off on eBaying my original Sony Walkman so that I may get a few dollars more for it when the playbook is out......

if QNX can deliver so much so quickly, imagine what you would be future.

Quote, "One of QNX technology hallmarks is its distributed message passing architecture. Applications can run parts of themselves transparently on different processors and devices on a network. To understand what this means, think about the technology future shown in the movie Avatar where applications were transparently dragged from one screen to another, the screen then detached by the user, and the user walked away with the same application running on the portable device"

the guy in the purple as absolutely useless. may as well of had a pylon out there. Mike knows how to talk, the other guy couldn't even put on a proper shirt. But the playbook looks sick, soon as i find a purpose to have one ill buy one, especially over the ipad.

Dear Santa,
As you know I have been a good boy this year! And since the world is strugling with $$$ and you had to lay some elfs off, I will only ask for 1 gift this year a Playbook! Since it is small, trendy and incrediably powerfull you may leave it in my stocking on the mantle. This way the kids won't step on it. I will place a big plate of homemade cookies and brownies the wife made on the table. And I will also leave a nice tall glass of warm milk for you to enjoy. Please take the tall red box with you when you leave it has a bottle of Scotch for you to enjoy after your long night!
Thanks Rookie 83
P.S. if the elfs are almost complete with the next Storm 4G can you let them know my B-Day is in March!