Add some Scoreloop friends and challenge the CrackBerry Nation

Scoreloop Cut The Rope
By Adam Zeis on 2 Jun 2012 02:52 pm EDT

Scoreloop has landed on plenty of BlackBerry games lately (like Cut The Rope and Run in Crowd) making it loads of fun to challenge your friends . But what if you don't know anyone else that plays games on BlackBerry? Not to worry - the CrackBerry Nation has you covered. Forums member bbpandy has created this thread in the forums collecting names for a master "CrackBerry Scoreloop Friends" list. So if you're up to the challenge and want some friendly competition with fellow CrackBerry members, hit up the thread and add your name to the list. There are only a few replies thus far, but I'm sure we can crack 100 in no time!

CrackBerry Scoreloop Friends



Can some keep a running list of all the Scoreloop games on the playbook.


Was thinking the same thing, i have a ton of games but only cut the rope has scoorloop


"Run in Crowd"
Has great Scoreloop intergration.....& it's free

Kevin Michaluk

AWESOME! I love!!!


@ Adam Zeis
Are you going to give me your username for the list?


U2 Kevin

...or are you guys too busy doing a great job running to play games? :P


Great idea. I'm tonyMCFC2012


This is a great idea, I'm from Panama and there aren't that many PlayBook owners over here.

My username is EstebanGiron