Addressing the rumors on when first generation BlackBerry 10 devices will go End of Life

By STV0726 on 16 Jun 2014 02:54 pm EDT

Rumor has it, by word of "AgentJucey", that the end of life for first generation BlackBerry 10 devices is in sight. But how realistic are those rumors? Perhaps, not so realistic at all but they are rumors and rumors that have been discussed pretty heavily in the CrackBerry Forums, so they're worth taking a look at.

First of all: What does "end of life" mean? Generally, in the software world, this term is used to describe the point in time in which an application or operating system is no longer going to receive updates. You may be (and if you are still using it, should be) well aware that Windows XP was recently, finally deemed end of life and will no longer receive updates from Microsoft.

So, how might this apply to BlackBerry if the rumors are true? Well, according to the rumors posted via a screen capture of what looks to be a BBM interface showing AgentJucey's notes on the matter, which actually appear to originate from German site BB10QNX, when 10.4 rolls out, that event will essentially mark the point at which first generation BlackBerry 10 devices are considered end of life. Now, contrary to what end of life usually means, these rumors additionally state that end of life devices may continue to get minor updates and knowing BlackBerry, that would include security patches. Unfortunately, based on how the rumors are worded, it is inferable that first generation BlackBerry 10 devices will not receive the 10.4 upgrade, and will therefore remain on some incarnation of 10.3.X.

Contrary to what end of life usually means, these rumors additionally state that end of life devices may continue to get minor updates

The next important question to have answered is: What are the "first generation" devices? Well, the rumor covers that, too. In the order of launched earliest to latest: Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, and Z3 are all deemed to be first generation devices. In other words, all of the currently released BlackBerry 10 devices.

There are a couple of immediate, significant concerns here. Firstly, the Z30 was a fairly big investment, and the Z3 very recently came out. How could BlackBerry cut support so soon? Well, chances are, they aren't ending support that soon at all. We must keep in mind that 10.4 is a long way away, realistically. Q3 2015 if the rumor is to be believed. 10.3 isn't even out yet, and there will more than likely be incremental updates in between (e.g. 10.3.1, 10.3.2). Moreover, some have expressed opinions and beliefs that this cut-off that BlackBerry may (or may not) be imposing on existing devices could be a result of a shift towards 64-bit hardware with increased RAM on newer devices. If that's the case, the cut-off would certainly be more understandable.

How could BlackBerry cut support so soon? Well, chances are, they aren't ending support that soon at all.

So, there you have it. The rumor has been distilled and analyzed for now. But, more importantly, what are YOUR thoughts on it? Be sure to read the thread in the forums here to see the already expressed opinions of others. Also, feel free to join in on the conversation and sound off in the comments below.

Do you believe that, given the rumors are true, BlackBerry is justified in this decision or not, and why? Ultimately, for me, I really want them to keep supporting early adopters, especially considering how capable these smartphones are; yet at the same time, I have to keep in mind that part of being innovative and competitive in today's technology market is to not stop moving forward. (Hey, that's kind of like BlackBerry's slogan: Keep Moving.)

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Addressing the rumors on when first generation BlackBerry 10 devices will go End of Life



Q3 2015 is a bit a way for me to even really concerned, hopefully I'll already have a Classic or some other BlackBerry device by then.

"Contracts" is the key word there, Bla1ze - I think most phones are designed to last about as long (or just shy of) the standard 3 year contract.

I'll be interested to see how it fares out of course, seeing as the hardware in the Z10 is heftier than the Z3, which is 2 years newer on the calendar.

Ya, of course. Depending on when you got your device that will play in effect but alas, rumors. I don't tend to give them much weight out of the blue.

Classic and windermere won't have a 64 bit processor either. So to say that they are going end of life too in the next year is just bs. This rumor doesn't even make sense.


That's why you *need* user removable batteries.
(Unlike the recent BlackBerry models coming out with integrated batteries).

*Good* phones last much longer than End-of-Life, so pop in a new battery and you are good to go!

my first blackberry was a Storm 2... after 5 months i replaced the screen and digitizer. 1 year later I replaced the earpiece... a few months after that i completely changed the motherboard. and now (4 years later) a tranzistor failed on the charging circuit and it won't charge... the piece is 10Eur on ebay and it's on my to do list.. that phone i gave to my dad. the Best 1Euro i ever spent for a payed contract!!! SO YES Keep it like this Blackberry!!! let us have those easily serviceable phones: A special set of screwdrivers and a few youtube tutorials on how to pry it apart... and your device can keep up like that for 6 years at least. instead of trashing the whole device it's easier to replace a single part.

Here, Here. When do silly little rumors, with no basis in fact, become headline posts on CB. I don't know what is going on with CB these days but it seems to be falling apart. Note to editors, remember who your readers are and pay attention to their real interests and concerns. And whatever you do, don't mock them.

Posted via CB10

+1 absolute bs from Crackberry - the sort of thing I'd expect to see in the gutter press here in the UK!!!

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So this article says there's a rumor that they may cut device support after 10.4 when 10.3 hasn't even come out yet.

This is news why? This supposed rumor is light years off anyways. BlackBerry still supports bbos 7 devices, I wouldn't be worried.

Besides I'm getting a BlackBerry Windermere the day of release and hell may buy the classic too. Who care upgrade and support the company we all love.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

I don't expect any device to get OS upgrades after two years.

I'll definitely be with a new device in 2015.

Expecting the latest innovations in your platform's OS but also expecting that these innovations will work flawlessly on a 2+ year older device is crazy.

It just shows you have no idea about the pace of tech.

If I get 2 years out of my Z10, then I'm more than happy. Anyone who expects more is living in the past. Welcome to the present people! :)

You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

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What about iPhone 4 and 4s?

Sure, some complain about lag on the 4, but it's older than 2 years.....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Considering most people I know are on 2yr contracts and many didn't buy BlackBerry until things had settled late in 2013 and some of us also bought in at great expense (my early Z10 was £37 pm).

I personally would like to get the most out of the phone I have. Which probably means a year of sim only to justify the original phone costs. U should hope my phone runs well into 2016 even if it is only a backup phone by then.

If my phone has been available from BlackBerry shop at current prices originally then I probably wouldn't feel like this. Lol.

Posted via CB10 not even worries about this rumor anyways and I know the z10 and first generation will still get updates no matter what until the hardware is really old like 5 years or so. I can't wait to get the windermere device :)

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So, does that mean OS7 is still supported? If so, then how can BB10 devices already be coming to end of life??

By then I will only have to wait 3 months for my upgrade, so even if the rumor is true, I will more than likely upgrade to a newer BlackBerry, hopefully another full touch screen.

According to the Roadmap it was BlackBerry's corporate Q3 for fiscal 2015 which just started. So this Dec 2014, Jan 2015 or Feb 2015.

Now we haven't really heard much about BB10.4 or the Manitoba which is suppose to be the first 64 Bit device...

But that would mean that the Classic and Windermere would be on the list of devices not having a 64Bit processor.....and thus no BB10.4 support.

Yeah BlackBerry would never do that.....

How many updates did the STORM get after the STORM2 was released after they couldn't make the STORM work and pushed the STORM2 out after 10 Months..... Hard to remember what were Hybrids, Leaks and official....

Well... when it comes to Blackberry, you can expect the unexpected.
I mean, who could have ever imagined a one-year-beta-test device? Nobody in their right mind...

That's odd. Nowhere on my 64GB, not effing cheap, PlayBook does it say the word "Beta". Kindly show me an interview or some documentation OF THAT TIME, that claims that the new tablet that BlackBerry is selling is a "beta" device. I suppose my Z30 is a beta device too, since it's the first Z30.

I just want to point out that the 64bit part was not part of the rumor.
[Moreover, some have expressed opinions and beliefs that... ]

My contract with Telus ends biggie.

Posted via CB10 - Z30STA100-5/

This sounds like the 'phtablet' will be the next generation device that the upcoming OS will be directed toward. The 'phone' devices are a different category.

I can't imagine that the Z10/Q10's will have outdated chips anytime in the next couple of years.

Why do we need higher chip speed? To play (local) games?
The browsers are limited by network speed not chip speed.


And those users that buy a phone and keep using it for 2+ to 3+ (or longer) years later aren't the type of people that will even care about missing out on the latest OS upgrades.

They are people who don't care about tech and just want a phone that performs the most basic and simple functions... something that 10.2.1 does just fine (and then some).

The rest of us who actually want modern features in our phones will have long since moved on to more capable devices.

Posted via CB10

I completely agree with you. For those that want to use their phone for that kind of time frame, they won't require the latest version of the BB10 OS.

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Keep it as long as possible. But It wouldn't hurt to Rock a 64bit BlackBerry beast! With 10.4

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I paid 650 dollars for my q10 as i was an early adapter and there are no contracts in Asia. If they cut service to q10 that is like a stab in the back. I dropped my iphone considering i was fed up with the crappy battery life and the lack of the keyboard. Even apple supports older generation of iphones for 3-4 years. If Blackberry does this it is a shameful act. Piss off the early adapters.

Third quarter 2015 will be almost 3 yrs won't it? Besides. It's so far away they'll probably push it out farther. Worrying about that far in the future for technology is really a waste of time.

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I'm pretty sure we're coming to the end of Q1 2015 for the company at the end of the month. Q3 2015 will be in about eight months or so if that's true.


Posted from my brain to your screen via CBQ10

Yeah, and there are rumours about Apple cutting regular headphone (3.5 mm) jacks from the phone. 2015 q3 is probably too soon to see this, more likely in 2016, I think. That will be okay for me and my Z10. I can stay with 10.3.xx for a while if I want. Not like the phone stops working.

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You'll never get "cut off", your device will still work for as long as you want it to. But newer features will be unavailable.

Posted via CB10

Exactly. It just stops bring their main focus. These are phones people. To be honest to stay relevant they need to move onto their next chapter in hardware. None of these devices are exactly cutting edge right now. How about in Q3 2015?

So did you come to BlackBerry when apple did end of life on your last device???

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Not sure where you got these stats, I used to have an Android, I bought it when it was released and it was supported less than a year, got 1 software update only.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, that's bull. Androids recieve 1 year. Nexus devices get 20 months. You are delusional if you think it's longer than that. (just look at the nexus 1,S and various galaxy s devices)

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I'll hate blackberry if they cut me off early. They should keep major updates available to us for at least. 3-4 years, and not 1 day less! Z10 :)

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Please tell us how we would get an update?

They are saying all new OS's will be 64Bit and thus they won't work on 32Bit devices - we aren't talking Microsoft here who can afford to do development on two lines. If BlackBerry doesn't create an update... you will not be installing one.

The Bold 9900 is now being sold on the ShopBlackBerry site, so I’m not concerned about my Q10 not being supported. There was a “rumor” that OS7 devices would stop being supported in 2015, and that turned out to be false.

What's the average lifespan of iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5S on software updates or a Samsung? I would expect BlackBerry to be similar in time frame. If my Z30 is kept updated for 3 years from production date I'm content. Had my Z10 for 10 months then went Z30 and will hopefully have a 64 bit all touch blackberry in 2 years (hint hint blackberry)

Still rockin my PlayBook and a Z30

The iPhone 4 for example, was released on June 24, 2010 and will NOT be getting iOS 8. It's left on 7.1.1. (and any security updates Apple may need) Samsung and others, well Android varies so much it's a bit harder to keep track off.

That would bring the iPhone 4 on at least four years or more, with security updates and the chance of bug fixes. It's more than decent. From my own experience I can tell that the iPhone 4 doesn't even properly support iOS 7 anymore, the hardware has definitely reached its limits. The feature-packed iOS 8 would have been a wonder. However, Android has only gotten more ressource-friendly, so the end of lifespan of Android devices are typically done for other reasons, not because the hardware wouldn't be able to support it. BlackBerry could maintain a longer lifespan on their BlackBerry 10 devices, if the OS becomes more efficient rather than bloated.

We should still remember about "project ara" and similar. That might and most likely will, completely change the market we know now. Making it more PC alike... imagine, no more need for the new phone... just upgrade to the newest graphic card or more ram, better camera... u name it. BlackBerry can not oversleep again... as that might be the last time.

Z10 will be my last BlackBerry phone at the end of my contract in December when I can upgrade, so bye bye BlackBerry.

Careful! Z10 in action!

Take no notice of this BS from crackberry - all phones will be end of life eventually - pointless article!!!!

Posted via CB10

Maybe because they have free will. Why is it such an emotional issue who stays or who goes? Are you this passionate that people also drive the same car you drive?

Blackberry always.....

How did you infer emotion from "sipos" simple question? I think your post displays more emotion, of the defensive kind.

I think many people will leave BlackBerry if they not release a fulltouch flagship device this year. I'm starting to look around and those new LG and Nokia devices are yummy, if there is no kick ass BlackBerry flagship this year I am gone, too.

RedBerry Z10 #00167

As long as my Z30 does what I need that's priority for me. Sexy would just be a bonus.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Have you tried a Z30 yet? If not, why? And what's your definition of a "fulltouch flagship device" anyway?

^^Lol.... hahahaha your question hit the mark...
he says about flagship phone, when in his footnote only a Z10...

Posted from my Quten

Just upgraded to the Z30. Still not NFL Mobile app support which is discouraging enough. Reading this does not bode well.

Posted via CB10

Glad someone said it. Some can sure get worked up over a "definite maybe unlikely" scenario. I am starting to see similarities between channels like CNN and Crackberry. Just running crap speculation to fill space. All we need now is a flow of experts out of the woodwork :-).

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

NFL Mobile works on my Z30 and always has. Not sure why it says unavailable in BB WORLD. It transferred from my Z10 and I never knew the difference. I get paid content as well. If I'm missing anything, I'm not aware.

I just got a z30in April. Now 2015 is obviously next year which means I might have my z30 for only a year and a half before it's considered end if life? Not terrible considering I'd only have it for 6 months. If it is a 64bit 4+ gig ram monster by then, then I am on board as long as they have a phone the exact same size as the z30 or smaller like a 4.5" device I'm good. Radios will get better, battery will get better and maybe have water proofing, USB 3.1, better screen, and maybe 5g then I'm looking forward. I'm really happy with my z30 and it seems like for the most part BlackBerry is focusing on the qwerty phones so if they can further the experience of a full touch screen and I benefit from it then I don't mind. I usually don't stay on my phones much after they my contract is up.

Finally posted from my BlackBerry Z30

All good!! I'll be tired of my Z10, Q10 and Z30 by then!! The Q20 and Classic may be still ok?! Love new devices!!

Posted Via my  Q10 

Why give such prominence to a story based on speculation? It is full or rumour. This is not helpful to readers looking for factual information. Do you want to turn into a rumour mill? Great writing, but highly speculative story.

Posted via CB10

Addressing a rumor is healthy, letting it fester and boil is not.

At least it isn't another Android game!


I agree. After reading the speculation, I was hoping this article would have reported on reaching out to BlackBerry to at least get a "no comment" or we won't abandon our original BB10 devices type response. Was an attempt to squash the rumour even made? Just repeating someone else's rumour with little value added (you did try to explain EOL) seems rather lazy. I apologize if this sounds harsh (feel free to read my other posts) as I generally try to stay positive. It's fair to say I was disappointed at the lack of depth in this story.

Could be BlackBerry and crackberry aren't on speaking terms???

I don't care if other people want a bb10 device I wanted one and that's all that matters.

The problem is anyone looking to get a new phone at the moment is unlikely to want one that is rumoured to be near 'end of life' - great for BlackBerry sales!!

Posted via CB10

My apologies, sir. For my first story I had to report on something as it happened, but I think you will like my future works better.

And my apologies. I don't mean to discourage you. I don't think I wrote my post as constructive criticism very well. I look forward to your next articles.

Canada now has 2-year contracts standard like the rest of the world. That means even the casual smartphone users probably aren't going more than 3 years without upgrades - and if you are waiting that long, you're probably not the kind of person who cares about the update anyway. The Z10 (what I have) came out Q1 2013, so Q3 2015 is 2.5 years and the majority if not all would have upgraded anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if the Q10 and Q5 were cut at the same time because of their release dates, or the Z3 because it is advertised as a budget device and has less RAM. It's really only the Z30 that it is a top-tier device and wouldn't be getting a full contract length of support.

I'm just waiting on the awesome possum new all touch screen phone from Blackberry. Then I'll put my Z10 away just in case I break said new phone

I don't think that this will be a huge issue. I do look forward to 10.3 but I think that there is an eventual apex of upgrading to be done, eventually. With my old Bold 9800 I eventually downgraded my OS because I found the perfect balance of smooth interface with battery life, etc.
In my mind, the current generation if devices is nearing perfection and eventually you have to respect the old Canadian proverb: "If it ain't broke, don’t fix it."
Keep moving forward.

Posted via CB10

Just drop the handset division. Dumb move after dumb move. Why anyone would want a blackberry 10 phone after this if the rumour is true is truly not that bright.

Screw the end user again bravo...

Oh Sparky, most people are already to move onto whatever is next. The core BlackBerry user ALREADY wants a Classic or Windermere or Manitoba. And the people who don't, likely aren't too concerned anyway.

I diagree Bla1ze. As a former BlackBerry Bold 9700/9780 user I am very happy with my BlackBerry Q5. I have no interest in the BlackBerry Classic. However, if BlackBerry drops their smartphone division they'd effectively be dead to me.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

I believe that this would be a great idea for moving forward in blackberry's book, the reason I say this is because look at other phone companies do they push out updates for phones over 3 years old not really so why do the same for BlackBerry phones unless you want to continue not making any sales especially with the updates being pretty much after your 2 or 3 year terms being up for upgrade eligibility

Posted via CB10

I would like to use new technology and test the device, and I don't mind to change the phone in every 6 months. I will buy all the upcoming BlackBerry phones, use it and re-sale , crazyy about BlackBerry :) lol

Posted via CB10

Well, first we have to get 10.2.2. Then late this year 10.3. If 10.3.1 and 10.3.2 make up most of CY15. Q3 seems right on the money.

Posted via CB10

I just got my Z30, honestly my phones go 1 to 2 years max so I have no problem with this
I don't get people bitchin about oh my god there going to cut us off in 3 years... bohooo BlackBerry is evil, I'm going to get an iPhone they release software forever apparently.
Come on people tech has a shelf life, 1 to 2 years is actually enough (if you use your phone properly) .
Looking forward to what news BlackBerry will churn up, actually I'm waiting for that new octa-core core phone that's supposed to come out late this year.
Ooh and just in case I paid $700+ for my Z30 ,but I understand tech has a shelf life

Posted via CB10

End of support should be based on when they stop selling a model. I would like to see support for two years from that date since that is the length of our wireless contract. I am OK with not getting major enhancements the hardware can no longer handle but security updates and patches must last at least that long.

Posted with my Z10

Making current BB10 devices 'end of life' so soon after launch is nuts

I'd suggest this originates from someone denigrating the brand

Posted via CB10

Wouldn't be a nice move to cut support so soon.

But to be honest:
Q1 2013 - Q3 2015 is almost 3 years.

I think most people will update their devices until then. The longest I had the same phone was my 8900 from 2008 - 2010 and I was so happy to update to a newer with better hardware.

There happened a lot in the meantime.
(OS 4.5 to OS7)

So no worries for that!

Posted via CB10

Do you guys wants BB to focus on new hardware or not? Some folks want it all. They could put 10.4 on the Z10, but most of you will be back complaining about the lag. 10.3 will bring tons of goodies that will keep us plenty happy.

I'm ready for new and improved hardware NOW lol. I love my Z30 but newer is always nicer. :P

As am I. I think most are actually. Unfortunately most also like to have an excuse to complain ha.

How many people do you know keep the same smart phone more than 2 yrs (not including corporate accounts)???
And obviously there will still be security updates past the END of 2015.

I don't see what the problem is? Will ma.y people here upset about it honestly have their phone past this time? And are these the same people that scream about having the latest and greatest hardware?

Posted via CB10

I'm beginning to think that several who are upset actually believe their device won't work, or that they'll lose function of some kind, if this RUMOR is even true. It's kinda like the 'if BB goes out of business, your phone will no longer function' idiocy. Do people not think??

That is really stupid statement man. Check statistics on how Pre Pay vs pay as u go market looks around the globe. World is not turning around your navel. Some people spend money to buy phones and they want to get as much as possible , out of those money. If BlackBerry shows them middle finger - they will do the same in return. I will do exact same thing.

By then my BlackBerry will be almost 4 years old and I'll be ready for the next generation BlackBerry!!

Posted via CB10

End of Life: When a device is no longer produced and sold by the manufacturer
End of Support: When support is no longer offered

These two are often confused. Typically EOS is the one we're worried about.

Ding ding ding. I don't see BBRY ending support of the Z3 in approx. one year, especially when you consider an LTE version will be out later this year. Support will be there, might not be sold anymore though, but who cares if there is new and updated hardware.

think you should rework this article to clarify that all 'end of life' phones will still fully function and that this is simply a function of the fact that eventually hardware which was once top of the line will no longer be able to handle what the latest, most modern software demands. I have a coworker who is still using one of those ancient big blue blackberry's with the clicking roller on the side, for instance. It still works but obviously he can't run BB10!

Right on Andy321, that point is totally central to this discussion. I use my Torch 9800 all the time on wifi, and am not to worried about its being out of date. It still works just fine. I use my Z10 as my principle device, until I can afford to upgrade to a newer BlackBerry device. All in time. BlackBerry forever.

The fact is people upgrade phones every two or three years at most. 10.4 will be out when? Late 2015 I'd think. So that would be close to three years since bb10 was released. I actually don't see the point of them updating it much beyond that

Posted via CB10

Next year isn't that concerning for me. I trust that if it really is EOL at 10.4 for the current generation of devices then it's for a good reason. Such as 10.4 will require something that the current generation just doesn't have.

This is one of the big reason why Apple has a better following. They keep supporting their devices for a much longer time.

Posted via CB10

True but there's also the argument that sometimes those devices tend to run less than optimal as well. Some transition just fine, others not so much. My original iPad mini can use iOS 7 but it doesn't perform the best IMO with iOS 7 on it. On top of that, the font is now dreadful to me for reading. It pretty much forces me to want an Retina iPad Mini.

Perhaps that was their plan all along, Bla1ze. Just put out the new tech in drips and drabs and keep them begging for more?

You ain't kidding my wifes iphone 5 can barely handle ios7 and ios8 is completely out of the question.

I don't care if other people want a bb10 device I wanted one and that's all that matters.

What about when they change the input on their devices? Forcing you to replace any hardware you have if you want to upgrade your phone? That seems much worse to me.
At least I now any products I but that my BlackBerry attaches to will always work with newer devices.

Posted via CB10

I think smartphones should get active support with os updates for atleast 3 years.
I don't like the iphone but I think apples iOS or Googles Nexus device support is very good and should be standard in the industry.

Sure after some time manufacturers have to move on because the older hardware is not capable anymore to deliver the whole experience of a new os but I really hate this trend were mobile device get abandoned after a year and force you to get an update even tho the device is more than capable...

Posted via CB10

Agree about the abandonment in a relatively short amount of time, then being forced to upgrade.
And also agree about manufacturers of all types pulling that. +1

This looks like another topic like the PlayBook topics that folk can get all emo in about a device that doesn't get support for an infinite length of time.

I would guess that all BB10 devices will continue to get support in some way to keep them functioning securely in the work space. First gen BB10 devices will not turn off and stop working, there will just be newer versions to own that will be capable of so much more than first gen devices and these will replace first gen devices.

Posted via CB10

That's all I need...maintenance. But to yank the rug out from under you completely (any tech company), that doesn't seem fair.
I know. Who said life was fair. :(

I get that technology has a shelf life. But being that I just got my Z30, in May, on a 2yr contract...I need to know that I'll get updates until 2016. I'm not in a financial situation, where I can buy out my contract after a year. So that worries me a bit...

Agreed. Too many are confusing "end of life" with getting "cut off". No one will get "cut off". At some point, we'll no longer get new feature updates, but general OS updates have always continued long after devices went "end of life".

Posted via CB10

Within the article I didn't mean "cut off" in that way--rather, I meant it as a "cut off date" or point in time if that makes sense.

It will not be a bad decision even if blackberry decides to end support for the first generation devices cause by that time the os (10.3.something) would be quite stable and would work for a person who will not want to switch to a new and more expensive device. But I'll surely get the z50 and be in love with it forever just like I love my z10. BlackBerry4life.

Posted via CB10

I don't think here in the United States we have to worry. Even if the last update is released in 3rd qtr 2015 it won't be available in the USA until some time in 2016 or later. Unless BB gets their act together and start releasing and selling direct the USA won't seen updates or new phones till 2016 at the earliest because the carriers here won't touch them until they are finally forced to.

What makes you think that BlackBerry will be around by 2015.

The man with executive ability wins always in business.

Let's say your car is 10 years old. You take it into the dealership faithfully until now when they refuse to tune it up because they say it is too old to keep, get a newer model instead. You still love the car and it operates well. You invested a lot of time and money in the car, and when they sold it to you, they said it was the best thing ever. Now they won't standby their product. Not many of us would be very happy with that.

Let's look at facts: BB10 is arguably the best mobile OS out there, save the app selection. Z10 and Q10 from day one have been okay hardware, but not anything spectacular. Q5 may be nice, but it looks super cheap. That leaves Z30 (since Z3 has limited availability). Z30 could be the hardware that finally lives up to the power of the OS, but there has been zero marketing of this device and you have to jump through hoops just to get your hands on one. Add it all up and Blackberry hardware isn't doing much to help BB10 penetrate the market.

I've been waiting for that "next big thing" from Blackberry since Chen took over, and there's literally nothing going on. You guys are fretting over end of life for devices in Q3 2015, but if Blackberry doesn't do something of substance soon, there may not be a company left by then.

It all normal to continually upgrade. Tech is evolving very fast. A couple of years is normal. I'll stay BB period. Many reasons, just like you all but most of all it is that I thrust BB, I like the OS and don't like/trust Android and iOS. So I'll hope for the best in the future for our BlackBerry.

Cheers to all, John

Some people really need to get schooled on PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE and how they're contributing to the deteriorating health of people in developing nations.

Don't keep switching to new devices when your old one is still functioning properly. You're just throwing yourself right into the hands of Apple. That's exactly what they want you to do.

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10 on AT&T

I have learned not to believe anything that comes out of Wall Street, the home of the masterful liars and thieves.

I will take Chen's word, he is a man of integrity; integrity is not in Wall Street's vocabulary.

Posted via CB10

Heck one of us is still rocking a Torch 9850 with BBOS without the update from last year...and it's all good.

Posted via CB10

Hi TS 2005,
I do believe in planned obsolescence. However I feel that we all need to upgrade eventually. No more than that.


Of they eol all these devices that is really the nail in the coffin for bb10. Especially with limited carrier support stateside.
That being said I seriously doubt this is true at all and just a huge load of speculation.

I don't care if other people want a bb10 device I wanted one and that's all that matters.

Nothing lasts forever. I may or may not upgrade at that time, depending on a few factors.

One thing is for sure, I won't upgrade unless the OS is really ready to go to market. The growing pains experienced with BlackBerry 10 have been ... noticeable. I'm not going to invest the time in my next phone that I have in this one. My time is worth more than that.

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I think the z30 should have a longer life than Q3 2015... because this device is more powerful than the others nad came later into market ;)

So please BB don't stop supporting all devices in Q3 2015...

z10 it is okay... also q10 and q5... but not z30.... it has enough CPU Power ;)

This is BS and for a couple of reasons. I do understand how fast technology changes but we bb10 users are now getting the proper functionality out of our phones with 10.2 and 10.3 on the horizon. I believe that the next generation of bb10 phones isn't going to be relevant for another 3 yrs so it's ridiculous to have to switch hardware so soon for updated software features. What is a 64bit phone going to do that my z10 won't because being ahead of the curve is one thing but look how that feared with the bb10 launch. This OS is leaps ahead of the competition but before it can mature properly and penetrate the market the thoughts of changing so soon will have a negative effect on the BlackBerry fans...
BlackBerry needs to look at where the competition and the consumers are heading, anticipate the consumer market trends and enhance the software to suit.

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That why before I wrote, old BlackBerry has their signature. BlackBerry 10 wuih life time too short. No leak again Mr Chen you make BlackBerry even worse than before. You push people to buy, even iPhone do that but, they more polite.

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I appreciate the editorial but I'm not upgrading just to get the latest and greatest phone, besides I don't renew contracts anymore (keeping my unlimited data).

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

This news will not stop me from going out and buying a Q10 tomorrow (treating myself) and a Z30 in a month or so.
God I love BlackBerry

But on the bright side, should this happen, as with all BlackBerry devices we'll be able to pick up a z30 for peanuts 12 months after release. You want a bargain BlackBerry just wait 12 months.
Seems to me if you were an early adopter of bb10 and get 2 years contracts you need to miss an upgrade to catch back up.
Playbook top dollar eventually couldn't give them away. Z10 on release being sold for £150 12 months later and if I had took an early upgrade to the z30 their would be a pattern emerging. Say you get the classic or windermere end this year will that end within 12 months if 10.4 comes on 64 bit devices?

Nothing depreciates like a BlackBerry.

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If End of Life comes at the end of BB10.3, then I won't buy another BlackBerry device until 10.4 comes out. Simple as that. It's the same reason I didn't get a BB7 device when I knew BB10 was coming.

Yeah I think I'll probably skip my next upgrade. Either stick with my z10 or get a cheap Z30 off contract. Windermere and Classic not appealing to me at all. Maybe wait and see what the line up is after the remaining 10.3 devices have gone.
Ironically the physical keyboard that drew me to BlackBerry in the first place is now a downside. The glass keyboard is that good I'd rather have the screen real estate.

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Here in UK, most providers have stopped selling bb, even bb10. Its apple, android or windows now, :(

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10.1= IOS 6
10.2= IOS 7
10.3= IOS 8
And so on..

I'm guessing when 10.4 rolls out, it's time to upgrade to the next best thing anyway.

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Funny! , Imagine BlackBerry alienating their entire installed customers base in one idiotic decision by making all their line obsolete overnight! .

I don't think BlackBerry enjoys that luxury nor they have the market share that would enable them to do so. They are having enough trouble selling BB10 now imagine their next quarterly financial report showing even less adopters of BB10

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In my humble opinion, the only justified reason for end of life would be "hardware", but if hardware comes obsolete too early it's means poor anticipation or poor customer care.
I like how apple make upgrades for all his hardware capable devices, and includes limited upgrades when hardware capability is not available, but it used to be some three years.
I have a Q10, not an iphone, and I'm a BlackBerry fan, but I'm compelled to admit that.

God Bless You!

Rumors? This one's debunked. Lol

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There are rumors that a Octacore fulltouch device coming out September. But maybe it turns out that there is not even one avaibable for the christmas shopping season. But that would kill BlackBerry many many woulde leave.

Myself included.

RedBerry Z10 #00167

I bet I can call and text (sms) people with my Z10 even in 2020. No end of life insight. As long as I can buy replacement batteries for it I should be OK

RedBerry Z10 #00167

It's just because they're changing branding...again... So they don't want to update BlackBerry 10 devices with the new OS... Contrary to what was recently posted on CB, the beta phase is not over.

The number one rule of creating a product is having another newer product at the ready to replace it.


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The rule works if the new device waiting in the wings is enticingly better than the current product not because the company is unwilling to support it.

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People can not put huge money every time I bought Q10 and Z30 how can I throw them and by new devises it's no sense. BlackBerry are keeling themselves every day. They must be realistic they can not compete against Samsung or Iphone. We have been of great support to this company but they are taking us nowhere !

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It depends on what we call end of support. Of end of support only means end of update, then I think actual BB10 won't be dropped that soon.

But let's remind what's happen with OS7. They release it Even if They know it was dead end. And that's point. End of support for me means stop adding features to Keep up to date with competitors.

I can understand that BBRY considers BB10 as failure (it doesn't reach expectations) and decide to drop it to focus on a New OS (Made for 64 bits, only tactile oriented,etc...). BB10 will become the New OS7... Only thing we can hope is a backward compatibility with apps...

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I hope the life span is longer than those rumours. Even when I'll get a new device, I would like to have my Q10 as backup. Also I've bought this phone unlocked like most people in my country do. I sincerely hope that these rumours are not true at all. I don't see the point after just releasing the Z3.

CB10 - Q10

I'm not sure how much of this I'm buyin'. The devices will have to be at least 2 years old for them to stop receiving udates and more likely 3 years because that's the carrier refresh cycle. I'm on a 1 year cycle so I get a new device each year but that's pretty rare and it wouldn't be a real customer satisfaction win for BB to cut off folks before they even have the choice to upgrade.

BlackBerry should release new devices soon. I am using Z10 right now and Q10 is the only BlackBerry available for my business plan renewal.


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That is pretty sad given no successor devices have been released!

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I believe they won't cut off entirely. Minor update such as security related or bugs update should roll out from time for time. We are the first generation BlackBerry 10 user. Some of us will remain stick to their first generation bb10.
BlackBerry should think before they decide.

This rumours can also create panic to the consumer who is planning to try/buy bb10. BlackBerry should respond immediately

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I don't think we need 64 bit yet unless you want to make the cell phone truly a desktop pc replacement.

Also it would be foolish to go below than what Apple offer, at least they overlap their update with last year or two hardwares.

If they stop to update them too soon might as well go with the security nightmare that is Android but have a lot of support.

Also the BlackBerry 10 phone especially the Z30 is really easy to repair, 8-10 screws and a few clip you unlatch the ribbon to remove the screen and do the process backward to replace the screen and that's it. It cost about 100$ with a replacement screen + new frame + batterie with shipping and custom fee. Try this with IPhones or most Android phone.

It's a really great phone so I doubt they would stop support for such great phones.

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How many people would fly if the Pilot said to you, I just want to let you know that there is a possibility that we will crash before we get our destination.

Keep this rumour going and I guarantee that the current devices will have end of life by Q3 2015 because BlackBerry will not exist when consumers stop buying devices all together.

Haven't we learned from Heins?

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Both my Q10 and Z30 contracts are up in 2015, I just hope when the time comes to upgrade there is an option just as good or better than the Z30. Otherwise I will hold on to them until things start falling apart.

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By the time this happens I'm hoping there would be new BlackBerry devices out in the market. If that's the case, I wont mind switching to a new phone. I get a chance to change phones every 2 years with my provider anyway.

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I' d hope that it means end of production not end of support, otherwise I'm going to me a not happy camper.

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Well that better not be true. I need to use my Z10 for more that one or two years. As I buy my devices full price I don't want my Z10 turning into a door stop just yet.

I don't get this, BlackBerry still supports legacy devices and the now almost redundant OS 7, but is ready (if you believe these rumours) to take a giant dump on owners of the Q5, Q10, Z10 and Z30???!!!

Not a smart move if this proves to be accurate!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have a cut off date until they sell their last first gen device.

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After the debacle of the Playbook, if BlackBerry ends the life of these devices 32 months after the first sale of the first version, then they will lose most of their remaining consumers and a huge portion of their enterprise customers too.   ‎Windows XP launched when, 1998? To compare that to a device that just had its first birthday is ridiculous.  

Two years ago, I rolled out a BB application to 10 of the biggest customers‎ that our company had. I was shocked at the old BB's that I encountered. The people who read this site may be excited to buy a new device every year, but many companies can't justify it. And they don't. 

I still feel ripped off that my PlayBook was obsolete long before it even got an email app. There may be lots of excuses for the limited apps, but not to have email is a joke. 

My Rogers flexible term plan will have me paying for my adequate at best Z10 until April 2016 well after the device is no longer supported. I won't need to decide whether to buy another BlackBerry at that time. They will be out of business

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2+ years. If anyone has any smartphone for more than 3 years, that's them missing out.

The current software is already great, plus at least 2 more updates coming to the device in the future.

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Yeah, I think a lot of people forget that most android phone get one update within the year that they were released and then that's it! I've had a couple android phones that never got updated!

Then iPhone updates just brick devices...

I'm happy where BlackBerry are at the moment and I don't think they would allow themselves to upset anymore consumers on the software side of things

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I'm sure at some point in time BlackBerry must have to upgrade to 64 bit processing with higher RAM to remain competitive.

Hopefully BlackBerry will come out with the hardwares first for at least 2 years before making it a baseline requirements & put the first generation of BlackBerry 10 devices to end of life.

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So am I the only one who really likes the touchscreen z10? I don't want a keyboard and it looks like all the new releases are doing keyboard

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Typically smartphones go end of life after 12-16 months and end of support between 24 and 36 months. This is more true if you're an early adopter of a specific technology. So that said, right in line with the norm. Gen 2 BlackBerry smartphones are coming soon anyway w/ Q20/30 (Classic/Windermere).

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Just got my Q10 and I love it. It's unlocked and unbranded. No contract either. Not worried about end of life rumor.

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If the Os is fully mature how can we be saying that the q30, wind mere and other devices are going to be 2nd Gen. We are still in the first generation and will be there until about 2016. At that time the Os should be at a point where the 2nd generation phones and software capably are truly ahead of the curve but also hopefully BlackBerry would have solved most of its problems and be on the verge of market domination

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Honestly you crackheads often do more damage to BlackBerry with your pathetic attempts to generate page hits.

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Listen up all you pussies complaining about this article:

1. Lots of CB users have been whining recently about how the site is barely updated, how they have to go to N4BB for news and opinion at a time where frankly, there's just less BB news. Kevin said he intended to bring the community to the fore, and this is it. This is an interesting article based on speculation, but much better than a 'rah rah go BB!' no substance puff piece, which is all some CB users seem to want.

2. Devices go EOL, deal with it. For those of you crying that Apple look after devices for years to come, whilst this is true, think about it - sure your iPhone 4 gets updated, but you're still left with an increasingly slow, no Siri, screen the size of a postage stamp device. Technology will change, your phone will feel old, EOL happens.

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Do you think we are completely stupid, of course all phones have eol but this is a completely useless article with no substance and just causes scaremongering amongst Blackberry users who hear nothing but negativity about their phones.

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Pay stated in the article, if you bothered to read it, this was to address all the incessant whining and misinformation that had already made its way into the forums. In fact, read the title.

I think it can be very harmfully rumor. If they would end support for the system at 3Q of 2015 i don't think it's bad. But who would spread the date in the rumor? Information about end of live would be spreading and that is really bad.

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I'm pretty sure that by then, I would probably have the newer BlackBerry device by then, the new update would be more than a sufficient incentive to get the new device. Other companies have done the same and it does make sense for BlackBerry to follow; besides, it would give more of a motivation for us to move forward too.

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If BlackBerry end-of-life for the current BlackBerry 10 smartphones, the current CEO is a fool. I didn't buy a BlackBerry Z10 at release and a BlackBerry Q5 six months later. I don't know what management is thinking nor do I understand how BlackBerry OS 10.3 requires substantially higher spec'ed hardware. Dump the BlackBerry Android Player to free the apparently limited resources of first-generation BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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The devices are barely a year old at most, the Z3 2 months or so, and someone thinks the support is going to randomly end for all these devices. What WOULD be supported then? Either this is totally wrong, or a nonsensical, crazy move from BlackBerry. I'm more inclined to opt for the first hypothesis.