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Add a splash of color and more to your videos with Video Pro

By DJ Reyes on 19 Aug 2013 04:29 pm EDT

If you take a lot of videos on your BlackBerry 10 device, Video Pro for is an app you should check out. It lets you add some textures and color effects to your video recordings in real-time. It also gives you the ability to add a logo to your videos too. Sure, that kind of thing can be done in editing but for quick videos on the go it's quite useful if you just want to shoot and upload, at least there's a logo on there already.

Video Pro has different shooting resolutions so can choose the best one to use for the occasion. There is also a nice choice of default textures to choose from but you can also use your own if you wanted to. The textures range from fog-like effects to a brick effect and also a frosty glass effect. There is even a scope effect too. What I like is the fact that you can switch between the different textures in real-time, while shooting your video. No need to stop the video recording to change textures. It may get a bit fiddly at times but it's pretty neat that you can do that.

Video Pro Texture Effects

As well as texture effects you add color effects too. One of my favorite effects is the decolorize effect where everything is black and white with the exception of some areas. You have the choice of choosing what color you would like to stand out. Or you could just select a solid color instead where everything would be a shade of the selected color.

Video Pro Color and Texture Effects

As I mentioned previously, you can also add you're own logo too. So, if you're a blogger or business and you want to shoot videos and have your logo there at the same time, Video Pro let's you do this. The logo needs to be in a .PNG format and also should have the background transparent for the best quality. You can have the logo take up full screen size, though I'm not sure why you'd want to do this, or you can choose which corner or side you would like it to be positioned.

There are a couple of other features to be found in Video Pro. The ability to take a screen shot while recording and also something called 'Privacy'. To take a screen shot, just swipe from the top and tap 'Screen shot'. The problem I have with this is that it does exactly that, takes a screen shot but this can just as easily be achieved the default way of pressing down the volume keys together. What I would prefer is if it could actually take a photo while shooting the video, rather than a screen shot. With the privacy option, the screen gets dimmed so onlookers wouldn't be able to see what you're doing. You can faintly see what you're recording. It's probably a bit more of a stalker-ish/spy-ish option but it's there nonetheless.

An issue I have with Video Pro is when shooting in full HD mode, 1920 x 1080, there is a bit of lag. So, everything does get a bit jittery. If I nit pick some more, I could add that textures load up a bit too slow for me but not much that it would turn me off the app completely. It's a neat app and my favorite part is the color effects.

Another negative of Video Pro is that you can't add two textures at the same time. It would be nice to may have to colors pop out with the decolorize effect but the biggest thing about this is that you can't have a logo and an effect at the same time. It's a bit of a shame as it's something I would like as an option.

Video Pro is available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5, so whatever BlackBerry 10 phone you're rocking, you aren't left out.

The Good
  • Color filter effects
  • Cool texture effects to add some pizzazz to your videos
  • Ability to add you're own logo to videos
The Bad
  • It can be a bit laggy and slow when filming in full HD
  • Loading textures may be too slow for some
  • Can't load multiple textures
The bottom line

If you're looking to add some pretty cool effects to your videos while filming, as well as being able to add you're own logo, Video Pro is an app that you should check out. At the price point of $1.99, it certainly isn't breaking the bank and you can have some pretty nice videos while you're at it.

More information / Purchase Video Pro from BlackBerry World




Posted via CB10


why did you posted that comment? i was asking myself just that.


Is it just me or is the footage really choppy?


I use VideFX and I'm pretty happy with it. Not sure why I would need textures, but then again, I'm not in a creative industry.

As it is Zed, so let it be written, so let it be done.


thanks for the review DJ. i saw it today but was a little hesitating on it. i really like the video filters were you chose the only collor that the camera will display, rest in grey, gives it a very nice touch. i am buying ! :)

Harrison Cole

Thanks for the review!. I'll stick with photoshop though.

Posted via CB10


$1.99. What u think I'm rich or something? OMG I have to break open the bank vault. Maybe rob a few banks since most banks are still crying poor even tho that rape us to death with service charges. Gawd!

Posted via CB10


lmao! but be careful, i learned that us, sarcastic bast@rds need to be careful here ;)


Haha true. Sometimes people take it too literally lol

Posted via CB10


BTW, you can use your own texture filters. Just take any texture and make it semi-transparent in png format and load it.

Will add multiple texture support in the next release.

You can record in different resolution if 1080p lags. 720p is workable and should be fine.

here is a video demo of the texture feature http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCF2yqUYdMM


"Video Pro for is an you should check out." - I'm so confused...what does it mean DJ!?!?

DJ Reyes

It means I accidentally omitted a word but it has now been added :p

Posted via CB10


HAHAHA!! Don't mind me DJ, I'm just giving you a hard time...you guys all do great work here and are definitely allowed a slip up every now and then...great post! Thanks!!


Can you shoot video in landscape mode in z10 with the custom logo you have?

Posted via CB10


On the Z10 is portrait only.


Oh ok. Thanks.

Posted via CB10