Adobe and RIM letting developers meet the BlackBerry PlayBook - starting today in NYC!

Meet the BlackBerry PlayBook!
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Dec 2010 09:26 am EST

Keep it locked to for video from today's event!

In a series of events, Adobe and RIM are giving developers a chance to Meet the BlackBerry PlayBook. The first event starts today in New York, followed by one in Toronto on the 14th and another in San Francisco on the 16th. The events will feature tracks of sessions geared towards both technology and business. 

While those who attend won't likely have a chance to get too hands-on with the BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry PlayBooks will definitely be present at the event (though most likely in the hands of RIM and Adobe associates, or behind glass as we saw at DevCon).  

I was nearly going to fly out to NYC for this one, but instead we'll have one of our NYC-based friends who is a BlackBerry developer and attending today's event do some reporting for CrackBerry (it's not really a media event, and I'm saving myself for CES in January - hopefully PlayBooks will be ready for some prime time love by then!). You'll want to keep it locked to CrackBerry today - we should have some solid new BlackBerry PlayBook footage for everybody to drool at.  

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Adobe and RIM letting developers meet the BlackBerry PlayBook - starting today in NYC!


sweet, Sweet, SWEEet, SWEEEEET!

Time for the software gurus to get a good hard look at the device they are going to be programming for! I hope this translates into lots of video and developer/blogger commentary for us on things like UI fluidity, speed, battery life, etc...


What about the promise Adobe made for flash support to blackberry devices to be available in the 2nd half of 2010.