AddOnIs and ProfilerPro Announce Integration - 25 Free Copies of Each

By Adam Zeis on 23 Oct 2009 10:00 am EDT
AddOnIsProfiler Pro

Both AddOnIs from Twinkler Software and Profiler from Toysoft are two of our best selling applications. The two have now teamed up for some very cool integrated features. Originally Profiler could not unlock your device to perform its automated functions, but now when integrated with AddOnIs, the new ProfilerPro can do what it needs to - even if the device is in standby.

Twinkler's AddOnis app and Toysoft's new ProfilerPro app now feature Integration. Previously, any app that put the device into Standby mode would not allow any automated Profile switching app to function. Twinkler and Toysoft have worked together to overcome this limitation. Twinkler has added specific code to AddOnis which allows Toysoft's Profiler app to "talk" to AddOnis and request that AddOnis take the device out of standby to allow Profiler to operate normally. Once Profiler has completed its operation, AddOnis will once again put the device back into Standby mode 

Current users of both apps may upgrade for free, while new users can grab both for 20% off in the CrackBerry App Store.

Contest: To enter to win 1 of 25 copies of AddOnIs or ProfilerPro just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple submissions won't count. 

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AddOnIs and ProfilerPro Announce Integration - 25 Free Copies of Each



Used an app like this on Win Mo. Now that I have seen the light and switched to BB would love to get a copy of this.

Love Profiler. Haven't tried AddOnis but it sounds great. Would love to see how the combined version works.

I'd love to have that combination of programs.I had Profiler but based on Cell ID would change the profiles every 10 minutes or so; I guess the radio coverage was not the best. Hopefully along with AddOnIs won't create a large footprint in RAM.

Why oh why couldn't RIM have allowed that when a phone call is received, if numjber not known, can be easily added to Contacts?

Nokia was easier in this respect.

had berryaddon working great on my old tour, then I had to switch because of track ball issues and lost my berryaddon because it became addonis. i had the trial for a while but i need this app back...IT COMPLETES MY BERRY

oh wow, this would be amazing to have! I change my profiles so much during the day because of school, work, and roommate situations

Tried this when it was a beta. I liked it but the price was a little to steep for my pockets. Entered a previous contest for this app and didn't win. I really would like to win a copy. Thanks.

Current in a trail version of AddOnIs, seem to like the app so far. It would be nice to have it free since I missed the reduced price from Crackberry. By the way, how are winners chosen. Pick me and I would definitely know.

AddOnis + Toysoft + My BlackBerry = Super BlackBerry

This is more than enough reason to update my OS ASAP!!

Doing it now.

I gotta felling... woh woh...

Winning this would be wonderful! I love Addonis I had the beta (berryaddon), it was by far one of the best apps I have ever downloaded. Profiler sounds like a great program also, I will have to try it.

I'm buying my first BB the day the storm2 releases and I need some apps for it! Pick me please!!! :)

I always remember to turn off my ringer when I go into a meeting, but never remember to turn it back on after it or when I wake up, so i have tons of messages and missed calls.

AddOnIs is a must have app for any BB. I would sure love a copy of this, not to mention it's coupled with ProfilerPro.

please enter me for this - I would love this app. Please excuse this if it is the second posting - I have forgotten if I have entered already. Tks

No more worrying about whether or not I set my bb to silent during class. If my phone goes off one more time while I'm reciting cases I'm going to have handle all the cases for that day in my Administrative Law Class.

The only pickle is that the option "disable vibe when ring muted" doesn't work on my tour. I have OS5 and it's now called "Silent" rather than Mute in the profile options. ProfilerPro may be cool too....

I hate it when I forget to switch my phone to silent when I enter work! Please enter me in the drawing! Thanks

Both of these pieces of software look very promising! I would LOVE a copy of one of them, and then I would buy a copy of the other =]

If the awesome contests are not enough to get you to be a member of, what is? Pick me!!

i saw the 'vibrate on call connect' and 'prompt me to add call number to addresbook' as two of the options. today i was saying how i missed BOTH of those features on my old htc fuze. altho i HATED that phone, those r 2 of the small things about that dreadful contraption of a phone that i liked. and altho i would NEVER go back to ANYTHING from my Bold 9000, or any other BlackBerry for that matter, it would be great to have those 2 cool options again