adidas miCoach now available for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Adam Zeis on 2 Aug 2010 11:57 am EDT
adidas miCoach for BlackBerryadidas miCoach for BlackBerry

New from adidas comes the miCoach app for BlackBerry. The app is essentially a personal trainer for your BlackBerry including specific programs for basketball, football, running, soccer and tennis. miCoach uses GPS on your device for real-time pace-based coaching as well as location tracking.

"The introduction of the miCoach app and sports-specific training plans was the natural next step to bring miCoach to an even wider audience. At adidas we work with the world's best coaches and athletes and we wanted to share this knowledge and experience with our consumers to inspire and to help them reach their personal goals," says Bernd Wahler, Chief Marketing Officer of adidas Sport Performance. "Our service approach is unique and sets new standards in terms of personalization in the entire sporting goods industry." 

miCoach can sync with your account at so you can share and view your workouts and see your elapsed time, burned calories, pace and more. The app also lets you play music during your workout, and if you were looking for an added bonus - it tracks your shoe usage as well. adidas miCoach is available as a free download from BlackBerry App World.



Should I allow it to "Listen to Messages"?


Won't let me download from app world: "This application is not available on your device or for your carrier." wtf? I'm using a 9650 on Verizon...


I have the exact same problem with MANY of the apps that CrackBerry advertises in App World even though I am on a USC 9630 running official release OS and up until last week I was running the official release of App World (now running App World 2.0 thanks to Beta Zone!!)


It wouldn't allow the download onto my Storm 9530.


App World won't let me download on my Storm 9530 on VZW. :(

I have the standalone miCoach system and would love to try it on my BB.


According to adidas' miCoach website, these are the supported models:

Curve (8310, 8330, 8530, 8900)
Bold (9000, 9650, 9700)
Tour (9630)

So, no touch devices. :(


Not working on my sprint 9630 :(


Beta tested this app, it's pretty awesome.


When I tried d/l this on my Bold 9650 w/Verizon it says my device is not supported.

Any idea why?


i cant even find the app?


Something is obviously broken right now, we all need to be patient.


Just had a play, very impressive app!


Not able to dl with vzw tour :( Guess I'll stick with Endomondo for my workouts


On my Sprint 9650 can't download this. AppWorld won't let me.


No go on my Sprint 8530.


The tour is no longer listed on their website as a compatible device.


So has the 9650...what a joke...


Wow, support has gone from eight to four devices in a matter of a couple hours. I thought developers add, not subtract, support. I'm disappointed as I'm a user/advocate of their Pacer product.


No me download te 9650 verizon


I just emailed their support as far as the 9650. I read this morning that the 9650 was supported and now it won't let us dl it. Waiting to see what they say.


This app would've been great to use but it doesn't support the Tour. Why create such an app and limit the amount of devices it can support. Guess I'll have to use the Greattrainer app instead.


I hope Nike brings something out soon or I may have to go back to Adidas.


Sounds like the features I suggested to GymTecnik to win the free year long membership... but GT hasn't implemented them, and thus... I haven't used the App hardly at all.

Hoping this supports touch screens soon...


Has anyone heard from Adidas yet about this app on other phones? I REALLY want it on my 9650 :(


Thanks for the email. Could you please wait for 1-2 days and confirm it with us again? The Blackberry phone application is still under upgrading and I cannot confirm if you phone 9650 is fully supported or not.

Please keep on trying in about 24 hours and see how it goes.


Yesss got the app on my Bold 9700. Downloading now, I'll get back with feedback on how good this app is


Works on Bold 9700 for Rogers. Looks very confusing to setup. Will check it out.


This app fails...not for Storm. You lose, good day sir!


Apps a no show for 9650. oh well.


Same as posted above.

Dear Mustangboy,

Thanks for the email. Could you please wait for 1-2 days and confirm it with us again? The Blackberry phone application is still under upgrading and I cannot confirm if you phone 9650 is fully supported or not.

Please keep on trying in about 24 hours and see how it goes.

Kind regards


Jun Sun


According to Blackberry App World all models are compatible, but when you go to it, it says that my model (9630) is not. Oh wait, this is a RIM product, right? *big grin*


Is it me? I can't find the darn thing on App World!


i can't seem to get this app to work. it stops during installation as it fails to go beyond 33% in downloading the voice coaching files. it then proceeds to give me a message to free up some more space. I have over 60mb of space left. anyone else having this issue? do i need to set the permissions manually?



Any idea, if this app is working on a BB torch 9800 ?