AddOnIs and ProfilerPro Announce Integration - 25 Free Copies of Each

By Adam Zeis on 23 Oct 2009 10:00 am EDT
AddOnIsProfiler Pro

Both AddOnIs from Twinkler Software and Profiler from Toysoft are two of our best selling applications. The two have now teamed up for some very cool integrated features. Originally Profiler could not unlock your device to perform its automated functions, but now when integrated with AddOnIs, the new ProfilerPro can do what it needs to - even if the device is in standby.

Twinkler's AddOnis app and Toysoft's new ProfilerPro app now feature Integration. Previously, any app that put the device into Standby mode would not allow any automated Profile switching app to function. Twinkler and Toysoft have worked together to overcome this limitation. Twinkler has added specific code to AddOnis which allows Toysoft's Profiler app to "talk" to AddOnis and request that AddOnis take the device out of standby to allow Profiler to operate normally. Once Profiler has completed its operation, AddOnis will once again put the device back into Standby mode 

Current users of both apps may upgrade for free, while new users can grab both for 20% off in the CrackBerry App Store.

Contest: To enter to win 1 of 25 copies of AddOnIs or ProfilerPro just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple submissions won't count. 

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AddOnIs and ProfilerPro Announce Integration - 25 Free Copies of Each



I could really use the ProfilerPro as I change my profile at least 10 times a date at the same times everyday.

Never heard of Profiler, but what an awesome concept, was gonna do a search soon to see the there was an app for that.

I was included in the Beta of AddOnIs, but never got the update to the new version so I was kind of bummed. But hopefully I will win either one of them here.

Good apps guys!!!

This would totally save me in those situations where I forgot to change my profile when heading into the office and my ringtone goes off.

Hell ya! My rexconnect "trial" is about to expire! I was going to buy addonis this weekend but hopefully I win a free version! Thanks crackberry team!

hmm, i'm wondering two things here:

firstly how to write something different in order to attract peoples eyes away from the myriad of comments that just say "pick me". I could write something odd, like "i'm naked", but this would be neither true and may have the opposite effect of making people actively not pick me becuase they think i'm odd.... so i think i might go for something random like " monkeys on bikes!!!" as it is just a phrase that makes me laugh :)

secondly as i'm in the uk, i'm wondering what time 12pst is and therefore if i've actually missed the closing time anyway and as such if i'm just wasting my time.

ah well, i've written it now.

i have used profiler for years. switching profiles while in standby was the only downside. now.... well, i wanna win.

pick me

Profiler and profiler pro-- same price, same feature list, only one integrates with addonis.

What's the difference?

Ok. I would love to win ProfilerPro, it would be so much better than forgetting to change my profile at work.

I already have AddOnIs, so I'd much rather someone else get the chance to win it. :-)

I have been beta testing the new Profile Pro and I can tell you that it kicks major butt over previous versions. I started using Profiler one year ago on my 8330 and we all know the difficulties it had with the 9630. Well, say goodbye to those problems.

Everyone should have a copy of Profiler Pro installed on their device. EVERYONE! Even if your only use is to switch to a profile that silences your e-mails/text messages over night so you aren't interrupted while sleeping, the application is invaluable.

I hope I win because I would like to see how the other application works with Profiler Pro. :-)

This is the app I have always been waiting for. I really hope I win this! Thanks for offering!

omg i didn't win the Addonis lottery on CB, i hope i win this =) pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pick me =-B

I've read some great things about both apps and would love to win either one of them. Thanks Crackberry.

Wouldnt mind the profilerpro for my classes. I forget to turn my phone back to vib. and I always get busted when my ringer goes off. :P

This will make things so much better now, a big plus for both developers as it will incline sales of both with the nice partnership/co-operation. Something more developers might think of doing.

That's neat! The problem with Profiler before was not able to switch while standby, now it's super useful!

This looks like a great collaboration between two useful utilities that makes them even more useful. I'd love to get them for free. Please!!!

Saw this on Crackberry and loaded it up this morning. So far it's looking interesting and I've been able to use it for at least one add to the address book. A free copy would make it even better. :-)

Love to win these Apps as I always forget to put my BlackBerry Curve on silent in meetings!

I will love to have these applications as 2007+ is an era of automation and blackberry is such a great handheld device. These apps complement the blackberry purpose and will help me improve my efficiency a lot.

LOVED the beta version of BerryAddOn. I honestly saw it as one of the most useful third party apps for Blackberry in a very long time. Hope to win the newest version. Thanks for the chance guys!

I haven't had any luck whatsoever winning any contests on CB, however my horoscope said today "Look at the way you are. Things are going so well today you're just waiting for them to fall apart. Relax, it's not in the stars, and besides, when things are moving in a positive motion it is easier to keep it going than have to start from scratch."
To me this translates to "Today you will enter a CB contest and win it!"


I have been interested in getting Addonis on my storm since I tried the Beta, but have not had it on since I made the jump to 5.0 software. I loved its functionality.

I would love to win a copy as I have been interested in both of these apps but have never gotten around to buying them. The opportunity would be greatly appreciated.

Love this app, still using the beta, one of the best and a must download for your BB, would be great to get a copy of the new version, this is one of 5 apps i always have loaded on any of my BB, a must have!

I have the O.G. BerryAddon(U) which is sweet, but ProfilerPro and updated version of AddOnIs would make my bb a powerhouse fortress!! countin lucky stars