Add some functionality to your device's lock screen with bLOC – 50 copies to be won!

By ObiGeorge on 5 Feb 2011 01:32 pm EST

Looking for an app to customize your lock screen? Well bLOC may just be the app your looking for. It adds a widget to your lock screen, making it tougher for your device to unlock accidentally and also making your lock screen a bit more funtional. You get your choice of 5 different widgets to use, including Weather Widget, Calendar Widget, Clock Widget, Gold Prices Widget, and Quote-of-the-Day Widget.

Overall bLOC is a very nice app, giving your device a nice look and a bit more functionality. You can pick up bLOC at the CrackBerry App Store for $2.99. Available for most devices running OS 5 and up.

Contest:We have 50 copies of bLOC to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

More information and download of bLOC

Reader comments

Add some functionality to your device's lock screen with bLOC – 50 copies to be won!



All you visitors or first time people reading this comment need to understand that most of use this forum as a resourse to increase our knowlege and operability of our phones....a contest like this is the cherry on the top of the sundae.... somethimes the best part. I would love to have this application running on my 9800 Torch. Thank you Crackberry & bLOC.

Count me in for a chance to win! BbLoc seems like an awesome app! I like the idea of added functionality to the lock screen! We all know most of us wish for more options in that dept! Thanks to these Dev's for making it happen! Good Luck to all the CrackBerry users (and abusers!).

This would be nice on my BB. Hopefully can win a copy if not just might have to break down and buy it instead.

Looks cool! Hope the calendar is more customizable, though. Showing me an empty calendar isn't that useful.

This is a sweet idea, the lock screen is such a waste, with this I could quickly grab my phone to check something useful!

Now this is an app I can go for. Actually been wanting something like this, especially with the month calendar.

have been watching this app for a while。
This app is awesome,after installation,my blackberry got a new looking。。
hope i can get this amazing app

i need a tougher lock. i make lots of accidental calls because my berry becomes unlocked in my pocket

I would love to always know what time it is! I love the time! The time is the bomb! Also I was totally dating the time!

Reminds me of a song "...walk this way...bLOC this way...walk this way...bLOC this give me a this!"

With this application, I know I will keep my BB locked all the time! 1 stone kill 2 birds: BB safe from unauthorized access and BB looking solid in locked mode... greattt!

yes, love the bLoc stuff.. Rim- should consider buying the company(or the patent :p) in a way and start implementing this through out the devices... Its bout time to see simple and efficient apps making their way to the top...

This seems like an awesome app. It's gonna expand the awesomeness of my bb considerably(and yes...I said awesomeness, lol).

WOW this is really awesome! i'm tired of the boring "keypad is locked. press the lock button to unlock." screen!! Can u please make me a winner for once CRACKBERRY!! come on!!! i would love this app! Thanks!!

That looks like a pretty cool app. Does it lock specific areas of the phone like for an example only bbm and sms?

I hope I get this :D

I got my Blackberry Bold 9700 since 4 days and I was looking for something like a full featured lockscreen

My first reaction when I see this is: OMG!

Man this is one great app! I totally love it! I really...really hope I can get one of these as I love to see my BB on such backgrounds when they are locked!

Keep finger crossed :)

Count me in for this! thank you very much CB for this chance as always! hope i win this time.

This is one that if I don't win I might actually buy. It looks pretty cool...but I would much rather win a copy!