Addictive Tower Defense Game for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Adam Zeis on 11 Nov 2009 12:30 pm EST
Addictive Tower Defense

Legally Addictive Games has released their first offering, Addictive Tower Defense. Tower defense games are some of the most fun to play and keep you busy for hours on end. With crisp graphics, addictive gameplay, and intuitive controls, this game is sure to be a hit for anyone who enjoys a good timewaster.  The online leaderboard, statistics tracking, multiple save points and the ability to download new maps as they become available keeps the game fresh for a long while. It is available for all devices running OS 4.3+ (including touchscreen) in the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99.

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Addictive Tower Defense Game for BlackBerry Smartphones

21 Comments trial? No purchase!

Just because something is low cost doesn't mean a customer shouldn't be able to take it for a spin before deciding to spend money.

Thank you.

WOW! Using .320 Storm2. The graphics are extremely well done. I love these TD games, and this might be the best yet. Several maps, several levels. Just got done the 1st map on EASY and I still couldn't stop them all. I'm hooked, work production down the drain!

Storm 9530 .328 ...runs great. Game play is nice and smooth, game is addicting thats for sure. Only issue I have had is when placing Towers sometimes it doesn't wanna move exactly where my finger is ..minor def. doesn't take away from the game.
Many levels . . Pretty much exactly like the ones on PC .. I love it .. great buy, and I never BUY anything, but I've loved these sort of games. Anyone who likes Tower Defense games on PC ... 9/10 ... give it a 9 because well nothing is PERECT but this is amazingly fun :) Any questions just feel to PM me or PIN

This game is like crack and well worth the $5. As des123 said above, there's a slight defect when placing towers, but beyond that, the game is super addictive.

Front page of Crackberry!

I'm one of the developers for the game. A trial is coming - we've both been really busy, so sit tight, we will get to it very soon :)

And thank you so much for all of the kind words. For the people having trouble with the Storm controls, you can either click the screen where you want to place the tower, or drag the tower to the place that you want, and then click the green + in the top right corner. We found this was more accurate, but getting the Storm controls right was pretty hard - we'd really love any and all feedback.

I really enjoy TD games, and this one looks great, but I always want a trial first. Other games that looked good to me, I've tried and didn't enjoy at all.

Is this an OTA download only? My neutered 8900 doesn't have a data package right now...but I LOVE tower defense games! Is there a download install?


good game isnt it? i would buy it if i still had my storm ill just buy it for free on my DROID! hahaha storm sucks ass!

I'm having trouble with the meeting mode/holster. The game crashes if I lock my keyboard or holster my Bold. It could also be my 5.0 OS though.

I usually never buy games because they are useless or too pricey. But this game is so awesome and worth 5 bucks! It makes me think of starcraft :) just so awesome and fun. Thanks guys!

I have to agree... I normally don't buy games but this is fantastic! It'll help make my commute much better now.

Controls are actually good... that's what I was most concerned about but they pulled it off. Great work guys!

I love that game,but I have only a demo intalled on my bold 9700. I am a Slovenian user,so I can't buy it,because apps can't be buyed from BlackBerry Application World in my country. Can anyone give me his activation key (for that game),or give me a link or something? I will gladly accept any activation key,or any other link for any other BlackBerry game like this,too.

Can someone please help me?