Add this to the list of reasons why we love the new RIM

Add this to the list of reasons why we love the new RIM
By Bla1ze on 9 Nov 2012 07:01 pm EST

If you follow the BlackBerry Twitter account, you no doubt noticed it's fairly active. The social media team at RIM does a great job of interacting with their customers and you can tell they enjoy doing it.  Best of all, they have a great sense of humor. Just look at one of the recent tweets to the legendary Rev. Run, one of the founding members of Run-D.M.C. Hilarious and so awesome!  Thanks, Belfastdispatcher!

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Add this to the list of reasons why we love the new RIM


Another reason to love RIM- *Email comes in, checks email* Title is "Let us do all the work, Your app qualified to be automatically ported to BlackBerry 10"

B-) awesomeness

Did anybody notice the trolling and negative articles against blackberry I don't understand why people have to be so hateful!!!
BlackBerry 4 life by choice!!!

Its not hate. Its called being honest. BB fans mad because they are no longer a factor along with the tech they call a smartphone.

This idiot goes on BGR and talks crap about *every* BlackBerry article and now she's here. CrackBerry should ban this foolish troll. She adds nothing but her bitter hate to every conversation.

I replyed to his tweet suggesting him to switch back next year. I'm suprised he let his daughters convince him to switch in the first place.

With rev Run and Dres from Black Sheep I can already see a retro hip-hop ad campaign brewing! C'mon RIM unleash the beast already!

You asked what celebrity should endorse blackberry, why not Rev Run? How about commercials with celebrities telling a story on why they choose blackberry. I can see a while ad campaign on why blackberry. They ask the question and people, celebrities, athletes tell is why.

Now , this is something important, though funny. Can't give up my torch 9860 for anything. Always with me to work the work.

Brilliant......walk this way...the blackberry 10 an above post about a celeb endorser. Here is a perfect candidate.....

Saw this earlier on Twitter and thought whoever was on tweet duty today nailed it! Back in BlackBerry 2013
Hold onto your hats BlackBerry10 is gonna shake things up!!!

Not only is the tweet just f@#&ing awesome, you guys put a video that keeps on playing more and more RUN DMC without pause!!! Thank you!!!

People love brands that are personally connected to their supporters & fans! @BlackBerry is exactly such a brand!! Well done #TeamRIM

A Blackberry Lover & User of a Playbook & Torch9800!!

Maybe I'm a bit slow today, but there's only 1 button on the iPhone, minus the volume controls and sleep button.

How can you press the wrong one? Unless he means on screen (touch ones)?

Absolutely brilliant., but doesn't anyone see the irony in that RIMs first BB10 phone doesn't have a keyboard. Power to the keyboard and that........ That is the way it is.

not to mention the awesome predictive text that will be available for the touchscreen too. I absolutely love it on my Playbook as it stands now

I love BB because of 9900 camera, because of the viber chat, because of nfc does not drain the 9860 battery, because of the 9790 screen is easy to scratch out owner's name on it, because of being American / Canadian makes you even more proud when you get e.g. BeWeather for free, because of all other things that... make me - RIMaddicted since 2008 - always full of hope for the future, for all next BB that bring one more feature making me in the end as happy as others..! IMHO, there's no other brand on the mobile market that has so many loyal users, still and still believing in it. Me myself, always with BlackBerry!

That's awesome! I love their social media team too. KB took the time to view my previous tweets one time to figure out what I was talking about before she replied. I was impressed! Sure @TacoBell and others will give you some generic line when you talk about them, but RIM puts a big effort into it :D
Ever heard of apple tweeting someone? NOPE... Their FB page doesn't even allow comments...

They don't even allow video responses either. Lol

If it acts like a cult, it sure is, if it doesnt allow free speech, that's not good, if it doesn't communicate, DAMN! WHAT'S WITH FRAPPLE?!