Adobe announces Flash 10.1 for mobile devices. Not ready for BlackBerry as of yet

By Bla1ze on 22 Jun 2010 10:09 am EDT
Adobe announces Flash 10.1 for mobile devices

With the battle going on between Adobe and Apple right down to the adoption of Adobe Flash on some Android devices, seems there is no escaping talk of Flash when it comes to the mobile markets. One thing that we know for sure is that Research In Motion are certainly working together to bring Flash to the BlackBerry platform. The most recent announcement come from Adobe in the form of a Press Release letting folks know that Adobe Flash 10.1 is now available for Android devices in their market place and that other mobile partners have been delivered the goods to get their work started. So with that, we may eventually see their release as well.

"Flash Player 10.1 was also released to mobile platform partners to be supported on devices based on Android, BlackBerry, webOS, future versions of Windows® Phone, LiMo, MeeGo and Symbian OS, and is expected to be made available via over-the-air downloads and to be pre-installed on smart phones, tablets and other devices in the coming months."

Like it or not. Want it or not. Adobe Flash will be arriving on your BlackBerry although, Adobe and Research In Motion still remain quiet as to when, exactly that may be. Of course, we assume that it will be something that only BlackBerry 6 will see with the new Webkit browser but we're not positive there. It just seems to us it may be too much for the older browser to handle.

Source: Adobe

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Adobe announces Flash 10.1 for mobile devices. Not ready for BlackBerry as of yet


Given that the Nexus One with it's great browser and 1GhZ processor even chokes at times on Flash, something is going to need to be done in the way of optimization. Be it with Flash or hardware wise.

I suspect that adobe flash will be released when OS 6 is released. This would make perfect sense in my opinion.

I'm sure it will take a lot of app optimization and rewritten code to get it to run smoothly on mobile devices. like trying to fit 10lbs of poop into a 5lb bag ;)

Honestly I'm a little tired of RIM saying "coming soon, coming soon". Let me know when it actually arrives. Don't get me hype for something that's still probably months off lol.

Yeah, really thought I'd stay loyal to BB, but my Storm screen cracked and I have an HTC Incredible on the way. I just can't imagine not having a BB, but I've used my husband's Incredible and there's seriously no comparison IMO. BB still rocks, but they just need to get the ball rollin' with some new stuff. I know it's coming, but I'm too technology-impatient.

Im waiting for my AT&T contract to end this November to jump as well. Hopefully, we will see some high-end HTC gsm devices by then. Sad to say this, but apparently from the poll made on Androidcentral, many of us already converted to Android.

I'm beyond sick of the "something else is coming soon so please don't leave" updates. Maybe if RIM finally steps up their game, I'll return to BB.

Only thing keeping me around is/was BBM. It's going to be weird without it for a while, but as soon as my contract ends in November I'll be leaving the BB community. I'll be switching to either a Droid Incredible, Droid2, or Droid X. I haven't decided yet.

Best decision I have made in four years on mobile devices. The HTC incredible is beyond incredible, if that's possible. I had a feeling that RIM was already so far behind that they would never catch up. Looking at froyo aka Android 2.2 it looks like I was right.

with all the other cool smartphones coming out in the next month or two, it might be too late for RIM. The slide has already begun. This will just speed it up a little more...sure RIM still has a few security advantages, but those too are slipping away. Remote wipe in Froyo and others, with more coming. And BBM isn't as safe as everyone thought.

"Coming soon..."

I sooo want to jump ship, but sadly I'm stuck with my Storm2 on this damn voda contract for another year!

it's not in the android marketplace. it's in froyo and I guess it will be released in the marketplace when froyo is released to the public (no word on when yet).

Unfortunately, I too have jumped ship to Android (Evo 4G), but I still read these boards in hope that RIM will do something awesome soon.

Sad thing is... I was thinking the saaaame thing. I too doubt Flash will be ready for OS6. By then I'll probably be a happy member of the Droid family. I was converted to BB by my sister, who has been a loyal BB user for almost 5 years now. But the 9530 was my first BB and may be my last. Oh well.

The jump from blackberry to a rooted android last week. And I can tell you I will not be back. And we already have flash, its called skyfire.

If you're rooted, why don't you use a froyo rom? They work well, I'm using kangerade or something like that and its flawless.

Interestingly, my very first introduction to the BlackBerry world and hence RIM was with the then anticipated Storm 9530. Although initially I was happy with the device coming from a Palm Treo 700W (windows mobile OS) it soon became a game of updating the OS with OS leaks, trying to patch up my memory leaks, could not have all the apps I wanted because none could be stored while functioning on my SD card etc.. needless to say, I was utterly disappointed. It's hard not to notice the iPhone 4s or the Android-based phones out there even though the POTENTIAL for BlackBerry is huge. I am afraid however that it will be just that, a potential and nothing more. I will not wait another 2 years for RIM to get their @#$% together a develop a decent phone. Personally, I loved the BlackBerry email experience, tethering, all stuff I had no idea about before however unless the "Storm 3 or 4" blows my pants off (and released before I turn into a fossil waiting) I will await the CDMA iPhone 4s currently produced by Pegatron to hit Verizon and then I will unfortunately jump ship.. No way in hell would I move over to AT&T, I mean, I need more than a pretty calculator, I need an excellent phone with a data stream that can actually be used further away than right outside the AT&T transmitting antennae.. Anyway, it has been a long but interesting journey for me, I really would love to see RIM change my heart as I have grown to really like their service (a masochistic relationship really) however I'm afraid that just won't happen. I will wait until January at the very latest. Thanks for reading my ramble..

honestly i've only had my blackberry for a few months and its a very good phone but honestly the HTC and Apple support there phones way more than RIM has.

... My RIM experience started with the Pearl 8130 and then onto the much anticipated Storm 9530. Loved the pearl at the time even with its limitations. Still using the Storm but really don't like it much and haven't for a long time now. My Verizon account has been ready for an upgrade for quite some time but I have put it off waiting for "the BB device that rocks" to come along. Sadly, I still wait. I really want to stay in my comfy BB world but I am sick of this stupid Storm and I am eager to try some new technology in the smartphone world. If only RIM had the guts to innovate for today's global requirements or perhaps they just do not have the talent. We know they have the device with security built in but really, they can't rely on that alone to keep them afloat in this ever increasingly needy consumer market. We want it fast, reliable, breath-takingly beautiful and most of all we want it NOW! I don't think the addition of "Flash" combined with yet another OS is the answer. Dazzle us with some spectacular devices please.

I think they DEFINITELY have the talent. I think their device lineup is by choice. I guess they're appealing to the consumer base that they want to. I actually think the addition of Flash and a new OS will be significant. I do, however, think RIM could use some variation in device design...

You are smart to wait! I am too.....I want the I phone 4 g video that verizon is comming out the end of this'll blow storm out of the water and verizon will offer ins and better teck support to boot

The BB OS is old. Which should be obvious from the gui. Constantly being patched with newer modules erratically the inside is literally in shambles. Adding to the already inefficient java environment, you won't be seeing any mind blowing apps any time soon. By mindblowing I mean, what people are already used to seeing on other phone platforms like flash.

Dear RIM,

You have until March to come up with something that will retain me as a Blackberry user. That is when I will become eligible for a fully discounted upgrade...which by then will give me many options including the Captivate and the iPhone 4 and possibly even some Windows Phone 7 devices.



My droid plays flash well and doesn't stutter with the latest version of flash so they have worked the kinks out from those early builds.

I didn't know that the droid plays flash.....there's no excuse for bb. What's the tech hold-up. We should be a lot more advanced technologically in this day in age

I didn't know that the droid plays flash.....there's no excuse for bb. What's the tech hold-up. We should be a lot more advanced technologically in this day in age

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