Adobe AIR SDK updated to v0.9.2 - Now supports custom splash screens and portrait mode on the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Bla1ze on 12 Jan 2011 11:07 pm EST
Adobe Update

If you're developing any Adobe AIR apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook then this update should excite you. The SDK for Adobe AIR has been updated to v0.9.2 and introduces some features that were previously not available to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The key ones, as noted in our live blog being the ability to add custom app splash screens as well as the ability to make use of potrait mode within the BlackBerry PlayBook. Many folks had portrait mode at the top of their list and finally Research In Motion has taken care of that. You can grab the latest Adobe AIR SDK from the BlackBerry developers page today.

Download the updated Adobe AIR SDK

Reader comments

Adobe AIR SDK updated to v0.9.2 - Now supports custom splash screens and portrait mode on the BlackBerry PlayBook


You know, we just got the AIR sdk not long ago. Obviously the implementation of portrait view was coming but who knew how long it would take... Now you have people developing orientation specific apps and then open up orientation switching STILL before RTM. Does RIM wonder why people are leaving this platform or are they looking for ways to force them out?

Man shut up. iOS has orientation specific apps, you dont see people over there complaining.

That makes sense, complain because they're giving us what we want to develop with. That makes sense.

And I agree there are apps for any device that are developed for just one orientation.

Personally, all my designs I've worked on have had in mind when both orientations are available, as any good designer would have done anyway. You know it's going to become available, so if you want your app to switch orientation, you think ahead. Otherwise, you have an incomplete (and in my opinion, bad) design.

Not impressed. I have a BlackBerry 9800, but I also have the EVO and that has Adobe Flash 10.1 as well as Adobe AIR (already). Again, catch up time for RIM.

It's not a big deal really. I finished my first app in standard landscape orientation and submitted it for review. I will probably work on a portrait orientation and add that in the next release. I don't consider my app incomplete without portrait support, I'd consider it an addition as an option if there is preference for that view. Anyway, there's plenty of apps for iPad (games) that only support landscape, and no one complains.

I tried my app that I'm building yesterday on the new simulator and was pleasantly surprised to see that portrait mode worked just fine. Everything shifted just as I'd thought they would. The BB containers did most of the work. Sure is a lot easier developing GUI apps these days than in Windows 3.1 or OS/2 when I was a real developer!