AddOnis Now Compatible with BlackBerry Smartphones Running OS 5.0

By Bla1ze on 10 Mar 2010 09:40 am EST
AddOnis- Now Compatible With BlackBerry Smartphones Running OS 5.0

The folks at Twinkler software have let us know they completed the process of getting AddOnis working on devices running OS 5.0. Not only did they get it working correctly but they also managed to work in the new standby and lock features seen in the most recent OS 5.0 versionsl. The change log for this one depends on what OS it is that you are running on your device. Some of the changes are for OS 5.0 and some were for 4.6/4.7. You can check out the full the change log for AddOnis as listed here.

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AddOnis Now Compatible with BlackBerry Smartphones Running OS 5.0


I installed this on my 9700 yesterday and shortly after that the backlight on my BB would just randomly go on! I did battery pulls and everything else but it just wouldn't stop- Backlight goes on for no reason- no incoming calls or anything. I removed AddOnis and the backlight issue stopped. Any thoughts?

You need to make sure that you have checked the OS 5.0 check box to insure compatibility. If you continue having an issue, PM me please

I think the backlight is going on because of the autolock feature. It does that to put the phone into standby.

Is there a help file or manual for this thing? I wanted to know if you hit the k key to lock the keyboard if it would still be able to put it into standby.

This behavior is usually a symptom of installing the app onto an OS 5.0 device and not enabling the correct check box...

Thanks for the update on this. I had no clue a 5.0 version was out, updated earlier today, and it works exactly like AutoStandby used to pre-5.0. Locks my .536 9700 each time. No problems so far.

I installed this but i do not see a manual of any sort, I see it in the applications, and it lets me configure permissions or delete it, but i find no icon, and do not know how to configure to do block calls or firewall or any of that, Do i have to unistall and reinstall?