AddOnis (formerly BerryAddon) Now Available for Purchase

By Adam Zeis on 21 Sep 2009 09:46 am EDT

Update: The first 200 users to purchase AddOnis can get 50% off! Just use the code GET50INTRO at checkout. This code will only work in our mobile app store or mobile app store client. Head over to this link from your device to purchase.

The app formerly know as BerryAddon has been rebranded AddOnis and is now available for purchase in the CrackBerry App Store. AddOnis is an "all-in-one" utility that gives you a boat load of tweaks for your device, letting you take total control of numerous options. You can add vibrate on calls, autolock, call firewall, blocked call log, block or allow numbers, tweak the missed call log and much, much more. The options are plenty here, and if you are looking for the utmost customization then this is definitely for you. AddOnis is available for $14.95, and all beta testers will be able to purchase at the reduced price of $4.99 directly from Twinkler Software. If you were a beta tester you should receive an email with instructions on how to purchase.

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AddOnis (formerly BerryAddon) Now Available for Purchase


No, it's not just you. I am quite new to the CrackBerry "scene" so did not have the chance to try BerryAddon, but when it was about BerryAddon people would jump up and down as if they were on Crack(Berry) :)

Now it finally came... AddOnIs. Not that I dislike the name, but I still think my suggestion of TweakCommander sounds better. I saw the hefty price tag, read what it actually does and now feel a bit disappointed that I spent some of my creativity to come up with a new name for BerryAddon and all I get is overpriced shit?


I must say that this is one nice program and I intend on buying it. I was a beta tester, and this is one program that I absolutely NEED! I've tried a lot of programs and most aren't really that good, but this one doesn't fall into that category. The price is a little high, but for the beta tester price I'll buy it. They might want to rethink the normal price of $15 though, that's kind of high for a BB app. I find it funny when some of us complain about costs, we forget how much we'll spend on a case, or skin, or other something that we'll never use.


Personally I thought BerryAddOn was an awesome program and I too planned on buying it...I was thinking the price would be somewhere between $5 and $7....while the programmer is free to charge whatever they like, I don't think they will be pleased with the lack of sales they experience at such a steep price.....Thanks but no thanks...

I like this app and have downloaded the trial for the great and it has some handy features but seriously $15 is a bit too much for such an app...the feature i liked the most was the vibe on connect and disconnect...luckily theres another app thats 99 cents that does the vibe on connect and disconnect so am trying that as well.

If the developer of this app knocks it down to $5-$7 then id jump at buying the moment ill just try the trial then delete it unless its offered at a lower price.

i wonder if they're actually reading these comments or even care. not one person has agreed with there $15 price tag. They'd make a killing at 3.95 or 4.95... but at $15 lol they'll be lucky if some sucker pays full price.

Yeah I'm thinking the same thing. Who's dumb enough, the developer who's charging $15, or the guy who pays the $15?

Way too expensive, sorry, I've been trying the beta for the last months and though it's a useful app you're going to kill it at that price. I'd pay up to $3.99.

The price is steep for this app, I would consider it if it had a "premium" like UI and did a little bit more like custom LED colors, only then will I consider on buying this app.

$15 for these features??? i think the author is alittle full of himself.... its a shame when developers create a product they think they hit gold. When i saw it's name here i thought of crap. and yes your right... tweakcommander sounds much better and more professional.

regardless $15 3% of the market will pay for features other apps will do for free, if not free much cheaper. Roysoft for instance has a package that does simular with calls,sms and e-mail for $7 and it it has much more features.

At least the name fits the price...aka it's awful. And I'm pretty sure the developer will still charge for updates. What a freaking joke.

This is a $3 app, tops, and free updates should be included at that price to boot.

People keep saying there are free/cheaper solutions, anyone mind positing an example for sending contacts in sms/emails?

Did you have to register your software to get the $4.99 price?

I've still got the beta, but never recieved an email :(

I have been using it for several weeks. I turned off the vibrate function, that's flat out annoying. I like how the calls get logged to your calender. That part kicks ass!

At $15, this app needs to have some serious value. Empower's BES folder separation tool is a MUST at $20, but this for $15? NO WAY, the $7.50 special is what I would expect to pay for this app. I will purchase the $4.99 special from the developer, but for $15 not a chance.

Hope the developer is reading this feedback.

With all of the activity we have had in the forums, why in the world would anyone think that we would not be reading the comments?

Please take advantage of our coupon offer, GET50INTRO to get 50% off the price of your purchase....

A limited coupon offer will not change the fact that A) $15 is still overpriced, and B) the 50% discount is still overpriced. Making the 50% discount permanent would be a step in the right direction. By reading through these comments I doubt you can feel optimistic about potential sales.

Well I was a beta tester, and I'd pay $5 for it gladly, but I haven't gotten any email offers. Personally I found the app very useful


Just mark the price down. How is anyone who might by it in a month remember the GET50INTRO 50% off price???


Just tried to get a copy with a coupon, doesn't work. No way will pay a full price... But app is nice, been using beta for couple of weeks.

I was also a beta tester. I didn't even use half the functions because I found most of them useless. I can't justify paying $15 or even $5 for this app. This app is way overpriced. I know apps that do way more for way less.

Great program, but like others it's not worth $15 to me. I won't even use the discount code because I think the overall price it too much (weird I know).

You would get A LOT more customers by lowering the price to something more reasonable. Some of the functions are already on OS 5.0...

Good luck!

i use this app for the continuous vibrate - it helps distinguish between calls and other contact styles while riding my motorbike.
The rest of the stuff is pointless.

i never understood the emoticon option in fact, all the options are plain useless.

so now i have a redundant program i have to delete.
Thank god it does not have an icon - it would probably be a phalis

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