AddContactX - Easily Add a Contact After a Call

By Adam Zeis on 12 Oct 2009 09:24 am EDT

The newest app from Twinkler Software (makers of AddOnIs) AddContactX, lets you add a contact quickly after ending a phone call. This can come in handy for many business and personal situations, and now couldn't be easier. After ending an incoming or outgoing call, AddContactX will prompt you to add the contact information to you address book for a new or exisiting contact. You may choose a new contact and select the field (work, home or mobile) for the number, or update an existing contact. After the number is saved you will never be prompted to add that number again. You may also choose to ignore a number, in which case it will be ignored in the future as well. AddContactX is available in the CrackBerry App Store for $2.39 (20% off the regular $2.99 tag).

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AddContactX - Easily Add a Contact After a Call


There addonIs app does this already ... I guess for people that don't want to fork out cash ... Still real handy and Yes SHOULD BE PART OF THE OS...

It seems like App World and the CB store are filled with these little niche products that are basically features that should have been built into the OS. Period. Basic, non-smartphones have them so why do we have to pay extra for them?

The fact that we have to pay extra for these features suggests to me that BlackBerries are consumer products. I mean, what sound business person pays extra for things he should have gotten as part of his phone's OS from the beginning?

Also, these niche products are typically ugly in terms of UI, nonseamless in their operation with the installed OS, and often cause more problems (e.g., memory leaks, error messages, etc.) than they are worth.

Why dummy down your smartphones, RIM?

P.S. No offense to the third-party software developers. They are simply trying to fill voids in the BlackBerry OS.

For me I wouldn't pay for Addonis' asking price just to use one option of the program. If the firewall/callblocker worked for me as well as what I'm using now I probably would. But seeing as it fails in that department for me and most updates seem to be geared toward 4.6 and higher newer phone software I'm glad to see this app offered this way.