Add a new look to your device with Ubuntu by Big Papa Designs - 25 free copies to be won!

By Michael Hepples on 22 Jul 2010 09:10 am EDT

Matt from BB Theme Labs is heavy into his theme development, and his site is an excellent resource for any developers looking for tips, help, or elements for their themes. He also makes some pretty kickin' themes himself, and his latest shows his skills well. Completely custom, including the icons, meters and every other element you can think of, this theme give the look and feel of the Ubuntu OS on your device. Fast and smiooth, the theme is heavy on function, featuring a drop down hidden dock, fully user defined, that shows the name of the application next to the icon. Rounded out with a hidden today, the function meets the form beautifully for one great theme.

Contest: We have 25 copies of Ubuntu to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

Reader comments

Add a new look to your device with Ubuntu by Big Papa Designs - 25 free copies to be won!



Now that is one smart theme. Why is it that this is the first theme like this? You would think there would be 100's like this. I NEED THIS THEME! Thanks!

Been using Ubuntu since Feisty Fawn back in early 2007 and love the simplicity and security. I've got a free Ubuntu theme on my phone, but this one is so much nicer and reminds me of the Ubuntu New Wave and Radiance themes.

Would love to try this theme out!!! Looks amazing and very much so orginial!!!! ENTER ENTER ENTER!!!

I just downloaded th iso and installed Ubuntu this past weekend...AMAZING. I love it. This theme would make my 9700 even more perfect!

I just found out about big papa last week with his OS6 icon sets at Great tutorials. Got me making my own theme. Would still love to have this one.

This is my first post after having my storm2 for 7 months. Would love a copy of this. Think it would look great on my storm. Love ur site. I visit it now every day!

I am an Ubunutu-head! I will gladly purchase this theme if you make it for the 8330 Curve. That way, my phone can look like my laptop!

Long live Ubuntu!

Looks awesome for a wallpaper theme! I always hate hiding my wallpaper behind I icons. I love this! Hook me up :)

Normally I actually think themes are pretty trivial - a goofy thing I wouldn't bother with; but since I'm using Ubuntu on my laptop (with the default theme), this might actually make things just gel.

Of course it does nothing to help sync Zimbra OSE and my non-BES 9650... *sigh* but one thing at a time!

i really hope i get this one, i love ubuntu, only keep a windows partition for bb updates. cmon rim, make a dm for linux, good luck to all

AWESOME, wouldn't mind trying it out on my storm.

Edited: don't see a link for the storm, oh well, nice theme anyways!

Ubuntu is my favorite OS and I run it on my laptop at home. Having this theme on my Storm to complement the OS would be great!

Wow, being a linux lover myself, be so great to win this! I love the design. Cheers and great job.

I would like to try this theme! It's one of the few contests where I haven't already purchased the theme! Yay!

I really enjoy using Ubuntu besides all the games that my kids play so I end up booted to Windows anyway.

I think Ubuntu is the BEST Linux distro and I would be proud - VERY PROUD - to have this theme on my Blackberry. Thanks for creating it!

since day one and long time Linux user, I think I deserve this one for free, as in free beer :D TIA!

Tried to download a theme 1x before and it didn't work so well so I had to delete it. This one looks uber cool! Hope I win it so I can finally have a theme for my BB that works!!!