Add some jazz to your videos with VideoFX for BlackBerry 10

By DJ Reyes on 19 Mar 2013 03:47 pm EDT

I enjoy taking photos and videos on my BlackBerry devices. Mostly of silly family antics or my cats running around. While BlackBerry 10 has a baked in photo editor, complete with filters, the video player doesn't give you the ability to add filters. I know for some, you'll see no need for filters but it's always nice to have options. That's when VideoFX for BlackBerry 10 comes in.

VideoFX lets you create videos with filters, as well as shoot videos in many different resolutions, from a low 120x160 right up to full HD 1080x1920. What's great about VideoFX that the filters work realtime. You can switch between filters while your shooting your video. Even more awesome is the fact you use VideoFX recorded videos with Story Maker. The front camera can also be used to record.

In order to use the filters and effects in your video you have to record via the VideoFX app. You can view the last recorded video via the app, otherwise they are saved in the camera folder of the device. At the moment there is no option to change where to save your videos. 


There are several filters available to you when you record your video. You can overlay different solid colors - red, green, blue and yellow. But my favorite feature is the ability to enhance certainly colors in the video. The video is essentially black and white but if you select a color, say red, then anything red seen through the view finder will show up as red. You can check out the photos below for some samples or the video above. You can also change the intensity of this too. I like to use this feature a lot.

Apart from filters there are some vintage effects that can be added too.

  • Concrete
  • Black Noise
  • Glass
  • Black Effect
  • Smudge

Pretty straight forward names and cool to add too.

There are a few niggles but nothing that can't be straightened with an update. At the time of writing this review, I'm using version v1.5. At the moment, it only works with BlackBerry 10 OS v10.0.10.85 and above. I have also found that sometimes when I minimize the app into an Active Frame and open it up again, the viewfinder isn't working. Everything else works but you can't see anything. I end up having to switch camera and switch it back again to get it running again. Also, when using the solid filters, there is some bleeding that occurs. The developer is aware of this issue and is waiting on a fix. Other than that it's absolutely an app I recommend if you want to add some jazz to your videos.

The Good
  • Awesome color filters, including the one color selection
  • Nice variety of effects
  • Can use videos in Story Maker
  • Can use both front and back cameras
The Bad
  • Doesn't always like to be minimized, need to use switch camera workaround
  • Can't save to microSD (at the moment)
The bottom line

If you love video filters and effects, I highly recommend checking this out. It will cost you $1.99/£1.50 and in my humble opinion, is very much worth it. You'll have oddles of fun too.

More information and to purchase VideoFX from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

Add some jazz to your videos with VideoFX for BlackBerry 10


Had an opportunity to beta test this app. Great app with neat features. BlackBerry needs to release an updated OS to deal with the bleeding for solid filters.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for actually saying something about the post. lol, normally "first" is the "first" thing to be written.

Thanks DJ for the awesome review.

As DJ had mentioned there is a problem with the "bleeding" colors in some filters. I would recommend you to record in HD. It gives you the best quality. You will notice a bite of lag when using Vintage filters. This is because the app is updating 1920x1080 pixels for each frame in real time.

Hope BlackBerry will release an OS update to fix the bleeding bug.

You can mix and match filters meaning you do not have to stop recording in order to change filters.
Just open the filter screen and select a new filter.

Please visit our site there are some video samples there.

Smiley: VideoFX Developer.

Weird... I can't seem to reply direct to the comment. Nevermind.
Hi smiley,
I assume you guys are underway of creating the awesome 'caller id fullscreen picture' app for Z10? I just love how I could have a motivational picture to replace all the other contacts that doesn't have picture id on it...
Outstanding app. Love it so much. And I hope the picture id app is underway for BB10.

Thanks. Will have to wait for BB to release the Phone API first.

If you had brought the app and like it please write a good review on BB World for me. thanks

Bought it many moons ago and loving it ever since. Done the review and recommended to friends too.. Hopefully  could release the phone API soon..
And maybe then we could have a customized call screen buttons? ;)

I'm curious.

This application is in Beta, bb10 is hardened, and this app sports support for a higher resolution than what BB10 offers on the Z10 or upcoming Q10, yet people are hoping that BlackBerry fixes the bleeding issues with an update??! Even when this app is created long after the resolution guidelines where set??

Something doesn't sound right at all. Why not have the developer fix the issue on shipping products, that are not in bets themselves.

Posted via CB10

Since you are not the developer you do not understand the full story. The problem is not my app. It is the OS and HW. There are 2 different Z10s and both have different graphic HW. For what ever reasons BB broke the camera graphic API. Even their sample application does not on the Z10. BB developer have confirmed the bug in the current OS and they have a internal build that fixes the problem.

If you have been following since the Alpha Dev days. Developers were given the Dev units and been told that if their apps works on the Dev unit then it will work on the final production unit. Guess what? It doesn't.

FYI, VideoFX was done two months before the actual Z10 launch so it was working 100%. If you have a dev unit you can install the app and it will work 100% without the bleeding issue.

Why do we have to buy all the good apps that are free for android and all they shity and I mean shity not even decent are free

Posted via CB10